Cougar Town – Episode 3-2 Review – “Co-MoHs!”


Cougar Town is a show I don’t write about in a lot of detail, because while I find it to be generally pleasant, enjoyable and funny it doesn’t always provide me with a lot to say. So instead, I bring you Five Things I Loved About Cougar Town This Week:

1. Jules choosing a Maid of Honor
It seemed inevitable that Jules would divide Maid of Honor duties between Ellie and Laurie because Ellie is her oldest friend, but Laurie would be way better at it. So I liked that the episode didn’t take long to get to that decision, but instead focused on the reactions to it – like Ellie’s hissing!
2. Travis and Grayson visiting Jules’ dad
This was just pure, comedic fun.
3. The Zipline
A hair-brained well-intentioned idea, just like Bobby. It was also a nice way to show how Bobby is going out of his way to demonstrate that he’s OK with Jules getting married. Plus, it looked crazy fun.
4. Thanks babe!
5. Spoiler!   

Bonus Quote:
Jules: “Ellie, I love you so much. I want to ask you something.”
Ellie: “Are we finally running away together? Because I keep a bag in my truck!”
Jules: “Me too!”
Ellie: “Awesome.”