Paul Dini Approves of Dustin Nguyen’s Lil Gotham

It’s taken five long years, but iconic Batman artist Dustin Nguyen’s Lil Gotham (with co-writing by Derek Fridolfs) is finally being released as a digital first comic today. The out-of-continuity take on Batman his family and foes has been a pet project has “…been a passion project of mine for some time now, and for anyone that’s followed my work, I’m sure it’s more of an ‘its about time!’ explained Dustin Nguyen to The Source.

“The look and style is a slight departure from my usual (think the exact opposite of serious), but the idea has always been the same—to take our favorite existing Gotham characters, place them in fun scenarios without having to be tied to just one continuity or look and feel. It’s basically a Batman book for fans, by two huge fans.”
Dustin’s stylized watercolor Gothamites have been a fan favorite on his art gallery and prints and commissions. The cast had a trial run in a special issue a few months back and is now a digital first series that, like another Batman tale, celebrates the holidays of every month. Editor Sarah Gaydos explained: . “Tying each story to that month’s holiday gives us a really fun opportunity to play with the themes and traditions of each holiday,” she said. “Dustin and Derek bring something special to each and every page. There are SO many ‘Easter eggs,’ so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!”

What can we expect? Dustin has represented everybody in the announcement art, among them Nightwing back in blue, Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Zatanna, The Carpenter, Kathy Kane, Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, and Tim Drake in his classic outfit.

The first issue debuts it’s Halloween them today, October 31, 2012. And if all of that doesn’t convince you, Nguyen posted on his Facebook:

“[G]ot the nod/blessing from Paul Dini this morning on our new Batman series, makes up for all the foreseeable headaches to come 😀 if it were ENTIRELY up to me, i’d have called it Little Streets of Gotham.”

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Source: The Source