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Hey fight fans, welcome to Inside Fights’ exclusive coverage of UFC on Fox 2, live from the United Center in Chicago, IL. In tonight’s main event Phil Davis and Rashad Evans will fight to determine who will go on to face Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title. In the co-main event, Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping will battle for the right to face Anderson Silva in Brazil for the UFC middleweight title.

Live results will begin at approximately 3:30pm CST and continue on throughout the event.

    Fight Card:

Preliminary card (Facebook)

Middleweight bout: Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Bit of a wild brawl to start as both are looking to just trade. Jacoby with a low blow early, some more wild brawling and another unintentional one as well. Jacoby is defending Camozzi’s sloppy takedowns well and catches him. Camozzi is initiating the brawl but Jacoby is countering really well. Jacoby is pressing the fight more effectively as Camozzi looks to be setting up a takedown but is leery of walking in to Jacoby’s kicks. Jacoby is using a front push kick to kick him at distance; he’s found his range and is dictating the pace. Jacoby is using a lot of overhands. Camozzi ends the round with a big punch to rock him but can’t finish him.

Round Score: Jacoby 10-9

Round 2: Jacoby is dictating range again as Carmozzi is looking to counter Jacoby, who’s getting a bit wild. He throws a number of wild shots but Carmozzi is now dictating position. Both are a bit more measured early from the wild brawl to open the first round. Jacoby with a low leg kick that almost hits south of the border but doesn’t quite. Jacoby is using a lead left and right hook combination but Carmozzi is keeping his distance as Jacoby does hit Jacoby in the groin this time. Break by the ref.

Jacoby uses some wild punches to back Carmozzi into the cage but walks back, allowing him off. Carmozzi with the pressure this time around as he’s dictating octagon position. At the 90 second mark Jacoby looks to be breathing a lot harder than Carmozzi at this point as Carmozzi is dictating position. Both men are more measured with strikes as the round ends.

Round score: 10-9 Carmozzi, 19-19 overall

Round 3: Jacoby comes out looking to counter and Carmozzi hits a nice right uppercut. leg kicks exchanged and Jacoby is bloodied up. Leg kick misses wildly and Carmozzi catches him in an arm-in guillotine, Jacoby taps at 1:08 of the first round.

Official Result: Chris Carmozzi winner by submission due to a guillotine choke at 1:08 of the third round.

Preliminary card (Fuel TV)

Heavyweight bout: Joey Beltran vs. Lavar Johnson

If this isn’t a wild brawl I’ll be surprised.

Round 1: No glove tap and Johnson uses his position to get him to the cage. Johnson lands a couple of massive lefts and Beltran rocked, Johnson goes for the kill and Beltran locks him up against the cage. Both men exchange knees as Johnson is using leverage to keep Beltran pinned against the cage. Beltran is landing uppercuts to the body and eventually spins away. Beltran with the clinch against the cage and they break. Johnson is walking forward as Beltran is in retreat. Some wild strikes from both as Beltran misses a takedown. Johnson isn’t letting up and both men are throwing straights. Beltran is backing up and Johnson connects with a number of shots. Beltran back against the cage and Johnson won’t let him circle away; he’s landing left jabs solidly. Circles away but Johnson is still on the attack; Beltran misses another sloppy double leg and both trade straights. Johnson is hitting significantly more, though, as Beltran is aiming for the body to keep Johnson back. Beltran begins to get more aggressive as they trade in the center, with Beltran pushing him back. Misses another sloppy takedown and Johnson connects with a flurry of punches, dropping Beltran and getting the ref to step in at 4:24 of the first.

Official result: Lavar Johnson wins by TKO at 4:24 of the first round

Lightweight bout: Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: Johnson using a quick jab to keep Roller at bay, who’s the aggressor. Roller goes for a double and can’t connect, Johnson against the cage. Circles away and back to the center of the cage. Johnson is trying to establish his left early as Roller is looking for the double. Johnson is circling away and connecting with with some good strikes. Roller with another takedown that Johnson defends well; goes for the trip and Johnson blocks. Johnson reverses and pins Roller to the cage. Clinch work as both looking for position. Johnson with a big right cross and backs off. Some wild brawling and Roller connects with a knee to the body and goes for the double, Johnson defends strongly again. Johnson presses him against the cage and two exchange knees. Johnson backs away again and punches Roller back into the cage, connecting with a leg kick to Roller’s quad. Roller with a double Johnson saw and read well, Johnson pressing him against the cage. Johnson with some knees and backs off . Johnson with a flurry as Roller covers up and doesn’t eat much of it. Roller starts to brawl with Johnson towards the end of the round; Johnson with a flying knee and some punches to finish the round.

Round score: Johnson 10-9

Round 2: Johnson is pushing the pace early and Roller is on the defensive; Johnson is getting wild and a bit sloppy but Roller can’t connect. Clinch against the cage as Roller goes for a throw. Johnson blocks with a whizzer and we’re back to the center. Roller the aggressor but Johnson is connecting more; clinch against the cage and Johnson backs off again. Roller is being more aggressive in octagon position but not throwing anything. Johnson is getting sloppy, throwing more wild hooks and gets the clinch against the cage. Johnson looks a bit tired now. roller goes for a throw but Johnson blocks and gets the takedown, landing in guard. roller is in an open guard as Johnson postures up, Roller controls the head as Johnson is looking for position. Roller cage walks to his feet and we’re back standing. Some brawling and Johnson has him against the cage again. Roller reverses position at the minute mark. Johnson with a nice standing elbow and backs off to the middle of the cage. Roller is being more aggressive in getting position but is eating Johnson’s jab like he missed breakfast. Johnson connects with a flurry and Roller goes for a takedown; he gets back with ten seconds left standing and Johnson goes against the cage as the round ends.

Round score: 10-9 Johnson, 20-18 Johnson

Round 3: Johnson comes out throwing as Roller is respecting the distance more but Johnson is stepping into his strikes more to compensate. Roller with a takedown try that Johnson initially stops, Roller gets him down and gets back with hooks in. Roller throwing some big strikes as Johnson is covering up. Herb Dean warns Roller for strikes to the back of the head. Johnson gives up his back and Roller goes for the rear naked choke, Johnson defending by using wrist control. Johnson is trying to just survive at this point, hanging and trying to roll out of it. Roller goes back to strikes as he has a body triangle and is using position at this point with 80 seconds to go. Johnson reverses into an open guard, Roller closes it up and Johnson starts with some ground and pound. Big shots to Roller who might’ve used everything he had trying to finish. Johnson lets him up with 20 seconds left, Herb Dean with a temporary break because of a thumb to the eye. The two exchange as the fight ends.

Official score: 10-9 Roller, 29-28 Johnson overall

Winner: Michael Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight bout: Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely

Round 1: Both come out trying to establish distance with inside leg kicks and straight punches. Oliveira catches a leg and gets Wisely to the ground, standing over him and throwing him some big strikes down. Oliveira goes for a heel hook and has it locked, Wisely rolls several times but can’t escape. Wisely taps at 1:34 of the first round.

Official result: Oliveira by submission via heel hook at 1:44 of the first round.

Featherweight bout: Cub Swanson vs. George Roop

Round 1:

All kicks on the initial exchanges. Roop misses a flying knee and Swanson goes for a spinning back fist that doesn’t connect. Left hand from Cub connects. Outside leg kick from Swanson connects. Roop is using his height advantage to level body shots with his legs: body kicks and teeps land at will. Cub Swanson goes nuts for a moment and has Roop against the fence, battering him with punches in bunches after his opponent is staggered. Roop comes in for a takedown, but is thrown to the mat by Cub. Swanson stacks Roop on the mat but backs away when he cannot get around his legs. The ref stands both up to get Roop’s mouthguard back into his mouth. Good lead left hook by Cub. The fight ends back up on the ground with Cub kicking at the legs of Roop who is on his back, as the round ends. 10-9 Swanson

Round 2

Both men find ways to strike in the early stages of the 2nd: Swanson by diving into striking and Roop coming in with knees and kicks. Uppercut by Roop misses and Cub lands a right to the body. Cub Swanson comes in with a huge shot and knocks the mouthguard out of Roop’s mouth. Roop goes down and Cub Swanson swarms him, pounding away from his feet for the win.

Winner: Cub Swanson by TKO (R2, punches, 2:22)

Heavyweight bout: Mike Russow vs. John-Olav Einemo

Russow is the hometown boy and the crowd responds accordingly during walkout and is deafening during his introduction.

Round 1: Russow takes JOE down immediately and JOE is in a modified butterfly guard. Russow backs off and JOE back to his feet, Russow goes for a single and can’t finish, making Russow eat a knee to the face for his troubles. Back to the center and both are feelign each other out. Russow eats a jab as he goes for a double but can’t finish. JOE backs off and Russow presses the attack, connecting with a big right before JOE makes him eat a couple big rights of his own. Russow presses JOE against the cage but JOE gets off it, both men in the clinch towards the center of the cage. Both men working the body as they play the clinch game before JOE backs off. Russow with a couple big punches before taking JOE down with a single, eats an upkick but lands in side guard. JOE immediately goes to half guard and then gets an open full guard on him. Works his way into a butterfly guard as Russow postures up and then works back as he tries to pass guard. JOE is controlling his wrists and hips from the bottom as Russow backs up but doesn’t let him stand. Russow goes for another attempt at landing into side control but JOE gets full guard on him. Round ends with JOE in mount but time expires before he can do any damage.

Round score: 10-9 Russow

Round 2: Russow and JOE trade and Russow grabs a single and gets him to the ground. JOE goes for a guillotine but can’t finish, cedes advantage and gets into guard. Russow working some ground and pound but JOE is really controlling him from the bottom. Russow postures up but JOE doesn’t allow him to do anything with it. Back into an open full guard. JOE goes for an armbar out of the bottom but Russow stands up to escape. Stalking over him for ab it and not allowing him to stand, Russow goes for side control again and lands in half guard. Russow isn’t able to get anything off and stands back up, JOE makes him eat an upkick as Russow dives back into full guard looking to pass. Russow with a couple of good strikes to the face before he goes back into JOE’s guard. JOE with some strikes from the bottom, Russow postures up and lands a big elbow but back into JOE’s tough full guard. JOE may be on the bottom but Russow can’t do anything; JOE’s defensive guard is remarkably effective. Herb Dean stands them up and Russow goes for the single, landing in JOE’s guard again. Round ends this way.

Round score: 10-9 Russow, 20-18 Russow

Round 3: JOE is content to brawl as Russow goes for the takedown again, unable to finish a single as JOE lands a couple of big strikes on him. Another single and gets him down, JOE goes for a triangle armbar but can’t finish. Russow stands up but won’t let JOE stand, JOE gets to his knees before going back into guard. Russow standing up, trying to pass guard from his feet again. Russow goes to pass and JOE almost sweeps him, Russow fights off and lands back into JOE’s guard. Russow gets into half guard and JOE gets back into full as the two exchange strikes on the ground. Both men look to be gassed at this point. herb Dean with a bad standup and we’re back on our feet. JOE is pressing the pace and lands a big knee to Russow’s midsection. Second is caught and Russow gets the takedown. JOE looks for a triangle again but Russow is expecting it and drives JOE back into full guard. Russow stands up but JOE is still on his back, Russow goes for side control. Russow dives into JOE’s guard and JOE almost gets a triangle, Russow backs out and fight ends with JOE on his back and Russow standing.

Round score: 10-9 Russow, 30-27 Russow

Official score: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Russow by UD

Lightweight bout: Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: Lentz comes out a bit tentative but catches Dunham on a counter. He immediately starts pushing the pace and goes for the takedown. Gets it but Dunham almost immediately back to his feet. Lentz goes for the takedown again but can’t quite finish it. Lentz is easily the aggressor here as he’s throwing wild. He and Dunham trade and Lentz slams him against the cage. Dunham in half guard and back up to his feet quickly. Dunham presses Lentz against the cage but Lentz circles around and the two play positions for a bit. Lentz is back on the attack but not connecting solidly. A kick to the midsection lands him in a Dunham choke and he can’t quite finish, scramble and Dunham winds up with Lentz against the cage. Both men exchange body shots as Dunham backs off following a short elbow. Dunham circle Lentz to the cage and gets the takedown, not quite able to connect with the slam he was going for. Lentz in rubber guard and looking for mission control, lets go and Dunham in full guard. Dunham trying to posture up and round ends with Dunham standing and Lentz on his back.

Round score: 10-9 Dunham

Round 2: Dunham comes out throwing wild and gets Lentz down, Lentz going for rubber guard again as he’s trying to get into mission control. Dunham passes into side control but Lentz moves into half guard. Push off from Lentz doesn’t free him and a scramble leads Dunham back into guard. Scramble back to their feet and Lentz the aggressor now, two men exchanging. Lentz is throwing wild hooks and follows up a side kick into a takedown attempt he can’t finish. brawling exchange against the cage and the two are bloodied up. Lentz the aggressor but Dunham gets the takedown off a failed Lentz shot. Dunham postures up and then stand up, locking in a guillotine choke he can’t finish. Into side control and Lentz works back into half guard. Dunham postures up and looks to pass but can’t. Goes for a guillotine again but Lentz defends well, Lentz wall walks his way back up and fight over a whizzer leads them back standing. Wild exchange between the two
leads to a takedown attempt by Lentz he can’t finish, round ends with Dunham against the cage.

Round score: 10-9 Dunham, 20-18 Dunham

John McCarthy is stopping the fight as Lentz’s face is too busted up to continue. He can’t see out of his eye.

Official Result: Evan Dunham wins by TKO at 5:00 of the 2nd round due to a referee stoppage (cut)

Main card:

Middleweight bout: Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

Round 1: Both men are tentative to come out as Weidman looks to be trying to set up a takedown and Maia looking to find his range. Big punch from Weidman catches Maia and sends him rolling but Weidman doesn’t press. Weidman is dictating pace and tries to cut the gap, Maia responds with some body work and Weidman backs off. Both men seem to be content trading as Weidman is looking for a straight right and Maia looking to counter. Weidman with an inside leg kick and Weidman deflects a head kick with his forearm. Superman punch from Weidman misses but slightly catches Maia with a big overhand right. Weidman goes for a takedown but Maia spins out. Combination from Weidman misses but he’s clearly the aggressor here. Body kick from Weidman both men are finding range. Bit of a flurry but neither man really connects, Weidman wades in too close and gets a knee to the body for his troubles. Weidman gets the double and lands right in Maia’s guard. Maia gets the scramble and up, lands some good blows but slips on a head kick. Weidman with a good combination. Clinch work goes nowhere. Head kick from Maia doesn’t connect as round ends.

Round score: Weidman 10-9

Round 2:Weidman comes out looking to go for a takedown and gets a trip takedown into side control. Maia scrambles up and gets put against the cage. Second attempt goes nowhere. Maia connects with a big left, then misses on a double jab from the same hand. Weidman almost catches a leg kick but can’t quite finish it. Maia misses a big combination but connects with an overhand left. Weidman misses a combination but is the aggressor here. Weidman stalks Maia down but can’t connect with anything, both men are really tentative. Both men go for the thai clinch that goes nowhere, both land solid but not overwhelming strikes. Left jab connects flush from Weidman who looks to want to try a takedown but isn’t pulling the trigger. Leg kicks exchanged and Weidman connects with Maia’s hands on a head kick attempt. Weidman goes for the takedown but can’t connect, Maia against the cage, Circles away and lands some good strikes and a head to the knee. Maia gets taken down though but pulls butterfly guard, Weidman tries to grab his back but can’t, Weidman goes for the guillotine at the end of the round but time expires.

Round Score: 10-9 Weidman, 20-18 Weidman

Round 3: Maia is the aggressor here but Weidman goes for a hiplock but can’t close in. He eats some strikes from Maia for his effort. Both exchange low leg kicks, Weidman is breathing hard but gets the takedown, landing in Maia’s guard. Maia in butterfly guard but not all the way in it; Weidman backs and tries to pass, but can’t. Maia stands up and goes for a takedown of his own, can’t finish. Maia goes for another and can’t finish. Weidman with a nice combination, poor takedown try from Maia. Weidman with the takedown, goes around looking for back but Maia right back up. Both men exchange some sloppy punches, Maia getting the better and adding a knee to the face as well. Another Maia takedown attempt comes up short, head kick misses. Weidman goes for the thai clinch and can’t connect, Weidman with a couple big knees to the head. Knees to the body are exchanged as both men are throwing straight shots with not that much power on them. Weidman with some good combinations and a knee to the body as the fight ends.

Round score: 10-9 Weidman, 30-27 Weidman

Official Decision: 29-28 Weidman, 29-28 Maia, 29-28 Weidman … Weidman by SD

Middleweight bout: Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

Sonnen got the biggest cheer from the audience during the intro video package. Bisping the most hate, not surprisingly. Bisping got booed during the showcase of their walk in video and Sonnen cheered. Their introductions were deafening in both directions. Easy to think who the Chicago crowd is behind for this one.

Round 1: Bisping comes out swinging and Sonnen gets the takedown, Bisping back up and circles away. Sonnen goes for the double but can’t finish, gets Bisping against the cage looking to trip him down. Bisping circles away and Chael follows a pair of wild haymakers into a takedown attempt he finishes. Sonnen unloads on Bisping, who gets up but Sonnen is all over him. Bisping reverses position and goes for a takedown of his own which he can’t connect. Sonnen reverses him back into the cage and Bisping circles away. Sonnen gets him back into the cage and they reverse positions. Bisping with a knee to the midsection and Sonnen responds in kind. Spinning wheel kick from Bisping misses as Sonnen goes for the takedown again but can’t connect, both men against the cage again. Sonnen gets underhooks but Bisping uses his body to break that up. Wild exchange between the two and Sonnen is pushed against the cage by Bisping. Bisping backs off and misses another spinning kick, round ends standing.

Round score: 10-9 Sonnen

Round 2: Bisping lands a solid combination to start but Chael sneaks a good straight left through. Bisping’s combinations look terrific. Bisping gets up to the cage. Sonnen tries to get him back on a trip takedown but can’t finish. They’re not doing much but landing small strikes as John McCarthy breaks them up. Off the exchange Sonnen hits him with a good right, and Bisping responds in kind. Sonnen goes for the double leg and secures it, Bisping in butterfly guard as Sonnen breaks him into full guard. Bisping with a wall scoot but Sonnen is pressing him against the cage and not letting him up. Bisping onto his back now and doing a good job stifling Sonnen. Sonnen stands up and lands some big strikes on the ground, Bisping gets up and it’s a wild brawl. Bisping gets Sonnen up against the cage, looking for a takedown but can’t quite connect. Bisping goes for a single leg and Sonnen gets out of it, Sonnen’s back against the cage again. Bisping backs off and the two trade, Bisping missing another spin kick. Round ends with the two trading. Bisping looks gassed tho.

Round score: Sonnen 10-9, Sonnen 20-18

Round 3: Sonnen gets the takedown early and lands in Bisping’s guard. Bisping is working butterfly guard though and doing a good job keeping Sonnen from doing anything. Switches to full guard to try a scramble which fails and Sonnen back in full guard. Bisping gets Sonnen up but Chael is on his back and Bisping to the ground. Bisping looks gassed at this point. Sonnen gets the hooks in and goes for the rear naked choke. He’s working slowly and Bisping defends it well, Chael switches to full mount as Bisping rolls out. Bisping landing strikes to the body and Bisping is trying to lock up Sonnen’s arms to get a standup. Tremendous scramble from Bisping but Sonnen works back into half guard quickly. Bisping wall scoots back and Sonnen looks for the back, Bisping doing a good job holding him off. Round ends with Bisping landing a takedown and a couple strikes.

Round score: 10-9 Sonnen, 30-27 Sonnen

Official decision: 30-27,29-28,29-28 Sonnen by UD

Crowd goes NUTS for the result.

Light Heavyweight bout: Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

Round 1: Both men come out cautious. Left body kick by Davis and a combination from Rashad both miss. Big leg kick from Davis connects but neither is committing into anything more than a single strike. Davis hit’s a big leg kick and goes for the takedown, can’t get it and Evans gets him against the cage. Another takedown try misses and Evans works for a moment out of a front headlock. Both men back to their feet and Davis goes for a takedown, this one a bit sloppy. He’s not committing to them, just sort of reaching, and Evans has enough time to get out. Wild brawling exchange but nothing connects for either. Superman punch connects but follow up takedown by Davis doesn’t; Rashad’s takedown defense is absolutely stellar so far. Davis isn’t committing to it and Evans isn’t giving him an easy takedown. Big leg kick from Davis connects though, second and Evans gets the takedown. Davis in half guard and doing a good job of keeping Evans from working. Evans looking for side control and gets it, gets into a mounted crucifix and unloads on Davis. Davis is defending well but Rashad is using his hips well to keep Davis there. Scramble and davis to his knees, Rashad behind him content to land some strikes.

Round score: Evans 10-9

Round 2: Davis opens with a high leg kick and then throws a low one that doesn’t connect. Davis goes for the clinch but Rashad circles out after some exchanges to the body. Davis looking for that front push kick but Rashad is doing a good job darting in and out. Front kick from Davis hit’s the sternum and Davis gets another takedown stuffed. Clinchwork goes nowhere. Kick to the body misses from Davis as Rashad is controlling the center of the cage. Rashad gets Davis against the cage but Davis does a great job keeping him from going for the takedown. Rashad is pressing the pace here and some wild trades from the two hit air. Overhand right from Davis and Rashad’s counter does as well. Exchange that Rashad wins as he’s got Davis on his heels. Leg kick from Davis gets caught by Rashad, who takes him down and lands into side control. Short elbow connects and Rashad opens up on him. Round ends with Davis in a crucifix absorbing punishment.

Round score: Evans 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Davis comes out more aggressive this round and snaps a leg kick a bit harder. Goes for a double leg that Rashad defends beautifully, into a front headlock and Davis goes back to the leg. Two fight over the single against the cage as Rashad defends with a far side crotch lift. They fight for takedown and Rashad goes to a whizzer and gets standing mount over Davis. Looking to move into full mount and Rashad gets his back, doesn’t have the hooks in and Davis stands up. Rashad presses him against the cage and Davis goes to the mat. Rashad can’t quite capitalize and Davis gets back to his feet. Rashad lands a couple uppercuts and the trade, Davis backing up against the cage as he circles right. Davis gets the takedown late as Evans tries to get up once and gets slammed down for his efforts. Second try is better and he gets back to the fence as Davis knees his thigh several times. Round ends with Davis delivering some knees to Rashad’s body.

Round score: Evans 10-9, Evans 30-27

Round 4: Davis opens with a push kick and a combination, ducks for a takedown and connects with a solid combination. Big leg kick to the midsection from Davis that had a snap to it. Evans is using his left to jab away at Davis and keep him at bay. Push kick and a half hearted takedown attempt go nowhere. Rashad is winning the position game as Davis is throwing desperately and Evans is countering and connecting. Big leg kick from Phil is caught but Rashad can’t get the takedown, gets a guillotine against the cage he can’t finish. Goes for a double and misses, Davis connects with a couple knees to the body. Stuffed takedown from Davis and Rashad counters with an ankle pick, spins around and gets back position on him. Davis stands up and Rashad pushes him against the cage, content to hold him there. Scramble and Davis is away from the cage. Rashad connects with a solid combination at the end of the round.

Round score: 10-9 Evans, 40-36 Evans

Fifth Round: Both come out and throw but aren’t connecting much. Rashad is leaning on his jab and Davis is getting more desperate, knowing he’s down four rounds right now. Throwing more wildly and leaving himself open. Rashad catches a kick and gets into side control of Davis after the takedown. Rashad is posting off Davis’s head as Davis uses half guard to keep Evans at distance. Davis looks beaten right now, just trying to survive. Rashad back into the mounted crucifix and can’t use it as Davis rolls out. Rashad back into half guard and Davis gets up, Rashad on his back. Evans lets him go and the two are back in the middle of the cage. Rashad isn’t letting up right now, either, as he connects with a number of good crosses. Davis with a desperation shot and Rashad counters with a sprawl, then turns into a double leg of his own. Can’t finish it though and a hop toss is blocked by a whizzer from Davis. Davis is gassed right now and misses a head kick and a superman punch. Kick from Davis eats hands and Rashad ends the round making Davis eat a jab.

Round score: 10-9 Evans, 50-45 Evans

Official Decision: 50-45 Evans by UD