Veep Episode 1-4 Review – American Idiots

I’m not sure Veep is a show I’ll continue to cover every week, because most of my thoughts post-show tend to be “Well hey, that was funny”. And so, yes, “Chung”? That was very funny.

“Chung” was an episode that wasn’t afraid to make Selina look incredibly unlikable, make everyone pretty much look like an idiot, and make politics look like a very dishonest, screwed up place. (That much could very well be true.) Selina accidentally said something inappropriate about a senator, one she was worried would usurp her as VP in the next election. She didn’t mean it as racially offensive, saying that he wasn’t even American. She was just being self-centered and was glad he couldn’t steal her gig. But it came out wrong, and it was recorded, which makes for one big fat PR disaster.

That misstep coincided with a bunch of nastiness regarding Selina’s attempts at gathering up support for her two big issues, Clean Jobs and Filibuster Reform. The poor gal hits roadblocks everywhere she turns, and basically had to go back on something she really believes in – amnesty for illegal immigrants – in order to move forward with other things she really believes in. If Veep has a message, it’s that nobody ever wins in politics.

A few favorite quotes:

  • “I’ve got a Purple Heart on my chest, but the one that beats inside of me is red, white, and blue,” was a line designed to give us amazing facial reactions.
  • “You’re not even your mom’s favorite Jonah, Jonah.”
  • “That door should be half its height, so that people can only approach me in my office on their godd— motherf—ing knees.