DC Comics Relaunch: Red Lanterns #7 Solicit’s BIG SPOILER, Errors & Green Lantern Guy Gardner Visit

So, it’s that time again! DC Comics has announced their March 2012 solicitations for the New 52 and DC Comics Relaunch titles.

The catch? Well, the Red Lanterns #7 solicit spoils the identity of new “human” Red Lantern Rankorr and mistakenly refers to him as the first Earth-based Red Lantern when in fact that is the super-cute and super-dangerous kitty-cat Dex-Starr.

And, looks like the spelling of Rankorr has been changed to Rancorr; an amazing change from one month’s solicit to another?

Be warned. The identity of Rankorr / Rancorr is revealed…

Cover by ED BENES • On sale MARCH 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

It’s Green Lantern Guy Gardner vs. the first Red Lantern of Earth! Rancorr – once the human John Moore – was born in the fires of heartbreak and rage, but why are his powers work unlike any other Red Lantern’s? And why will he be such an important player in the upcoming Red Lantern civil war?
* (Emphasis added.)

For folks following the bouncing ball in Red Lanterns, there are two human brothers John, supressing his anger over his grandfather’s death, and Raymond, more visibly angry and full of rage in a simmering subplot.

Looks like John, the be-spectacled black-haired rager wrapped in pacifist’s clothing, becomes Earth’s first human Red Lantern.

Spoiler alert… for solicitations needed? 🙂

I’m enjoying this book, despite this solicitation confusion, and look forward to Rankorr / Rancorr’s debut and his impact on the DC Universe.

Also, I’m looking forward to how the Red Lanterns civil war, much teased, plays out and how it will be different from the recent War of the Green Lanterns.

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