The Office – Episode 8-19 Review – “Deflated”

Was the cold open on The Office this week a metaphor for the entire show? It kind of felt like it, since we’ve been watching the show slowly deflate all season.

Let’s start with the good. I liked the Andy and Erin stuff because I have always been an Andy and Erin fan. I don’t really have to much to say about it – it was cute and suited their personalities, and I’m happy they’re going to be together now. I think almost all viewers can agree that Ellie Kemper has been a breakout star this season, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with her character now that she’s back in this relationship.

On the downside, I’ve never been a big fan of Catherine Tate’s character, so I didn’t love her storyline. There were definitely some funny moments, mostly because I always like it when Jim ends up being on the opposite side of an issue than the rest of the gang, but it still fell flat for me. The showrunners on The Office wanted Catherine Tate as the new boss and a scheduling conflict prevented it, and it felt cheap to just drop her into the mix now.

I suppose it’s not even so much that I disliked Nellie’s storyline, as I’m worried that the showrunners think adding Nellie to the show permanently is a good idea. I don’t think it is, and therefore I can’t enjoy her in the moment.

What did you guys think of “Get The Girl”?

A few funny moments:

  • Dwight trying to steal Darryl’s office and getting promptly owned.
  • Erin doesn’t have a toothbrush – one is always around.
  • “Money isn’t real ever since we got off the gold standard.” – Dwight
  • “The fact that she could show her face around here is an embarrassment. I should know, I’m in an identical situation.” – Dwight