Jim Ross Blog: JR’s Thoughts on Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole’s Handling of the Situation as the rest of Raw Unfolded


Jim Ross’ latest blog entry focused on Jerry Lawler’s health scare from Raw and Michael Cole’s handling of the situation. Below are some excerpts from JR, check out the full entry here:

Excerpt 1: JR on Jerry Lawler:

“I was watching Monday Night Raw as usual when fans at the arena began Tweeting that something was wrong with the King at the announce table. The more that I read these shocking Tweets the more helpless that I felt because I wasn’t there in Montreal to help my dear friend.

Michael Cole’s updates had me trembling.

For Jerry Lawler to be sick is highly unusual. Being a 62 year old man, the King has been as fit as any one that I’ve known. He wrestles several times a month on the indy circuit and still plays in his Memphis softball league on Wednesday nights. Jerry is also ‘young at heart’ which isn’t new news.”

Excerpt 2: More JR on Jerry Lawler:

“Based on the information that I have, Jerry was extremely lucky to have been at a WWE event when his attack occurred. The immediate care that the trained professionals provided Jerry likely saved his life.

I shutter to think what the outcome would have been if Jerry had been wrestling on one of the indy shows that he was often booked. Heck, even driving to the arena or sitting in a restaurant might have proven fatal based on the hand that The King was dealt in Montreal Monday evening.

The last report that I received is that Jerry was in stable condition and getting excellent cardio care in a Montreal hospital. All of Jerry’s vital signs are stable according to WWE.com. This is the information that we need to hear at this time and is positive. Tomorrow is another day and, God willing, will be an even better day for The King.”

Excerpt 3: JR on Michael Cole’s handling of the situation, and the final segment from Raw:

“Also, I want to say to all the talents who performed during Monday’s ordeal that I am very, very proud of your professionalism.

There aren’t adequate words to express the stellar job that Michael Cole did sitting at the broadcast desk that can be, from my own experience, extremely challenging to navigate on live TV during catastrophic moments such as Monday night.

For men like Bret Hart, CM Punk and John Cena to deliver as they did in the final segment of Monday Night Raw was nothing short of extraordinary. I am proud of each man and the entire WWE team for responding in the face of immense adversity that faced them in Montreal.”

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