10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 6.1.12 – WWE Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus, Sin Cara

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown!  It appears I’m doing every show, at least for the moment.  No complaints here but check  out my 10 Thoughts on Raw and Impact.  Now let’s get it started.

1.  I don’t mind Sheamus as a face, but, as I said last week, he panders too much to the children.  It’s obvious and really annoying for anyone who isn’t a child.  I’d rather see Sheamus as a Batista or Goldberg type face where he doesn’t speak much but they are words of intent when he does.  Please stop the Irish folk tales.  I’m usually optimistic about Sheamus, but they’re so dry.

2.  Good to see Sin Cara is back and really had one of his best matches tonight with no identifiable flaws and even with some new moves.  It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here and if he returns to just squashing low-level stars or if he enters the mid-card feuds again.

3.  Damien Sandow is an interesting heel.  He acts like a cowardly heel with his denial of participation in certain matches, but, when insulted or attacked, he turns furious and relentlessly mauls his adversary.  It’s very interesting and thus far I’ve been impressed with him.

4.  Ryback is an interesting character and not just another name which is good.  But it’s time for him to move into the mid-card.  He’s been squashing not even superstars for two months now.

5.  Sheamus defeats Dolph Ziggler due to Jack Swagger interfering and failing in assisting him.  Sheamus reversed Dolph and he collided with Swagger leading to a Brogue Kick for the three count.  Now Dolph has even more reasoning to want to get out of the team and out of Vickie’s services as it was probably her that had Swagger on standby.  Possible face turn for Dolph Ziggler in the future?

6.  After weeks of debate, the ‘Millions of Dollars’ duo finally has a name in the Prime Time Players.  However, I myself preferred the team name The New Ebony Experience given by Brock last week in the comments section.  With that being said, maybe a new name was a bad move as they are defeated by Team Cobro.  I question them losing at this point, but it sets up a possible grudge match with them.

7.  Big Show continues his dominance on SmackDown by decimating Team Cobro by slamming Ryder on the steel steps and then locking a Cobra Clutch on Santino as he lays on the steel steps.  So nevermind about that grudge match.  All I could think as I watched the Cobra Clutch was ‘man… Santino’s crotch must have hurt with Big Show smashing them into the steps with his big backside.’

8.  Well hello Tyson Kidd nice to see you on the main roster for once.  No, NXT doesn’t count.  Anyways, Cody Rhodes gets a win over Kidd with Christian on commentary to get him prepared for No Way Out PPV.

9.  Of course the interference by Daniel Bryan was expected as it did nothing for either combatant to win.  Punk wins and Kane loses all credibility leading into their match at the PPV; Kane wins and well… that was an uneventful end to his long title run.  So the run-in makes sense and the announcement of the triple threat immediately followed.

10.  Not a bad show as Sin Cara debuted the way he should’ve the first go round, Ryback continues the squash, Cody prepares for Christian, Sheamus defeats the frustrated Dolph Ziggler, and the title match ending in a draw.  Oh and Big Show killed some more lower-tier faces.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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