Quick Quips: WWE Raw 12.5.11

In a move that surprised me more than probably anyone, the brass at Inside Pulse contacted me this weekend with a proposal. To bring on CreativelyEndeavored.com as a sister site and to cross post many articles and features. Therefore, now you will be able to find all of my show reviews and editorials on CreativelyEndeavored.com as well as InsidePulse.com. You will still be able to find such features as original desktop wallpaper, the Jobber Video of the Week and JC’s Top Rope Report exclusively on CreativelyEndeavored.com but may see links to those right here on Inside Pulse.

What I’m most excited about is bring my “Quick Quips” to the Pulse. This article is a live follow along blog as I watch Raw, Smackdown, iMPACT and occassionally ROH TV. You will see the piece pop up usually at the first commerical break of the show and then it will be updated throughout. Sometimes these will be posted on delay as I cannot always watch the shows live so just take that into account if when reading something and are confused on whom I’m talking about, all notes are in chronological order.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with the Pulse readers and hope this new relationship is a long one and fun for everyone.

Now onto Raw!

– Were there actually any cheers for Cena?

– I wasn’t online today, is this a repeat?

– Wait Del Rio, do people cheat on accident?

– The only time Cena gets a pop is when he mentions Zack Ryder.

– “A social experiment.” Get ready for 25 Twitter references.

– My prediction for tonight… all 3 guys win their matches and we have a 4 way at TLC.

– 1 for 1

– That was a BAD ASS promo for WWE Network that I can guarantee took a ton of time.

– Zack Ryder vs John Cena = Ratings?

– And Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a Ladder Match… Can Kevin Nash even climb a ladder?

– I just saw The Immortal Hulk Hogan dressed as Santa Claus in a Rent-A-Center commercial in the middle of Raw. Wow…

– Not the best showing for Bryan but at least there was storyline for his loss. Also, I’m 2 for 2.

– Kelly Kelly is looking especially fake tonight.

– Have Beth and Nattie ever won a match as a tag team?

– Could this be another heel tease by having Cena pin the sympathetic Ryder?

– Anyone else notice how the arena isn’t buying into any of Ryder’s near falls?

– 3 for 3 with one more to go.

– It’s the Slammy’s next week. Someone somewhere is excited. Somewhere…

– Just read that Lillan Garcia is coming back to WWE to announce on Smackdown and now Kane is coming back with his mask on. Two welcome returns.

– As a small treat for anyone following along with me tonight, next week on the Wrestling Pulsecast, my guests will be none other than “The Cowboy” James Storm and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode!

– Well you saw that coming once they announced this as a no DQ match. Still, the crowd was more behind Ryder’s hope spots in this match than they were in his match with Cena.

– Nash looks in great shape, especially for being 52. Poor Santino.

– This ladder match at TLC will have the old “car wreck” appeal.

– Dolph Ziggler might have surpassed The Undertaker for the most different theme songs.

– If I didn’t know better, I’d think Ziggler was the son of Curt Hennig and not Michael McGillicutty.

– I think the audio guy should be in the WWE title match at TLC. He’s interfered in two of the qualifying matches.

– CM Punk has been in more contract signings this year as he’s been in WWE title matches. Seriously.

– Nice cover by Punk. Have to dispel any potentially homophobic comments quickly.

– Did we really need that “future endeavors” line?

– HAHA! Jeebus!

– That was a strange episode of Raw. There was some good, some bad and some baffling. It was nice to see a strong WWE Champion standing tall though.

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