Retro Rumble: Royal Rumble 1988

– You wanted it so here we go, old-school!


– The only Rumble not aired on PPV and only had 20 participants.

– It truly is amazing to see how much has changed with the Rumble and Mania over the years.

– It’s also amazing to think the Royal Rumble was invented because USA Network wanted another special from the WWF. Thank God for Pat Patterson.

– I believe the “problem” they had with the clock was they were on cable and had to fit this whole match in before they went off air.

– No move in the late 80s got an arena to its feet in anticipation like the DDT.

– The introduction of entrance music to the Rumble was genius (I believe it was 1996). At this time, only fans around the aisle knew who was entering.

– “Dangerous” Danny Davis really was the archetype for future authority heels like Eric Bischoff and Mr. McMahon.

– I think one of these Retro Rumble’s I’ll write from my 8-year-old self’s P.O.V. What do you think?

– Was Nicolai Volkov really that dim that he thought he was entering at the same time of Don Muraco?

– Jesse Ventura just dropped Barry Bloom’s name. Yea, that completely flew over my 5-year-old head.

– In this entire ring, the only logo on a pair of tights was the crown on “King” Harley Race’s butt. Now you can’t get passed the dark match without seeing 4 different guy’s own unique logo.

– I know he was the original but it’s still weird hearing someone else called “The Rock”.

– Did Hillbilly Jim used to wear lifts in his boots? I remember him being large during this era but he was shorter than both Henry and Phineas when he was managing the Godwinns.

– I wonder who told the Ultimate Warrior to use knife edge chops. Cause it had to be a rib.

– I love that Warrior and Danny Davis keep pairing up. Tough matchup there.

– Ha, Ron Bass practically ran over the top rope.

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan wins the first Royal Rumble in history. Not the greatest of all time but still a memorable character and a memorable start to the Rumble legacy.

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