WWE Monday Night Raw 04.02.2012 Live Results: Wrestlemania 28 Fallout, CM Punk, John Cena

The Raw after Wrestlemania 28 is here!

The show starts with a wrestlers meeting in the lockerroom, to be addressed by John Laurinaitis, who announces some matches for tonight. The main event will be CM Punk vs Mark Henry for the WWE Title.

THE ROCK comes out to his music. He soaks in the cheers and the fans chant “Boots 2 Asses” and tons of other things. The Rock celebrates his victory and the crowd chants “You Still Got It”. He later uses the term “JHC” for Jesus H Christ get this guy Cena off me and the crowd chants “JHC”. The Rock notes that in 1995 he was cut from the CFL and notes how badly one must such to get cut from the Canadian Football League. He ends it with a shocker – he will once again become WWE Champion. The crowd goes crazy and The Rock spots a person in the front row with a sign to hug her, and he does it.

Santino Marella comes out to his music

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Wrestlemania 28 music montage of still photos from the event.

Vickie Guerrero interupts with “Excuse Me” and introduces Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

US Title Match Santino Marella (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger
Crowd is hot and behind Santino, but the heels double team and dominate the first half of the match. But then they argue about who will get the pin, and Swagger hits Ziggler with a belly to belly. Swagger goes for Santino, Ziggler back up with dropkick on Swagger and attempt on Santino who (sloppily) turns it into a catapult into the corner. Santino then hits Swagger with the Cobra for the pin.
Winner: Santino

After the match the heels are back to friends and approach Santino, who escapes up the ramp. Brodus Clay comes out for the save on the ramp, and Ziggler attacks only to literally bounce off. Ha. Crowd chants “Funkasaurus” and then Santino dances with him.

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Lord Tensai w/Sakamoto vs. Alex Riley
Lord Tensai comes down in red/black Japanese garb including a face mask. His manager is a smaller bowing Japanese man. A-ry gets no entrance. Tensai unmasks in the ring and wears regular trunks, and is no longer hairy. A longer than normal squash, with the restless crowd chanting “Welcome Back” and “A Train”. During a jumping back splash, Lawler says “he squashed him!”. That’s a shoot brother. Tensai hits a choking powerbomb and the ref checks with Riley and just calls it off. Crowd was chanting “Let’s go Riley” at the end.
Winner: Tensai


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John Cena will address the Rock TONIGHT. They have shown some videos of Cena talking about how important winning was to him.

WWE Title
CM Punk (c) vs. Mark Henry
Punk gets a MASSIVE pop and comes out first. Henry comes out and Punk gets some early offense. Henry takes over by swatting Punk’s dropkick to the side, and mostly dominates the first half of the match. Punk gets a couple small comebacks but Henry controls as we hit a

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And we’re back and Henry still controls with slow and power moves. Punk gets a nice bit of offense in with some kicks which the crowd gets WAY into chanting “yes” and cheering madly. HUGE pop for a top rope Macho Man elbow drop, which Punk sells now similarly to RVD selling his frogsplash. Punk goes for a bulldog, but Henry tosses him over the top rope. Punk then gets… counted out.
Winner by CO: Henry

After the match, John Laurinatis comes out on the ramp with David Otunga and announces that Punk would be defending regularly, and teases “dark clouds” are coming.

Chris Jericho comes out from the crowd with a mic, running down Punk. Then he takes a bottle of whiskey and pours it on Punk who is lying prone outside the ring. Jericho continues cutting a promo on Punk then smashes the whiskey bottle on him.

More still photos from Wrestlemania 28

Sheamus comes out with the World title belt, but he is interrupted by the return of Alberto Del Rio, who is proudly and loudly introduced by Riccardo. Del Rio wants a World Title match for Smackdown, the crowd chants “Si!” which is awesome. Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick and there’s your new Smackdown World Title feud.

Backstage Daniel Bryan is shown watching the previous segment on a monitor with his girlfriend AJ. The crowd goes NUTS for Bryan, who is approached by Josh Matthews for an interview, but walks away.

A series of still photos from Wrestlemania 28, set to music

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Many more still photos, from Wrestlemania 28

Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston After entrances, The Big Show comes onto the Raw ramp and shows STILL SHOTS of knocking out Cody last night, as a Cody Rhodes Embarassing Wrestlemania Moment. This allows Kofi to hit Thunder in Paradise for the pin. Winner: Kofi

How will John Cena react to his loss to the Rock? We’ll find out TONIGHT

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Still shots

Backstage, Abraham Washington approaches Mark Henry and offers to be his manager

Eve comes to the ring to cut a promo about having a Wrestlemania Moment and supporting John Laurinaitis. The awesome crowd chants “We Want Ryder Woo, Woo, Woo”

Replay of The Rock talking about John Cena earlier on Raw

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The Miz vs. Zack Ryder Miz gets a nice reaction but Ryder gets a HUGE reaction. Back and forth match, with Ryder getting some signature spots, but Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin. Winner: Miz


John Cena interview is your MAIN EVENT and it’s NEXT

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John Cena comes out to his music and fairly strong boos. He starts by saying he never really thought about losing and how to react. Cena talks a bit about working hard, but losing, and he admits to losing. Crowd erupts with “yes” chants. Then he says will this be the night he snaps back at the WWE Universe – another yes chant. He is a man, he admits he lost. Cena said he is not here to call out the Rock – they had a year of talk and then a match and it’s over. Crowd chants “We Want Lesnar” loud and Cena let’s it go longer. He says “always an interesting crowd with the WWE universe”. Cena instead wants The Rock and invites The Rock back to the ring. Dwayne Johnson has earned his respect. Crowd again chants for Lesnar. Cena gets a little upset, saying he worked hard last night, but then shifts to talking about losing to Lesnar. The crowd does a “yes” chant, which Cena does along with the crowd. Cena says “Daniel Bryan, you owe me one” and then tries to talk about Rock, but the crowd chants “Daniel Bryan”. Cena again comments on the crowd, and says all kidding aside, he wants to publicly address The Rock. Crowd chants for Rock. But then BROCK LESNAR music plays and the crowd goes INSANE. After the music plays for a bit, Brock Lesnar comes out on the ramp and soaks in a huge reaction. Brock goes to both sides of the ramp, then goes to the ring. Cena smiles and welcomes him to the ring. Lesnar points to his own name on his shirt, then holds out his hand to shake. Cena obliges, and Brock immediately pulls Cena up for an F5, holds him up, then hits the F5. Crowd goes crazy. Brock celebrates on the corner as the show ends.

Really strong followup with the Rock opening and Brock closing.

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