Southern Nights – Episode 1-3 Review – “A Hot Mess”

I watched the third episode of Southern Nights today – oh man, what a lot of drama! Drunken street brawls, girls screaming at each other on the street (barefoot, ew), hurt feelings, name calling, whatever embarrassing behavior you can think of, they’ve got it on this show!


Drama Drama Drama

Things are still iffy with Collin and Devin. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, but Collin is kind of a jackass. He tells Devin he loves her one day, brings home another girl that night, and by the next night he’s calling that girl a psycho! It is Too. Much. I can’t wait to see Devin’s kinda-boyfriend Kyle on the show – he’s got to be less drama than Collin, right? Who wouldn’t be?

So far Devin hasn’t actually cheated on her guy, but she’s getting awfully close. It’s obvious that there are some complicated feelings floating around, so letting Collin sleep in her bed two nights in a row was not a great life choice. Neither was pampering his black eye. It was just a black eye! From a street fight! He is not a war vet. I would’ve thrown him a bag of frozen peas and told him to suck it up.


And Erica, oh my. That girl has some serious issues. She shows up at every bar these guys go to, and she lets Collin treat her like crap! Have some self respect, ladyfriend! And then, yes, she did act like a total psycho. But you know what? If you bring home a drama queen, Collin, then you are welcoming drama into your life. If you didn’t want her to be all over you, maybe you shouldn’t have slept with her? Just a theory.

Now it looks like Jersey is making a play for Erica. Um, seriously? Is Erica the only single girl in Savannah? He witnessed her act like a total wackjob in the bar, but then is willing to take her home anyway? Even if she wasn’t Collin’s sloppy seconds, her behavior was way too humiliating to be attractive. Jersey’s ego must reeeeally be hurting from being rejected by Cassie for him to go for a train wreck like Erica. Either that or he’s just willing to do anything to create a little drama for the sake of television.


Don’t get her name wrong – it’s Tara with a T. (The T stands for tequila.)

Meanwhile, Cassie’s Sweet Home Alabama 2 BFF Tara has shown up at the house. Maybe for a few days, maybe to stay…? OK. The guys are super into her, because she’s very pretty and likes to party, but the girls not so much. My favorite thing is how all the guys (especially you, Flex!) assumed that the girls were threatened by Tara’s looks and worried that they wouldn’t get as much attention from the guys, when that clearly wasn’t the case. It had more to do with the bonds of friendship that had already been made and how a new girl in the house would throw that off. Not everything revolves around you, guys! Geez!

We didn’t see much of Tara on SHA, but she’s a feisty one. I’m all for girls who speak their minds, but the way she acted in the bar… well, it’s certainly not how I’d want to be caught on camera.

Personally, I want to see more of Cassie, Kristina and Courtney. They seem like girls who have a good time without going too far, and it was fun to watch them react to the self-destruction of Erica.

What’d y’all think of the episode? This show is trashy as can be, but it’s fun to watch. I’ll keep coming back – and of course, there’s lots of drama in store for us in the next episode so check back for another blog!

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