AvX Spoilers: Who Denies Scarlet Witch From The Avengers?

I hated in Children’s Crusade when Captain America was all “once an Avenger always an Avenger” and tried to get Wanda to come back. Absolutely hated that. It was a big ‘let’s forget everything and start over’ and I HATED it!


Well, it almost happened again in this issue, as Ms. Marvel wanted to help out her friend, Wanda Maximoff. So she brings the Scarlet Witch back to Avengers Mansion to at the very least say hi to everyone that was once her friends. They’ll be happy to see her, she says.


Unfortunately for Wanda, the person who greets her is not happy to see her. After all, the last time she and The Vision were active in the same story arc, her powers made him blow up and take Avengers Mansion with him at the start of Disassembled.


I love this Vision characterization.

Especially the Android tears.

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