10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 16-05: Butterballs

The second half of the first half of season 16 begins! The subject is bullying…

1. The boys are in the cafeteria and Butters has been getting bullied. When the others give him advice on how to handle it, but Butters has hilarious responses for each and just is resigned to take the bullying.

2. Kyle is outraged that Butters is just taking the bullying and advises him to talk to his family. But Butters’ grandma actually is bullying him at home, even hiding it from his parents. Nice twist.

3. Bucky Bailey Bully Buckers is brought into South Park to handle the bullying situation. Mr. Mackey meets with him about the bullying situation, but is timid and ends up getting bullying HIMSELF by Bucky.

4. In an assembly Bucky Bailey Bully Buckers wants to make a video for anti-bullying in the school. When no one volunteers, he begins taunting the South Park Elementary student body, doing a “bock bock” chicken dance until Stan volunteers.

5. Stan makes a video called “Stop Bullying” and it’s an amazing musical-style montage with singing, dancing and a full musical number about bullying. During the video, Stan uses a stat that 200,000 kids per day are afraid to go to school, which has to be made up. Ultimately Kyle gets upset and walks out of the movie production.

6. It turns out that someone wants to buy Stan’s video! But Bucky Bailey believes he thought up the idea and deserved to be the person to sell it, and bullies Stan about it.

7. Moment of the show – when bullying him, Butters’ grandma takes out her dentures and “gummy bears” his arm. She clamps down and gums his arm!

8. There is a sequence of bullying in the school bathroom – first with a Hollywood executive bullying Bucky out of taking credit for the video, and then Stan bullying Kyle into supporting the movie. Then the point of the episode becomes clear with Kyle asking Stan if he wanted all the kids to see the movie, why not just give it away for free on the Internet.

9. Butters goes on the Dr. Oz show to talk about Bullying and the movie, and ends up snapping and beating up Dr. Oz. This leads to a scandal that the subject of the movie was a violent psychopath, and the studio dropping the movie. This scene ends with Jesus bullying the Hollywood executive in the bathroom about going to Hell.

10. Disgraced, Stan leaves town and does the “only thing he can” and goes to San Diego (?) The show ends with a bizarre music video about “Jackin’ in San Diego” and includes Stan stripping naked with his back to the screen and apparently jackin’ it while someone films. What a crazy ending!

Overview: Interesting episode with a variety of statements by Matt and Trey, both about bullying and the Bully movie itself. It seems like they think everyone is overreacting about bullying. It was pretty funny but that ending video was just hilarious and nonsensical. an apparent reference to the creator of the Kony movie who was later disgraced.

Edit to reflect ending reference


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