The Three Stooges Controversy – Kate Upton in a Nun-Inspired Bikini Upsets Catholic League

The Three Stooges may have been perhaps one of the worst films of the year per Travis Leamons but it’s not controversial because of its low quality. The Catholic League is upset with the film because of Kate Upton nun-inspired bikini, among other things.

“In the 1950s, Hollywood generally avoided crude fare and was respectful of religion. Today it specializes in crudity and trashes Christianity, especially Catholicism,” League spokesman Bill Donohue said. “Enter The Three Stooges. The movie is not just another remake: It is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we’ve changed is not encouraging.”

The Catholic League is the largest Catholic civil rights organization in the U.S. Fox, which released the film, made a statement in response to Donahue.

“As the Stooges have proved over time, laughter is a universal medicine. The nuns that Mr. Donohue alludes to, are in fact, caring, heroic characters in the movie, albeit within the framework of a very broad comedy,” a Fox spokesperson said. “And as far as the nun attire, I think we did the audinece a favor by letting Kate Upton wear the nun-kini rather than Larry David — it could have gone either way. We invite you to see the movie and decide for yourselves.”

What does it mean? Well, the film’s been getting solid enough reviews, Travis not withstanding, but it seems like the usual sort of complaining about nothing. Considering that “sexy nun” has been a standard of Halloween costumes for some time this seems like a bit much.

What do you think? Is this a mountain out of a mole hill or do you think there’s something to this? Let us know below.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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