InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE NXT Report 1.11.12

InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE NXT Report
Announcers: Matt Striker & William Regal
Report by: PK

New opening to the show has some NXT regulars in it, not just Darren Young, Derrick Bateman & Titus O’Neil. Trent Baretta, Yoshi Tatsu, The Uso’s, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, JTG & Johnny Curtis are the ones that stood out to me.

Show starts with Matt Striker in the ring who brings our Season 3 Pro Alicia Fox. Striker asks what she thinks of the rise Maxine on NXT. Alicia was about to make a joke about trying to sell Maxine on eBay, but just then Maxine’s music hits and she confronts Alicia. Alicia says that she heard Maxine likes to be on her back…while Maxine says that she prefers the top, and they start a cat fight. Striker calls out a ref and we have a match.

Alicia Fox vs. Maxine
Maxine pretty much dominates the beginning of the match. Maxine goes to roll up Alicia, but Alicia rolls through it and pins Maxine…just like that.
Winner – Alicia

Trent Baretta vs. Tyler Reks (w/ Curt Hawkins)
Back & forth action to start. Trent sends Reks to the floor, and he regroups with Hawkins. Trent then hits a suicide dive on both of them on the floor. Both Reks & Trent are slow getting in the ring, Reks takes control. Reks with a Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Reks continues to overpower Trent. Reks sends Trent to the corner, but Trent gets his boot up when Reks charges. Trent then goes for a quick moonsault, but Reks dodges it. Reks puts Trent up for his TKO style finisher, but Trent slides down, and locks in a Back Slide for the pin!
Winner – Trent Baretta

Hawkins & Reks attacks Baretta after the match, Yoshi comes out and makes the save.

Derrick Bateman & Justin Gabriel talking backstage about Maxine. Gabriel says that Maxine might not be upset about Bateman hooking up with Aksana, since it really didn’t happen, but that maybe it’s all about the email that Bateman sent to Teddy Long saying that Maxine was holding him back. Bateman looked through his phone to find the email, and says that he never said it. Gabriel says that he better stop leaving his phone out at the bar. Bateman screams “CURTIS” and bolts. PLOT THICKENS!

The Uso’s vs. Tyson Kidd & JTG
William Regal quote of the night: “If JTG’s brains were elastic, he wouldn’t have enough for a jock strap.” Uso’s tag in and out, dominating the match. JTG hits a body drop cutter for 2. Kidd is in, and he is working over Jey’s neck over with a headlock. Jey fights out, hits a crossbody, and works his way toward Jimmy. Kidd also gets to JTG, but Jimmy is the house of fire. Jimmy hits the running butt bump in the corner. Kidd runs in, and Jey heads him off. Kidd sends Jey to the floor, then attempts a suicide dive on Jey, but Jey catches him and hits a Samoan Drop to the retaining wall. JTG on the middle rope, goes to jump on Jimmy, but Jimmy hits a superkick for the pin.
Winners – The Uso’s

Raw Rebound: Kane non-sense.

Bateman tries to explain himself to Maxine, but Maxine wants none of it, and she’s going to watch her fiancé’s match.

Alex Riley vs. Johnny Curtis (w/ Maxine)
Riley with some quick offense, and Curtis regroups on the floor. Riley tries to bring Curtis back in, but Curtis takes control of the match. Riley ducks a clothesline, and hits one of his own. Riley goes to hit the ropes again, but Maxine is on the apron, so he puts on the brakes. Curtis pops up, kicks Riley to the gut and hits a Michanoku Brainbuster for the pin.
Winner – Johnny Curtis

Bateman comes out saying that he knows what Curtis did and that it will end next week.

Darren Young comes out (with my new favorite original theme song) and says that he is the baddest man on NXT. This brings out Titus O’Neil (with probably the worst theme song ever). Titus gets the crowd to bark. Titus wants Young to be real. Titus wonders what happened to the Redemptions points that Striker must have forgotten about. Titus says that it is now just the 2 of them, no more JTG, no more Percy Watson, so he wants to finish it man to man. Young says that Titus is better off being at home with his stupid kids. Titus does not want him to talk about his kids. They start to brawl. Striker gets the on the mic and says that Young vs. Titus next week in a No DQ match.

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