’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 12.26.11

– Firstly, Merry Christmas to all! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and aren’t too worn out from all the family time (I know I am).

– In other news, look for a new editorial later in the week (FINALLY) “The Best & Worst of 2011”!

– I apologize if there are more typos than usually tonight. My sticky one-year-old attacked my iPad at some point when I wasn’t looking.

– No radio show last week or this week due to the holidays. But keep an eye out for our next one featuring independent star and CM Punk-approved, Gregory Iron!

– A holiday gift? Ugh.

– Does anyone really want to see John Laurinaitis in the ring? I do like the gauntlet concept though to set up a new number one contender.

– Cody’s “new” music has been growing on me lately.


– Nice Goldust uppercut from the younger Rhodes.

– Can John Cena ever be serious? And lose that stupid smirk?

– I wonder if Punk can get past Swagger tonight. Such a hook!!!

– An iPad looks like an iPod in Big Show’s hands.

– I do like how they’ve turned Brodius Clay’s stop/start push into a storyline.

– I’m surprised WWE let’s Ziggler wear his own slick looking t-shirts and not ones with the WWE logo plastered everywhere.

– Did I just hear Vickie Guerrero utter the word “stable”?

– That’s Tyson Kidd?! Holy crap he looks different with hair.

– So if the Harts are back together, does that me the Divas of Doom are dead?

– Did we really need that “Rah Rah” speech from Cena? What was the reason behind that besides sucking up to an already electric crowd?

– I wonder when the last time was that Miz cut a promo without insulting the local city’s sports team.

– Gotta love Chicago’s total lack of response to Truth, you know, SINCE HE’S A HEEL!

– Well that was nonsensical and uninspiring since the audience doesn’t know who to root for.

– 5 years ago, that segment would have had 30 different “groin” jokes for the Bellas.

– Is anyone else seeing these Jamster commercials featuring Nickelback’s Raw theme? I feel bad for those parents who have kids dumb enough to sign up for the “Wrestler Name Generator”.

– Calling it, whomever replaces Mark Henry in this match will get the title match next week. Maybe Kane?

– Love how Punk has incorporated the head kick as a finisher. He needed something as a babyface against bigger opponents.

– Thank God, Vickie wasn’t wearing a skirt tonight.

– Great, great, great resolution with Ziggler becoming number one contender. He’s earned this spot and he should be able to rise to the challenge. Could have done without the cheesy running around the ring though.

– I’m really staying up to hear Kane respond to John Cena? You’d think it would be better to sustain the mystery and NOT have him speak…

– We’re all living a lie… Says the guy in the wig.

– I’m sure the Chicago crowd loved the fact they got to hear Cena’s theme twice tonight.

– Where was this wig when Luke Gallows was portraying the “fake” Kane?

– Good idea, KD. Show the crowd looking incredibly bored.

– This is no show closing, Rock promo.

– Seems as if Glen’s forgetting a couple of his lines.

– Cue maniacal laugh.

– More than ever it appears they’re building to a Cena heel turn. It’s just a shame they’re doing it so badly.

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