10 Thoughts On TNA Turning Point 2011

 1. The whole politicians thing at the start was overblown and ridiculous. It would have been better after a slow burn heel turn, but after 2 weeks? Really?


2. Eric Young is so over, it’s scary. There’s hope for us beardies yet!


3. Robbie E v Eric Young was not horrendous, the crowd were into it, I actually like Rob Terry… but it was also not brilliant. But, most glaring, Robbie E has not improved in the ring. Isn’t that sort of the point of being involved in any physical pursuit? You improve? (see also Morgan, Matt; Anderson, Mr…)


4. The tag match was about on par with the opening match. Surprised me, but nothing special, and awful cheap finish. Having said that… Toxxin looks like a good wrestler. Good addition to the Knockouts roster.


5. That X-Division match should have been match of the night. Instead it was a mess. I think they were trying to tell a story in there… and failed. By the way, Austin Aries has the best facial hair in wrestling today. And his comment in the pre-match interview (“I just want some more face time.”) made me laugh. Pity the match didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t truly awful, but it was just… there.


6. The Daniels/RVD match was MOTN (in my opinion), but the whole gentleman’s agreement thing that ended up meaning nothing confused everyone, even the commentators. Shame. Yes, this was the best match of this PPV, but it was not brilliant. Good, yes. Maybe a little above average. But not a show-saver.


7. Of the Crimson/Morgan (will some one teach these bozos how to throw a punch? Please?), Steiner&Ray/Abyss&Anderson (loved the way the crowd cheered for Steiner, no matter how much he abused them…), and Knockouts title (Don’t let Karen Jarrett talk. Ever again. Ever.) matches, let us not speak again. These lived down to expectations. Unfortunately.


8. The Jeff match… Hardy’s promos have improved. Is that a positive thing? Because the rest of this match with its two restarts and 3 results and crap and bullsh*t was not positive. No, Hardy didn’t win 3 times… although it feels good to say Jarrett lost three times. This was crap. What was the point? I mean, if they want to show Hardy as going through Immortal, then he should have eked out a hard-fought victory against Jarrett and some outside interference, maybe pulling a good match out of Jarrett. But, no, we had sports entertainment with ADHD.


9. Now, look, the main event of AJ Styles v Robert Roode wasn’t horrible. But it was really lacklustre. There was some sort of spark missing. It was watchable, but it was not brilliant. Just average. And the ending was cheap to boot, especially after 20 minutes. And the frustrating thing is that both of these guys can really bring it when they want to.


10. TNA had the best opportunity to make an impact (no pun intended). And after the first 2 matches exceeded my expectations and were actually entertaining and more than just watchable, I was ready for a better than expected PPV. I got none of that. Instead I got a strangely subdued X-Division match, confusing storylines in the RVD/Daniels match, a really lacklustre main event, and some matches that were truly not worthy of a PPV. With Survivor Series looking rushed and lacking something, TNA should have grabbed the bull by the horns and done everything in their power to show that, yes, in TNA wrestling matters.
            It doesn’t. They don’t. Come 2012 I’m going to be hard-pushed to keep going if this is what TNA can come up with. I mean, WWE is bad, but this was awful. Does Vince actually own TNA? Is he doing this to make his product look better?
            Oh, and Bling=Bitches. Apparently. And, yes, that was all I got out of this PPV.


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