Dexter – Episode 7-5 Review – “On Course, Moving Forward…”


Dexter and Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski)

It’s one thing to feel joy when a terrible serial killer and rapist is killed; it’s another to lie to your colleagues at the police station. That’s what Deb figured out when she discovered that LaGuerta found a blood side at the Travis Marshall crime scene and was re-investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Suddenly, Deb was not just letting Dexter do his thing. She was derailing police work. It’s a slippery slope.

This was a pretty juicy episode, despite some sexual tension between Dex and Deb in a motel room that had me positively cringing. I’m begging the Dexter writers to pull a Glee and just entirely drop that storyline. It would be for the best. I love that Deb has had to compromise her values as a cop to save Dexter, by lying and tampering with police work. The revelation about what her brother is has changed her and she doesn’t like it.

Dexter discovered that Louis had been killed on his boat, which has him in deeper with the whole Russian mob mess. Like, in hiding deeper. I’m trying really hard to get into this storyline, but for some reason I still find I tune out a little when the show turns to this plot.

Yvonne Strahovski was back this week as Hannah McKay, helping Dexter and Batista locate the bodies of her ex-boyfriend’s victims. There’s more to her than a naive accomplice. Dexter knows she killed once, and she has immunity for all crimes that were with her ex-boyfriend. But what about other crimes? She has killed more than once, that much feels given.

I’m still much more intrigued by Dexter’s relationship with Hannah, and by LaGuerta’s investigation and Deb’s involvement, than I am the other parts of the show. Luckily, I’m captivated enough by those aspects of the season to more than make up for the parts I’m not as in to.

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