World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan Gives High Praise To Developmental Star

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was recently asked about the next big star and not surprisingly brought up FCW standout Dean Ambrose, the former Jon Moxley.

“That’s hard to say, because there’s so many talented guys on our roster right now,” said Bryan. “But there’s some guys in the developmental system that are absolutely phenomenal. My favorite is a guy named Dean Ambrose, who just has such a personality and he’s so good in the ring. He hasn’t even debuted on TV yet, but when he does, I think he’s really gonna take people by surprise. I mean, he is just an awesome personality that people can really either love or hate, depending on how they play him.”

Quick Quip: I unfortunately haven’t been able to see too much of Moxley’s work before the WWE but from what I have, I am equally as impressed. While the WWE roster has gotten better in the last year, unique characters like his will inject some freshness into some stale storytelling.

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