Rasslin Roundtable: WWE Survivor Series 2011 (The Rock Returns to the WWE ring)

It’s that time again everybody! Time to separate the men from the boys… Here are the Pulse staff picks for Survivor Series this Sunday!



1)            The Miz and R-Truth vs. John Cena and The Rock

2)            WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

3)            World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry vs The Big Show

4)            Survivor Series Elimination Tag: Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara

5)            Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix vs Eve

6)            US Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison


So everybody, what do you think???


1)            The Most Charismatic Team Ever vs Awesome Truth
JAMES ALSOP: First of all, how surreal is this match? The Rock’s first match in seven years is in the main event of Survivor Series against RON “THE TRUTH” KILLINGS. Crazy.

Miz and Truth are going over here, courtesy of Cena turning on The Rock. That’s the only question here, right? Who turns on who? Rock turning on Cena is too predictable, so instead Rocky will cut a pre-match promo in which he insults Cena, and Cena will catch Rock with a surprise AA. That way, we get something at least a little bit unexpected, but by providing Johnny boy with some justified motivation, WWE don’t risk turning Cena heel. Lord forbid they do THAT, right???

A lot of guys on this site have claimed that the result of this match is a foregone conclusion, and that Rock and Cena simply can’t lose to two opponents who have been proven vastly inferior on so many separate occasions. But isn’t that kind of the point? If Miz and Truth lose, it proves absolutely nothing to anyone. Worse, it keeps Awesome Truth in a precarious pseudo-feud with Rock and Cena, which will go unresolved because both of the latter have better things to be doing. And Cena and Rock would STILL have to clash – except if they win the match they’ll have to do it after the bell. That’s been done already. If they clash in the match, it’ll mean something at least. And then the Wrestlemania promo video can include shots of Rock and Cena causing one another to lose to the Miz, creating the sort of symmetry that works so well in a wrestling epic.

Winners: Awesome Truth


C.W. SANDERS: So here’s the deal, by all means there’s really shouldn’t be any reason for Awesome Truth to walk out of this match as the winner. However let’s take a look at this, there’s no real grudge between rock/cena and Awesome Truth but there IS a grudge between Cena and Rock. I say the team implodes to make way for WM, plain and simple.

Winner: Awesome Truth


STEVEN GEPP: This is the start of a long build up to Wrestlemania, and I am looking forward to a long story arc for a change. Don’t do anything dick-ish like turning the Rock heel – the fans won’t want that. Make it Ultimate Warrior/Hulk Hogan like where mistakes and miscommunications lead to the inevitable bad blood.

Winners: Miz and Truth


M.C. BROWN: Controversy. Nothing will go smooth. Such as Cena or Rock accidentally hitting each other. One of them hits a finisher on the other and Miz pins them. Cena is my bet where he’ll have some weeks to let it sink in and explain himself.

Winner: The Awesome Truth


MATTHEW MICHAELS: Rock and Cena can’t get along. And we already know Cena can beat up both opponents on his own. So only one possible outcome: Miz pins Cena after Rocky lays his partner out.

Winner: Awesome Truth



2)         WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Alberto Del Rrrrrrrioooooo (c) vs CM Punk


JAMES ALSOP: This ppv was never going to be about title changes, and by the sounds of it Punk and Del Rio are already pencilled in for a clash at TLC. The fact is that a title change here will inevitably be overshadowed by the main event, and so mean less. Del Rio is a good heel champion, and he’ll keep the belt another month before the feud with CM Punk, which feels like it’s been in a holding pattern for too long now, comes to an end in a TLC match next month. Can Punk remain hot for one more month before winning the belt back? Here’s hoping!

Winner: Del Rio (retains)


C.W. SANDERS: Welcome to the beginning of Punk’s long reign as the champion. WWE higher ups want, we want it and I believe this is where it happens…well either this or next month, whatever. Either way, I see this as being match of the night because there’s just something about the in-ring abilities about these two men that I really like watching them face one another

Winner: Punk


STEVEN GEPP: Punk over Alberrrrrrto. Again, start of a long story-line leading to Wrestlemania, with Punk losing the title at the big show to whoever… maybe Ziggles.

Winner: The IWC


M.C. BROWN: I smell a title change to spark some interest here.

Winner: CM Punk


MATTHEW MICHAELS: I really want Punk to win, finally change the belt o something more classic, and hold onto it until someone – Jericho perhaps – makes the challenge at Mania. But Del Rio needs more time as champ.

Winner: Alberto
3)           WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Mark Henry (c) vs The Big Show


JAMES ALSOP: You know what this match needs? A Daniel Bryan run-in. But NOT a MITB cash-in. Why not? Because (I hope) this feud between the two biggest hosses in the company will prove, ironically, to be the making of Daniel Bryan as a main event face. And he’s promised to cash in his contract at Wrestlemania, and not a moment before.

All of the wheels have been set in motion for a Bryan resurgence. He’s been in (quite impressive, considering) main events against Henry, he’s reminded everyone that he’s an exciting wrestler, and crucially he’s kept the MITB briefcase visible, reminding one and all that he’s a perennial number one contender. All this despite the fact he’s been getting beaten up on Smackdown every week.

I think his situation is comparable to Jeff Hardy’s back in 2008. Hardy lost matches left, right and centre – and all the time the World Championship was being dangled in front of him. Just when it looked like he’d ‘never win the big one,’ and was destined to continue getting crushed by the likes of Randy Orton, Vladmir Kozlov and Triple H, Hardy’s character ranked up the aggression, defeated Undertaker in a TLC match and started beating up everyone to get to the title.

This year could still be the year of the American Dragon – and the turnaround could begin this Sunday if Henry and Show are interrupted by a pissed-off, overlooked, downright vicious Daniel Bryan. He’ll smash Henry and Show with the briefcase causing a disqualification win for Henry, then he’ll stand proudly over both and remind us that he COULD cash the contract in, but WON’T until it’s on Bryan’s terms.

A pipedream? Look for a re-energised Bryan to dominate an Elimination Chamber match in December…

Winner: Mark Henry (retains)


C.W. SANDERS: I don’t think Henry’s run ends here and quite frankly, I do like him as the dominant champion. Almost seems as if the heavyweight title is this unattainable goal to everyone else. Not sure exactly why they’re redipping into Henry vs Show, closure, I guess. Henry takes care of business.

Winner: Mark Henry


STEVEN GEPP: I think this could be the sleeper match, and I’m going to give it 5 stars just to see Blair’s head explode.

Winner: Henry


M.C. BROWN: For Henry to not appear as a fluke Champion, they’ll have to keep the belt on him for a while.

Winner: Mark Henry


MATTHEW MICHAELS: Mark Henry as champ = ratings. No reason to swap belts here unless Bryan is planning on cashing in his MITB to beat the Giant. Not sure timing is right for that just yet.

Winner: Henry

4)           SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara)

JAMES ALSOP: If anything, THIS match is the foregone conclusion. Orton and Sheamus will be the last men standing. If there’s any justice, Dolph Ziggler will enter a career performance here and begin to step out of from the mid-card.

Winners: Randall Keith and Chums


C.W. SANDERS: I’m not sure what to say here but with Orton as captain, that kinda tells you how this will end. I love how they just threw this together last minute and completely disregarded Rhodes’ run with Orton lately…just when Rhodes was getting into a roll too, shame.

Winner: Team Orton


STEVEN GEPP: Team Orton over Team Barrett. Heaven forbid we ever have Orton losing! And with so many other heels going over (as I see it), this could well… be a complete mess and a clusterf**k and we see Orton exposed yet again.

Winner: Team Orton


M.C. BROWN: Orton will need to save some face, Sheamus could use the surviving rub.

Winner: Survivors Orton and Sheamus (Team Orton)


MATTHEW MICHAELS: The babyfaces need this more than the heels. I’m saying Team Orton takes it. Sin Cara sole survivor? Hmm.

Winners: Orton & Co.


5)           DIVA’S CHAMPIONSHIP: Beth Phoenix (c) vs Eve


JAMES ALSOP: If anyone is going to beat Beth, it’s Kelly Kelly. The Divas of Destruction / Dominance / whatever need to start, y’know, being dominant. If Eve wins, it’ll be a grave injustice and make no sense in storyline terms. Therefore, Beth it is.

Winner: Beth (retains)


C.W. SANDERS: I don’t see Kelly Kelly’s bestie having much of a chance…or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Winner: Beth Phoenix


STEVEN GEPP: I pick Beth just because the thought of Eve being champ is ridiculous. Mind you, that is par for the course in the Divas.

Winner: Beth


M.C. BROWN: Not digging this feud. Severe lack of great Diva matches until they have Nattie face Beth and then Beth vs. Kharma.

Winner: Beth Phoenix


MATTHEW MICHAELS: Beth needs to keep rolling thru wannabes until Kong comes back.

Winner: Phoenix
6)           US CHAMPIONSHIP: John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler (c)


JAMES ALSOP: Firstly, I’m ok with this not being Ryder’s match. There’s still mileage to be got out of his quasi-comic hunt for the gold, and his hard work will come to fruition soon. In the meantime, let’s let Dolph and JoMo remind the world what they can do. It’s about time.

Dolph will lose this match, because JoMo is officially out of the doghouse and needs a big win to solidify his position. Furthermore, with a babyface as US Champ the midcard can really open up a bit, and some interesting new match possibilities become available. Morrison and Zack Ryder could really tear it up at some point soon…

Meanwhile, Ziggler – who has proven himself to be the best in-ring heel in the company – is free to move onto bigger and better things (after the inevitable TLC rematch)… Ziggler has clearly been tested recently to see if he can carry the likes of Mason Ryan and make Zack Ryder look like a serious threat. The short answer is: he can and he has. He’s also demonstrated that he can work extremely well with performers in the upper echelons. The future looks bright for the improbably-named Ziggler. A standout performance in the Survivor Series Elimination Match later in the night is all he needs to begin his ascent.

A Ziggler vs CM Punk WWE Championship match at that main-event proving-ground the Royal Rumble sounds good, doesn’t it?

Winner: Morrison (new champion)


C.W. SANDERS: I don’t understand why Ryder isn’t in this match, maybe it’s part of a bigger story but Morrison has no chance, not with his current run. Also, why is this Ziggler’s 2nd straight PPV pulling double duty? What’s up with that?

Winner: Ziggles


STEVEN GEPP: This match is to (a) get a good match on the card, (b) put Ziggles over strong, and (c) give Morrison a tryout as to whether his contract is extended or not.

Winner: Ziggles


M.C. BROWN: Unless Morrison leaving is a farce, but I believe they’ll have Dolph waylay him to the point of no return. Then Zack can avenge him. They should have had that happen to Morrison in the SS match and have Dolph knocked out during that match to allow Zack to get a victory, but I digress…

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


MATTHEW MICHAELS: No reason to take the belt off Dolph yet.

Winner: Ziggler


Well everybody, that’s what we think anyway… Now we’ve kindly put our money where our mouths are, why don’t you do the same? Better yet, read this on Monday and congratulate us on possessing such UNCANNY FORESIGHT.

Or, you know, insult our ignorance. Whatever.


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