Sweet Home Alabama – Episode 3-6 Review – “See You Later, Alligator”

We were treated to another two hour long episode of Sweet Home Alabama on Friday night, and the episode picked up right where we left off: Paige had sent home Dustin and Donny. They both seemed like really great guys, and I think as a testament to that all of the remaining guys only had good things to say about them. I know the next star of SWA will probably be Bubba (assuming Paige chooses Jeremiah, which is only a guess) but I think Donny would also be a really good choice.

Swamp Thing

As you’ll remember from last week’s episode, Big Shaun was getting a date with Paige this week. But instead of a fancy, flashy date like they had in Miami Paige wanted to know if Shaun could hang with her on her terms. So they went alligator hunting.

Shaun came across like a total jerk for the first several episodes of this show, and he probably is a bit of a jerk, but he’s also really funny. Now that he’s not ragging on “hillbillies” all the time, I can actually appreciate his sense of humor. And hey, I’m a pretty sarcastic girl, so I’m sure if I were on a reality TV show there’s a chance I’d get the villain edit as well.

The alligator hunting date was not something I’d choose to do, and it was obviously outside of Shaun’s comfort zone as well. But he made the best of it and laughed a lot, and it seemed like they had a really good time. I never  would have guessed that Shaun would go so far in this, but of all the city guys left I liked him the most.

Shaun went back to the house after his date still decked out in the camo gear they gave him, and all of the guys seemed to get a good laugh out of how much Shaun has changed since they first got to Alabama. All the guys except Landon, of course. At this point, Landon is my least favorite guy left on the show. It’s like he has ‘roid rage all the time. He’s too jealous, too cocky, and so obsessed with Paige that it’s almost creepy. The way he put on his own camo gear just because Shaun was wearing it? That was almost as ridiculous as the chat he tried to have with him. I’m ready to see Landon go home.

Row Boat

Next Little Shaun got a date – and thank goodness, because I think everyone was tired of hearing him whine about not having a second date yet. He and Paige went back to the farm where they had their first date and spent some time on a row boat.

I just don’t see the connection with these two. Little Shaun seems great, but he comes across as SO YOUNG. He told Paige he isn’t ready to get married and settle down yet, and she said she’s OK with that – but later, when Shaun said that to Jeremiah, that worried Jeremiah because he thought Paige was more in line with him, wanting to settle down right away. I can understand how Paige would say two different things – maybe she’s open to settling down soon, but also doesn’t feel the need to rush if the guy she likes isn’t ready. But poor Jeremiah now has another thing to worry about. Can someone get that guy a Xanax?

Paige also told Little Shaun that he and the rest of the guys in the house should lay off Landon. I wish Paige could understand more of why the guys dislike Landon. I hate the phrase “bros before hoes” more than anything, and if I were Paige I also would have sent Jeremy home. But she was about to send Landon home that night too, and I don’t think their chemistry together is any stronger just because he was the one who told her about Jeremy. He’s still way too intense, he’s too jealous of the other guys, and I think those are major red flags. Doesn’t he strike you as the kind of guy who wouldn’t want his girlfriend to go out to a bar with her friends, just in case some other guy might try to talk to her?

Martini Night

I think Todd was practically friend zoned before his date with Paige even began. They went out for cocktails together – a nice, normal date. Again, this is why I like Sweet Home Alabama. No helicopters or round-the-world trips, just normal dates that you or I might go on.

Paige was feeling really stressed out about everything that’s going on, and she needed to talk to someone. So Todd was that sounding board. Which is great, except it kind of suggests that Todd is more of a pal than a date. Up until then, Paige had worried that Todd was a typical smooth-talking car salesman, but on their date she realized he’s more than that.

Todd’s someone I’ve gone back and forth on all season. He’s hilarious, but sometimes he’s come across as a jerk as well. He doesn’t seem right for Paige, but based on his Twitter (and frankly, that’s the only way I judge people these days) I’ve decided he’s incredibly funny.

Now is when I should probably talk about how all the guys gave Little Shaun a picture of his horse. The one that died, named Credit Card. It was sweet, but I wish the horse had a better name than Credit Card. We should just call it C.C. from now on. Agreed?


Before the eliminations, Paige showed up to officially tell the guys to lay off Landon, and then she invited him out on a date. Sigh. Is it awful that I hope their date goes badly? I really don’t care for Landon, and I think Paige would have sent him home a while ago if she didn’t see him as a protector.

I had a feeling Todd would be eliminated since their date gave off a distinct friend vibe, but I wasn’t sure who the other guy would be. I thought it could be Joey, but I wasn’t sure Paige would cut two city guys. I thought there was a chance it could be Little Shaun instead. But it was Joey, a guy Paige was really attracted to but didn’t have much in common with. You’ve got to hand it to Paige for being so honest with the guys – she told Joey that they didn’t have much in common and their conversations had awkward silences.

Wow, would you have ever guessed that Big Shaun would be the last guys standing? That’s certainly a surprise, but of all the guys left I’d say he has one of the stronger relationships with Paige. Paige is left with five guys now: Big Shaun from the city, and Bubba, Jeremiah, Little Shaun and Landon from the country. I still think she’ll end up with Jeremiah, but I think Bubba and Big Shaun will be in the final three with him.

Now I know you guys are going to have a lot to say, so head to the comments and tell me what you think!