Young Justice Invasion Welcomes All 4 Diverse Justice League Super Friends? (Enhanced Frame)

Last week’s Young Justice Invasion episode titled “Beneath” introduced readers to Ty Longshadow in a very overt effort by writers to introduce a modern version of the old Super Friends hero Apache Chief to viewers. The objective seems to be to expand the diversity of the DC Nation animated series as part of a broader plan to depict realism in its DC Comics too (most notably with the news of a gay Green Lantern that has the right and left frothing).

The incremental movies aren’t nearly as controversial. In terms of Longshadow, he’s not super-powered yet, but he is captured and seemingly going to be test subject along with three other kids as part of the Krolotean alien plot revealed in this week’s episode’s of Young Justice titled “Bloodlines” (along with a huge advancement of the Roy Harper clone subplot).

I wrote extensively last week on the diverse Super Friends and Apache Chief making the leap to Young Justice. Since that time, I have found a much more in-focus and detailed frame of the closing scenes of last week’s episode, over at ComicVine, that reinforce the view that all four diverse Super Friends will become super-powered as a result of the Krolotean plot. It’s a much closer look at the four kids in stasis than the original one I had been using last week.

Take a look at the picture to your left and the Super Friends picture on your upper right. Four for four, no?

Now, we need them to appear in the comics in the main DC Universe as part of the New 52. THAT would be cool. Yes, you an change their nom du guerre so they aren’t so cliche, but they’d fit nicely. I wonder what would be the case for Black Vulcan? Black Lightning’s brother? Son? Hmmm.

This series is fun, fun, fun! 🙂 I’m just loving Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block flagship YJ series.

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