THE RAGER! – Please give a HAND to CM Punk (Raw 1000)

So Raw 1000 has already come and gone and while there were many big and exciting things that happened, there was really one big moment that has everyone in the IWC in a stir.

I speak, of course, of the return of Hand Young-Henry. This little guy had been living a secretive life after the world witnessed him being brought into the world. He’s obviously grown quickly (considering he’s about 12 now, right?) and it looks like he is happy. I’m glad the world was able to share in his happiness.

Don’t do anything I wou…

Oh wait. Other stuff happened, didn’t it?

This night, we received mostly what we all kinda knew what we were gonna get.
Gratuitous moments with former wrestlers? Absolutely
A set change? Not sure if it was just for that night but I’ll count it.
A new theme song? Not what I would’ve picked but its not Nickleback and that makes me happy and its one thing that Canada won’t have to apologize for as often.
A new belt? Nope, still waiting on that one.
A wedding in the usual hysteria? We got that, plus a new GM, plus CM Punk and plus Rock so I’m willing to say that we got more than we anticipated with that segment.
Did we get that one big “Nexus/Punk Shoot” moment? Kinda? Or at the very least, the beginnings of it.

A lot of people are speculating about what this means for CM Punk going forward and I am big enough in girth to count as a lot of people so I might as well join in (points at myself and lectures for me to BA Star).

The biggest question we have been asking each other is if this means Punk is a full heel, still a face or a tweener.
He’s definitely not going to be a face anymore, at least in the way he has been over the past year. Turning him heel doesn’t do the company all that big of a favor in terms of merchandising for the younger demographic especially since he’s on the cover of their (crappy) new video game yet to be released. So what does he do? He could go the anti-hero route where he does heel-like things and, as long as he doesn’t hurl insults at the audience or the current city, the crowd will love him for it.
I know wouldn’t be alone in wishing for Punk to be turning full heel, just for sheer entertainment purposes. We’ve seen the great work he does as a heel (mostly on his Smackdown days) and it would be interesting to see him as THE heel in the company.
Possible angles to follow his actions against The Rock? A lot of people (including Punk himself lately) have made references to his RoH devil/snake promo and I’m sure that well will get dipped into some more. One could make the argument that Punk should continue with the shots he started at Cena and Rock’s expense and possibly was playing up the good guy roll in order to get him into a position to do something about both men (a la I am the devil you didn’t believe existed). And then there’s the argument that Punk’s heel turn could be fueled by still being booked under Cena despite being the champion. However the whole “pulling back the curtains/inside baseball” angles were so last summer and seemed like everybody did it after Punk’s shoot so I would rather see an angle that took a little bit more creative work to pull off (wishful thinking).

I don’t know if Punk’s attack on Rock was WWE’s big “moment” for the summer or if its the start of it, as I stated earlier. However, even though it doesn’t have me all juiced up like last summer, I am incredibly curious what’s going to happen from here and legitimately excited to see what Punk and Rock can do together.

What do you all think are some possible angles to go with this?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Dr. Who fans are like potheads. Yes, I realize you have something you love, please talk about something else

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