WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results 06.25.2012: John Cena, C.M. Punk, Paul Heyman, Chris Jericho

We are one hour away from another episode of RAW. John Cena is promising a huge announcement, which means it will probably be nothing like it tends to be with Cena. My guess is that he announces he will be in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match. I like the fact that they made the MITB Ladder Matches Title specific. The brand split is basically dead anyways so why try to hide it? Again, all I’m hoping for is something new tonight.

After a WWE Title recap, A.J. appeared to be talking to Daniel Bryan, Kane and C.M. Punk off screen. She told Bryan they have to be apart to grow as people, she called Kane a monster, and told C.M. Punk she thought it best if they go their separate ways. It was then revealed that A.J. was talking to herself in a mirror? Crazy chicks, am I right?

Skipping Never Looked So Good

 After the intro Vickie Guerrero came out. She said that she knew she would be named permanent GM after her performance this week. She announced a triple threat elimination match, but didn’t give any reason for it or what the winner got. Daniel Bryan came out, followed by Kane and C.M. Punk. Kane fought off both men early on. But both Bryan and Punk took Kane down with some kicks. Kane rolled to the outside and Bryan and Punk were left to go at it. Punk caught Bryan and delivered an inverted atomic drop. Kane caught Punk with an upper cut and then caught Bryan diving off the apron and slammed him into the barricade going into commercial.

Back from break Kane had control and hit a double splash in the corner. Kane went to the top rope but Bryan knocked him down. Punk then grabbed Bryan and Kane went for a Doomsday Device off the top but Bryan countered with a roll up for two. Kane went for a double chokeslam but Bryan and Punk countered with a double suplex. After an exchange Punk caught Bryan with a spinning kick. Punk threw Bryan into Kane and Kane clotheslined him. Punk ducked a charging Kane and he went over the top rope. Punk tossed Bryan onto Kane then hit a suicide dive to the outside.

 Bryan tried applying a YES Lock on Punk but Punk countered with a catapult into Kane. Punk went for a GTS but Kane caught him with a boot. Kane hit his top rope clothesline. Suddenly A.J. came out and pranced around the ring, distracting Kane. Punk hit the GTS on Kane, eliminating him. Bryan then hit a kick to the head on Punk and pinned him for the win.

 Segment Analysis: Not as good as their PPV match but still a very good TV match. Bryan picking up the win probably leads to Punk/Bryan at Money in the Bank. I don’t know what will happen with Kane and A.J., but I’m assuming something happens sooner or later. Strong match and good storyline continuation. Survey Says: 4/5

 Alberto del Rio tried to woo Vickie backstage with flowers from him and Ricardo. Dolph showed up. Both men argued over who should be the #1 Contender for the World Title. Vickie made a match between the two later tonight, with a contract hanging above a pole. Winner gets a World Title Match on Smackdown.

Are Dinosaurs Now Extinct?

Big Show vs Brodus Clay. Clay took Show down with a headbutt but Show then caught Clay with a kick to the knee. Show worked over Clay’s injured knee. Show slammed Clay’s knee against the ring post. Show hit a Vader Bomb. Show went for the KO Punch but Clay started fighting back. Clay went for a bodyslam but his knee gave out, and Show covered Clay for the win.

 Segment Analysis: Well there goes Clay’s winning streak. Show wins again to continue to look dominant. I don’t think he’s winning MITB, so I don’t know why he is still getting pushed. Survey Says: 2/5

Big Show knocked out Brodus Clay with the KO Punch during the break.

Brock Lesnar answeres Triple H next week.

 Kane told A.J. that he’s not boyfriend material and even he finds her mentally unstable. He said its best if they stay away from each other. A.J. mock cried then laughed.

Swagger Really Is Biff Tannen

Santino vs Jack Swagger for the United States Championship. Swagger worked over Santino early on. Swagger hit a leg drop and applied a submission that Santino fought out of. Santino went into his 3 MOVES OF DOOM. Hip toss, diving headbutt. Swagger caught Santino but Santino hit a DDT then the Cobra for the win.

 Segment Analysis: Remember when Jack Swagger was World Heavyweight Champion? Yeah, me neither. Santino defends the U.S. Title for the first time in two months, not that it really matters. Swaggers needs to get repackaged, and quick. Survey Says: 1.5/5

No New Talent! Ever!

John Cena came out and said that he had a big announcement to make. He went into STAR WARS MODE to explain what happened between him and John Laurinaitis the last few months. While Cena was ready to make his announcement, Chris Jericho came out. Jericho told Cena to make his announcement and get out of the ring because it was his night. Cena said he is putting himself in the WWE Money in the Bank match. Cena says he has been on the wrong end of the MITB cash in before, and it is time for him to be on the other side. Jericho said how dare Cena think he can just waltz in and win a MITB match because he is John Cena. Jericho said he invented the MITB Ladder Match and that it is not fun. It is a serious match. No one has been in more of those matches then Jericho. And instead of  worrying about stopping Big Show, he should be worried about stopping him. Jericho said he’s putting himself in the WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match.

Vickie Guerrero came out. She told Jericho not to interrupt. Jericho said what are you going to do, suspend me? Ha. She talked to the Board of Directors, and the WWE Title Ladder Match at MITB will be only former WWE Champions: Big Show, Kane, Chris Jericho and John Cena. She then made Chris Jericho vs John Cena for later.

Psycho Sid came out as the guest legend to beat Heath Slater. Was always a Sid mark, so it was fun to watch. He appeared in average shape.


 Segment Analysis: Jericho was on in his bashing of Cena because Cena was terribly lame during that Star Wars bit. But the announcement of that WWE MITB Ladder Match was horrible. We want new talent to get over. We don’t want John Cena walking around with a briefcase. It also makes the World Title Match look second fiddle to the WWE Ladder Match. Just dumb booking on the part of the WWE. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Butter Fingers

Pole Match between Alberto del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio hit a tilt a whirl back drop but couldn’t get the contract. Del Rio went for another but caught Dolph with a dropkick. Ziggler went for another but Del Rio caught him with a catapult, but Ziggler caught himself and went for the contract. Del Rio caught him and knocked him down. ADR went for the contract but Dolph tried climbing over. Del Rio hit a Samoan Drop off the top rope. Both men went for the contract and it fell off the pole. Neither man could get control of the contract and they fought over it. Ricardo went for it but Dolph kicked it out of his hands and the contract went out off the ring. Both men fell to the outside of the ring, opposite the contract. Sheamus came out and said that he talked to Vickie and she made a Triple Threat Match for the World Title on Smackdown.

 Segment Analysis: It was a decent five minute match, and I thought the finish was creative enough. Were they trying to start a Dolph Ziggler face turn with this match? I don’t know. Ziggler is getting over and that is all that matters. I like the fact that they are promoting Smackdown on Friday to get people to tune in. Decent TV segment. Survey Says: 3/5

 Punk vs Bryan for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank. A.J. dedicated her performance in the Divas Summertime Battle Royal to Punk backstage. Punk said they need to talk after, and A.J. said she understands and they should totally move to the next level in their relationship.

A.J. won the Divas Bikini Summertime Battle Royal.


Main event time. Cena started with a headlock takedown. Cena then went for a quick Attitude Adjustment but Jericho escaped and they went to commercial. Jericho had a headlock applied back from break. Cena fought out but ran right into a Jericho boot and drop kick. Jericho hit a back drop. Cena blocked a suplex and hit one of his own. Jericho, however, caught Cena with a kick then applied a chinlock. Cena moved out of the way of a Lionsault and went into CENA MODE! Jericho stopped the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the Walls but Cena countered. Cena finally hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Big Show came out to distract Cena. Jericho applied the Walls and Show came into the ring and hit a leg drop on Cena. Jericho confronted Show but left. Big Show hit a chokeslam on Cena. Big Show then applied the Colossal Clutch and Cena passed out as the show ended.

Segment Analysis: OK, we get it, Big Show is a dominant force and he can’t be stopped. I’m sorry, I was willing to give it a chance but I’m just getting bored with it now. The match between Jericho and Cena was alright but just the basics. Kid of a dull end to a slightly above average show. Survey Says: 2.5/5


I still think this was a slightly above average RAW, especially when you compare it to some reason weeks episodes. There were some decent short matches. The WWE Title seemed to be the focus of the show, which is a good thing. Instead of everything being about John Laurinaitis, it is now about the WWE Title. The GM stuff seems to be second fiddle. A.J. continues to play her role perfectly. We get another C.M. Punk/Daniel Bryan match at Money in the Bank, which is great. What is not great, however, is the WWE Championship MITB Match. Money in the Bank should be about pushing new talent. Instead, we get four veterans who do not need the Briefcase. I wouldn’t mind Jericho winning it, but I would rather see someone else like Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes win it. One of those guys could still win the World Title Briefcase, but even that seems second fiddle now. There wasn’t a lot of filler on the show and I liked it for the most part. I’m giving the show a 6.

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