Wednesday Comments ā€“ Six Months of the DC Comics Relaunch in 140 Characters.

I’m not really that knowledgeable about Twitter. I know it’s social media that has a cut off of 140 characters. But that’s the extent of my knowledge. I don’t really do the social media thing.

But I like the idea of the cut off at 140 characters. The conciseness of it is appealing. So since it’s been six months since the DC Comics Relaunch I thought I’d give my opinion on the DC Comics that I’m reading, but keep them to a twitter friendly 140 characters.

And since I’m doing that, if you’re on twitter and want to tweet my opinions, feel free.

Let’s give it a whirl.

Justice League – Six heroes team up to battle Darkseid. Fun book that’s light on story, but full of character. Like a Justice League “Hush.”

Justice League International – Underwhelming to say the least. The buzz from Generation Lost’s dissipated and left this trash in it’s place.

Aquaman A strong start that quickly fizzled. The art’s great, but with the story Johns’ has gotten too cute for his own good. I miss Orin.

Wonder Woman – Azzarello and Chiang have done it again. This modern take on the Greek Gods is entertaining as everything else in this title.

The Flash – Francis Manapul’s made me a believer. His inventive storytelling and layouts have sold me on Barry being exciting. I miss Wally.

Captain Atom – – I love Williams’ art. I’m intrigued by where Krul’s taking the story. It’s a very well rounded and balanced book. Try it out.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men – – Slow start that was getting better. We’ll see how Gail’s departure affects the book. Title is long.

DC Universe Presents – Deadman was interesting. Challs looks promising. Can’t wait for Cas Sage! It is as even as an anthology title can be.

Mister Terrific – Very disappointing. The adventures of Michael Holt are rather generic most of the time. It’s canceled, perhaps mercifully.

Action Comics – Morrison gloriously returns to the Man of Steel. Easily the best Superman book in years. It’ll make you believe in Superman.

Superman – Great setting up of the status quo of the current Metropolis. I will miss George Perez when he leaves, but things look promising.

Superboy – I really like what Lobdell is doing with this book. I like the idea of Superboy as a blank slate. This book is surprisingly good.

Supergirl – Kara as a true outcast is a refreshing take. The book’s a tad slow and appears to be spinning it’s wheels but I’ll stick around.

Batman – This book is easily one of the best of the relaunch. Snyder continues to tell great Batman stories. Gotham’s never felt more alive.

Detective Comics – The first arc was stronger than the subsequent one. It almost feels like Tony Daniel’s trying too hard. Still enjoyable.

Batman: The Dark Knight – Probably the weakest Bat book. Finch’s art is overrated and the story feels like Hush…on venom. Barely read it.

Batwing – Judd’s doing a great job on this book with a huge assist from Ben Oliver. The art is beautiful and the story keeps pulling you in.

Batman & Robin – This is another great Bat book. Tomasi & Gleason might be one of the best teams in comics today, other than Bruce & Damian.

Birds of Prey – Really strong book, despite the lack of Gail. I love the art by Saiz and Pina. I love the team and the dynamic. Very strong.

Batwoman – I love this book! I can’t find enough good things to say about this book. Williams’ is firing on all cylinders. The perfect read.

Batgirl – It is great to have Gail writing Babs again. Loved the issue with Babs and Dick. I’m really enjoying seeing Babs as Batgirl again.

Red Hood & the Outlaws – Controversial book in the beginning, but it’s found it’s stride. It is the antihero book, but it’s showing promise.

Catwoman – An equally controversial book but it’s so much better than that. It’s full of nuance and intrigue. This book’s another highlight.

Nightwing – I’ve been a fan of Nightwing for years and this book is adequate. The art is stellar, but the circus story feels very drawn out.

Green Lantern – I love Hal being Sinestro’s back up. I love the art. I enjoy how it hasn’t missed a step since Flashpoint. A monumental run.

Green Lantern Corps – I love Tomasi’s recent homage to the Hollywood tough guys. I enjoy that he’s giving John some depth. Incredible read.

Green Lantern: New Guardians – I’m really enjoying the dysfunctional nature of the team. I enjoy the mystery that’s building. Read the book.

Red Lanterns – I’m really enjoying the fleshing out of Atrocitus. I like looking a different Corps for a change. Now we’ve got one on Earth.

Swamp Thing – I love the subtle references to previous Swamp Thing creators. The story’s very gripping. Snyder’s got two hits on his hands.

Justice League Dark – I’m absolutely loving that everyone hates John Constantine. Milligan’s handling this book very well. The art is grand.

I, Vampire – I’m not really a fan of vampires, but I find myself enjoying this book. Hard to believe it’s in the DCU, but it’s a solid read.

Animal Man – This book continues to creep me out on a monthly basis. The stand alone tale with Buddy’s film career was awesome. Great read.

Resurrection Man – I’m glad Mitch’s returned to the DCU. I don’t know how I feel about the supernatural angle, but I loved the Arkham issue.

Demon Knights – I’m not a fan of medieval stories, but this book has me hooked. Yet another dysfunctional team that is a true treat to read.

Stormwatch – I’m not happy Cornell’s leaving the book, because he really set things up nicely. I love the addition of J’onn. Engaging read.

Grifter – I truly enjoyed what Edmondson was doing on this book. He made it a must read book. So compelling. But here comes Liefeld. Oh joy.

Suicide Squad – I enjoy this book for what it is; mission of the month book. It is gory at times and very graphic. It is a guilty pleasure.

Voodoo – I’m perplexed why Marz started the book then left. But it’s still a good read. I wish this book would cross over more into the DCU.

All-Star Western – I’m enjoying this book. I like how it vaguely ties into the current Gotham. I like the “odd couple” pairing. Hex’s funny.

Teen Titans – Easily the best Teen Titans book since before Infinite Crisis. It’s a fun book with vibrant characters. Bart is Impulse-esque.

Hawk & Dove – This book was everything I was afraid it was going to be; poorly written, too much emphasis on art. It’s cancelled. Thank god.

Blue Beetle – I’m loving this book. I love the art. I love Bedard’s retelling of Jaime’s origin. I will say, I do need more Paco and Brenda.

Static Shock Yet another team in dysfunction only this time it’s the creative team. I’m saddened this book failed. I wanted it to succeed.

Legion Lost – I like the idea of time lost Legionaries. I like how every Legionnaire gets to narrate an issue. It’s a fun, interesting read.

Legion of Super-Heroes – Unfortunately Levitz still feels in over his head. Every issue feels cluttered. I love the Legion, don’t love this.

Feel free to tweet my thoughts on the first six months of the DCnU.

In the meantime, it’s Wednesday and I’m sure that there are some books at your local comic shop that are calling your name. Buy them already.

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