CB’s Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 7 (St. Louis Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB’s Open Mic and another American Idol Recap.

Tonight’s auditions take place in St. Louis, Missouri, where eight years ago an unknown Oklahoma woman named Carrie Underwood took a road trip that she is still currently on, as the producers just (astutely) reminded us to kick things off tonight. Can St. Louis strike gold platinum once again?

–From Carrie to Taylor: That’s right, Johnny Keyser channels Taylor Hicks when it comes to picking his audition song, so let’s see if he can be just as memorable at first glance…

Johnny Keyser, 22, A Change Is Gonna Come–…now THAT was range. This guy can probably sing anything, and I loved the high notes that Johnny Keyser mixed in towards the end. It would have been nice if the judges didn’t interrupt him so we could see how the whole performance would have flowed if it was sang all in one piece, but man, Johnny is on the fast track to the finals for sure after that one. Johnny Keyser, welcome to Hollywood superstardom.

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Silent Movie / Filler TimeSo we got a segment where we actually are spared from hearing a few of the bad auditions, which is fine with me. And then: More filler as Ryan Seacrest talks about how everyone has a story as Kellie Pickler’s new single 100 Proof plays in the background. Finally, another real audition actually airs in the form of…

–Rachelle Lamb, 26, Find Somebody New–Rachelle was a professional singer but her career was stalled after getting married and then divorced. Now, she wants a second chance and, well, she definitely deserves one on the American Idol stage as she just ripped through Faith Hill’s Find Somebody New with a very believable and pleasant-sounding country voice.  Rachelle Lamb lands a golden ticket.

Kiss From A Wilted Rose-God I hate when this blockbuster Seal song is ruined by bad singers each and every year…

–Reis Kloeckener, 20, Lean On Me–Reis was a victim of severe bullying and his friends have helped him survive and persevere through the pain, along with singing. And man, Reis can sing, so he is yet another person in the pantheon of S11 contestants I am openly rooting for in Hollywood. Reis Kloeckener knocks it out of the park and gets an ALL CAPS YES from me.

Hungry for S’mores? During this commercial break or at least after the show, I encourage you once again to check out the S’mores American Idol Radio Show right here. Our first new episode for Season 11 features our thoughts on the first five audition episodes, a review of Kelly Clarkson’s concert at Radio City Music Hall, audio clips and exclusive commentary you won’t find anywhere else.

–Ethan Jones,22, I’ll Be–Ethan was in a band with his dad, who had to take a hiatus to attend alcohol rehab. Ethan sings pretty well, but I am not sold as to whether he can really stand out from the rest of the pack as the stages get bigger and the competition gets tougher. After his audition, it was nice to see Ethan call his dad and to hear his dad say he’s clean and sober. I wish them both the best. Ethan eases into Hollywood.

–Madonna Video Snippet–Give Me All Your Luvin–Good enough for what it is, I guess, and no, I’m not looking forward to the Super Bowl Halftime Show…

–Mark Ingram, 28, Overjoyed–How ironic that with the Super Bowl just three days away, a guy named Mark Ingram auditions … and just slaughters Steve Wonder … yikes. Let’s hope things go better for Big Blue on Sunday than they did for Big Mark just now. ALL CAPS NO.

Lauren Gray, 22, One and Only–WOW. What a voice from Lauren Gray. She was so good that J-Lo should name one of the stars on her dress after Lauren, because she was that awesome covering ADELE. I love Lauren’s bluesy voice and the heart on her sleeve mentality she has is an intangible quality worth praising. Lauren Gray’s journey on American Idol is just beginning, that’s for sure.

That’s it for this edition of CB’s Open Mic.

See you next time — CB.

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