Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 8.30.12 (Austin Aries, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Hardy)

– Does anybody else get flashbacks to the Disciples of Apocalypse when they see Aces & 8s?

– I doubt anyone in TNA would have predicted that Austin Aries would be where he is today when he resigned last year.

– Why does No Surrender always have a patriotic theme when it takes places in September?

– Who is the mouthpiece of Aces & 8s? D-Lo Brown?

– You know, we’ve all been waiting for James Storm vs Bobby Roode match at Bound For Glory but how fantastic would a James Storm vs Austin Aries match be?

– I’m surprised WWE has never tried to pick up Madison Rayne. She does have the edginess of Angelina Love or Velvet Sky but her character would fit in perfectly & maybe make the Divas interesting.

– For a second there I thought we were seeing an Eric Young heel turn.

– Thank GOD they are actually speaking the truth about this Gut Check. The only thing that passed the test was his demonstration of what a “gut” is.

– Nice video, making the Styles/Joe match more important.

– Awesome vintage Samoa Joe and AJ Styles match.

– Cool seeing Samoa Joe still getting wins, even over the golden boy.

– Not one of these damn judges should say yes, entertaining TV or not.

– Ok the family shot wasn’t fair.

– Finally a Gut Check that seemed real. Well until Joey Ryan showed up. Honestly I’m intrigued to see Ryan vs Al Snow.

– Anyone else feel a little sad about Hardy vs Angle? This could have been a WrestleMania main event at one point.

– I just watched this week’s NXT & honestly, it looks like they are trying to make another Jeff Hardy in Seth Rollins.

– Man, Angle LOVES kicking out of and others kicking out of finishers!

– Very good match but still can’t help think of what could have been.

– Nice segment bringing out the final five. The BFG Series really has turned into the best time of the year for TNA.

– I’m getting a bad feeling that they are trying to book Aries an excuse to drop the title instead of him losing it to someone.

– And the Aces & 8s story is just getting tired now. People still want to see who they are but when they tease a reveal every week only to not deliver, people start to become ambivalent to the story.

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