Wednesday Comments – Hooray for FCBD!

Who doesn’t love #FCBD? It’s a day devoted to getting free comic books. It’s like a Halloween but for comic books and with more people in costumes. Free Comic Book Day is awesome!

Allow me to break it down further. First off it’s a great day to catch up on cool free stuff from nearly every comic publisher. Sometimes it’s a brand new story and sometimes it’s a reprint, but it’s always a quality read. Especially since you’re getting it for free.

It’s a great way to expose yourself to new publishers, characters and creators. Furthermore it’s a great way to expose some of your non-comic reading friends, family, associates and even strangers to the world of comics. There’s enough of a variety in the offerings that you’re guaranteed to find something for anyone you’re looking to hook on comics.

Myself, I’ve got friends with kids, so I’ll often grab the all ages books to hand out as gifts for the kids. They generally dig the books and I’m happy to be sharing comics with a new generation. I’ve also been known to give comics to complete strangers and even leave them on the bus for someone to pick up and hopefully fall in love with.

But another aspect of Free Comic Book Day is the sales. Since retailers know that there will be an influx of fans in the stores on that day, most of them offer up some sort of sales hook to drive sales for the day. Sometimes they have huge discounts on trades or hardcovers. Sometimes it’s a discount on back or current issues.

In what’s become an annual tradition, my best friend and I travel to Cards, Comics & Collectibles in Reisterstown because they have an amazing deal. Take a peak at their Free Comic Book Day flyer.

That’s right; $1 modern back issues. You cannot beat that. That’s an amazing deal. I highly urge you to pay Cards, Comics & Collectibles a visit. And make sure you check out their website, because they’ve always got good deals going on there.

As for what I’m looking to grab when I hit up Cards, Comics & Collectibles on Saturday, I’m looking for a few books. First on that list is Harley Quinn. As I mentioned a few weeks back, once upon a I had a subscription to Harley Quinn, despite my not really being interested in the book. As a result, I’ve got basically the first year and a half of Harley Quinn sitting in a long box in Arizona.

Well the completist in me wants a full run. So, that book is pretty high on my list of “wants.” I’m also still looking to complete my Superman/Batman Generations III run, by tracking down issues 10 and 12. Finding those two issues will feel so great, as they’ve eluded me for over a year now.

And finally I’m still looking to complete my Milestone Media collections. My runs of Static, Icon and Hardware are all far from complete, so I’ll have my eyes peeled for any of those issues that I need.

That’s how my Free Comic Book Day is shaping up. Do you have any plans or traditions? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

As always, it’s Wednesday, go out and buy some comics.

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