Comedy Corner: Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory, Parks And Recreation, The Office – Week 4 Review

This week:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Raising Hope
  • Modern Family
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Up All Night
  • The Office
  • Parks and Recreation


How I Met Your Mother – “Who Wants To Be a Godparent”

It’s strange. I didn’t hate this episode of How I Met Your Mother, yet I kind of feel like it exemplifies all the problems the series has. Lily and Marshall are the only characters who’ve actually progressed over the past few seasons. They have a baby, Marshall lost his dad, Lily has reconnected with hers. Progress. Ted, Robin and Barney? Stagnant. And nothing shines such a glaring light on their stunted maturity like trying to decide which bozo should take care of Marvin should Marshall and Lily die.

When we saw Ted talking to his teenage children in the year 2030, we assumed he’d eventually meet their mother. But the writers chose to go another route, delaying that moment to the point that what we’re left with is a thirty-something man-child who shouldn’t be trusted with a guinea pig let alone a baby. In the alternate world of HIMYM that exists solely in my mind, Ted already has a kid and would be a perfectly suitable godparents.

Also, I don’t buy for a second that Lily and Marshall would name all three of their pals are guardians. The only reason Robin and Barney were even competing for the role was because they like to win, not because they actually wanted it.

Best moment: Robin saying “If you want him to be raised by his underwear on a flagpole, Ted’s your guy. If you want him pulling the cord on some other nerd’s panties, I’m your guy.”

Raising Hope – “Throw Maw Maw from the House (Part 2)”

I wasn’t feeling this season of Raising Hope so far, but I loved this episode. The family was at their best. Lovably kooky and on a mission is how I like to see the Chances. The plot to rescue Maw-Maw was fun, but the fact that Virginia also realized that she’d lost patience with her grandmother and wasn’t treating her that well was a nice, realistic surprise. The resolution was just wacky enough without crossing the line.

Best moment: The Cocoon reference. I love that movie!

Modern Family – “The Butler’s Escape”

This episode had all the elements needed for a great episode of Modern Family. I loved the stuff with Phil and Luke. Phil wants so badly to be a good magician, but he’s a klutz. Luke is actually good, but wants to quit. It’s a familiar dilemma for many parents, I imagine, and I liked how Phil dealt with it. I also loved Cam’s epic fail as a music teacher to young teens, Mitchell having Claire help him pull off a day straight out of Martha Stewart Magazine, and Jay and Gloria’s snoring issue. Modern Family is still in danger of becoming too stale or repetitive, but as long as episodes are as funny as this one it’ll remain on my watch list.

Best moment: Claire trying to get Jay to reveal how much weight Gloria has gained.

The Big Bang Theory – “The Re-entry Minimization”

Howard returns from space and no one cares? Yeah, that sounds about right. The poor guy. His wife was sick (but god love her, she tried), his mother was sleeping with his dentist, and his best friend had replaced him. Meanwhile, watching Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy compete in various games was also entertaining. This wasn’t an episode that stood out, really, but it was solid.

Best moment: Howard sadly singing ‘Rocket Man’ to himself and eating free cheesecake.

Up All Night – “Another Saturday Night”

You know a show is struggling when a new episode comes on and you say “Wait, haven’t we seen this already? Is this a rerun?” AND IT’S ONLY SEASON TWO. I’m done with Up All Night guys, you won’t see it in this recap next week.

The Office – “Work Bus”

This season of The Office so far has been monumentally better than the show had been for a long time. But in comparison to the previous three episodes, “Work Bus” wasn’t my favorite. I’m glad Erin bonded with Nellie, because Andy’s ridiculous beef with her was wearing really thin. I think that’s what turned me off of the majority of the episode, because the mission to get pie was actually pretty cute.

Best moment: Kevin trying to get Oscar to hit him in the face with pie.

Parks and Recreation – “Sex Education”

Finally, a hilarious half hour of television. First of all, Tom doing a week without screens? Amazing. And my worst nightmare. His real-life Pinterest board (so, a bulletin board) was almost as funny at his disgust over Jerry’s lack of tech knowledge. Alta Vista!  Ben and April’s storyline was simple, but watching them be freaked out by the robotic congressmen was more then acceptable. And when Ben told Leslie “You are like a machine! You get stuff done” it seemed to hint that he thinks she’d be a better congressional candidate.

The occasional fight between Ann and Leslie is always good for the show, and keeps their friendship fresh. Ann was obviously right on the sex ed issue, but like with all friends the disagreement got personal – Ann told Leslie she wasn’t being herself, so Leslie had to point out how Ann changes to fit whatever relationship she’s in. Right now she’s a cowgirl.

Best moments:

Andy’s reactions during the seniors’ sex ed class.

Tom’s tweet:  “Four green lights in a row. #blessed.”

Perdverts! PERDVERTS!!!

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