10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown! 2.3.12 — Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Sheamus

Sorry for the delay guys. I was suffering all morning from a wicked illness called I-Drank-My-Weight-In-Beer-Last-Night. Of course, I also got pretty wrapped up in the Super Bowl, today. I hate the Giants, and I hate the Patriots, so I was more rooting for my gambling money all day, but hey. It works.

1. Teddy Long has always been the obnoxious stereotypical black man who just appears to spell out what we already know. But I like that he seems to suddenly have a badass backbone.

2. Did anyone else completely predict the participants for the Elimination Chamber? How boring. At least there’s some young talent in there, and Mark Henry was removed almost immediately. And, you know, no Truth. There’s a win for the Blue Crew.

3. Cody Rhodes’s moonsault from the top rope was so majestic. I haven’t seen do a real big spot like that in quite some time. I like that he can venture out of his comfort zone to wow the crowd.

4. Remember those five minutes when Hunico was kind of a big deal? What happened to that?

5. It was very, very odd having Duggan and Santino pair up. But why put them up against the tag team champs, as they’re being pushed? Obviously, the crowd eats up everything Santino does, especially with the nostalgia pop for Duggan. I’m curious why they didn’t use the Usos instead.

6. I don’t care about Michael Cole. At all. His involvement does nothing for me, the storyline, or the Superstar in question. If we could devote half the time and brainpower that we do for Cole on other storylines…we could change the WORLD!

7. Here’s where I strain your eyes with a disgustingly long paragraph. So, this whole Natalya farting thing. What is the point of this? Are we all that stupid? Are the fans so stupid, that the writers actually thought this was a good idea? I feel like this is a stepping stone to the scene in “Idiocrasy” where there’s the movie called “Ass”…where it’s nothing but an ass farting, and it wins Oscars. I can’t even believe it happened once, let alone having it become an actual gimmick. We all know that WWE doesn’t give a shit about the Divas…that much has been painfully obvious for years. But now they’re almost mocking the female fans. I spend the same amount of money on WWE merch/events as any male counterpart. I sit my ass in the seats and cheer just as loud. And who do I have to look up to on the estrogen front? I’m sick of it. If WWE wants to put up a “No Girls Allowed!” sign on the front door, then mission fucking accomplished. Assfucks.

8. While we’re talking about the Divas, how pathetic was that match with Beth and Nattie against Tamina and Aksana? It was over before I knew it. It’s pretty awesome to see the champ get rendered completely useless.

9. Orton and Barrett were a little lackluster for me. Randy kind of stuck to his usual formula which is fine, I guess. But I expected a whole lot more, which was my mistake, I suppose.

10. So, now that Bryan has become interesting with a heel turn that surprisingly works for me, it was only a matter of time before it hit a familiar bump. We’ll see Orton in the main event scene again, which I can’t say is shocking. More disappointing. But we’ll see what the great Daniel Bryan does with it.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode of Smackdown as much as I didn’t. It was a dull showing of some of the better WWE talent. Here’s hoping for a better one next week!

If you haven’t already (which, you’d be crazy not to…) make sure to check out the greatest team on the Pulse Wrestling front today…me and Mike Gojira as we discuss this week’s Smackdown as we watch it…SIMULTANEOUSLY. Critics give it two thumbs up, dubbing it the greatest idea since the breast implant! Okay, I made that up. But still, check it out!

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