Joe Madueira Already Off Of Avenging Spider-Man

For a little while I felt that maybe it was unfair to rag on Joe Mad for what everyone perceived to be a ridiculously short or heavily delayed run on Avenging Spider-Man. After all, that’s sort of become his calling card over the last few years, and Battle Chasers never actually ended. But I’m a fan of his, damnit, and I wanted to give him some credit. I just never got around to it, and I was jesting even last week that I expected three issues out of him before the book hit massive delays or found a new artist.

Well, today it seems my joke was right. Issue number four will have Greg Land on art. So we’re going from lively and incapable of being on time, to the biggest tracer in comics.

Zeb Wells, the writer of this book, deserves better.

Or hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and Land is doing a fill in arc while Joe Mad gets a head start. But given Marvel’s track record over the years, I expect three to four issues out of Land, and then a third artist to come in after him.

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Source: Bleeding Cool