Homeland – Episode 1-5 Review – “Blind Spot”

Wow, another impressive episode of Homeland. While The Walking Dead hasn’t exactly lived up to be a worthy replacement for Breaking Bad on Sunday nights, Homeland has filled the role nicely. The show has also been renewed for a second season, so we’ll be seeing a lot more episodes before it’s all over.

“Blind Spot” takes a great focus on the intelligence world than the previous episodes, which maintained healthy splits between the Brody family and the intelligence, and it’s thrilling from beginning to end. A prisoner, one of Brody’s guards, arrives from Pakistan, and Carrie and Saul are given the opportunity to investigate themselves. Once again, it’s fascinating to stare at the characters’ faces, trying to see their reactions, trying to figure out what’s going on behind the stoic faces.

Eventually, the shit hits the fan, and it’s a wonderful moment. The prisoner is dead from suicide by razor and professor, whose email is the one provided by the prisoner, is nowhere to be found. The viewer–and Carrie–instantly realizes it was Brody.

But there’s little Saul and Carrie can do about it. Brody was so meticulous that he transfered the razor in the blind spot of the camera. So Saul doesn’t want to do anything and lets Carrie go on her own and make her wild claims. In the final act, Saul is dealt two devastating blows as firsthis wife  tells him she wants to put down her own roots–go back to India to run her parents’ slums project–and then Carrie shows up and after he tells her he doesn’t want to make the Brody thing official, she berates him, calling him a pussy to his face.

While Saul and Carrie have proven to be competent with their jobs, David Estes has been mediocre and drops the ball in this episode. David plays the befuddled CIA superior, representative of those at the CIA who missed 9/11. He’s not actively trying to hurt anyone, but he’s just has other priorities–like appeasing a hero like Brody.

Score: 9.5/10

There seems to be some opinions floating around on the internet that Saul is the mole, opinions partially motivated by Saul “speaking in Arabic” while he was actually speaking Hebrew. And Saul hasn’t shown any signs of being a mole yet. The writers haven’t followed the 24 format at all and I don’t think they’ll do it in the future.


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