Joe Taslim Of The Raid: Redemption To Play Cold-Blooded Killer In Fast And Furious 6

So the title needs a little work. While we wait for Universal to officially name it, we’re calling it Fast & Furious 6 for now. What is known is that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will reprise their roles. Dwayne Johnson is again along for the ride, and Michelle Rodriguez is back as Letty who, if you watched the end of Fast Five, is apparently alive and not dead as originally thought. (The plot thickens!)

Newcomers to the cast include Luke Evans as the main villain,  Clara Paget as a blonde gunslinger with unclear allegiances (is she the new “Blondie”?) and MMA starlet Gina Carano who put the beatdown on both Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire.

To add to the smack’em whack’em of cars, punches and kicks is Variety report that Joe Taslim, who played Sgt. Jaka in The Raid: Redemption is ready to kick some more ass as he joins the cast.

The story will have an international flair with Diesel and Walker’s crew over in London being tailed by Dwayne Johnson and his team. With the casting announcement Variety also provides some plot info, where we have the crew working a heist that is also being staked out by Luke Evans and his crew. Justin Lin returns to the director’s chair for the fourth time in this series.

I must say I do love a good heist movie, so to have rival crews stepping over each others toes to get the prize should be fun. The addition of Taslim will be bone-crunching fun. Hopefully he’ll have some semblance of character to go along with his martial arts and parkour skills. That was the main thing lacking in the action-heavy The Raid: Redemption. An action movie without a strong protagonist puts too much emphasis on the fights, explosions, etc., to a point where it’s just action for action-sake and a disservice to the movie.

Look for Universal to release the sixth Fast & Furious movie in theaters on May 24, 2013.

In the mean time you can see Joe Taslim in action in this clip below:

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