Wednesday Comments – Revamping Green Lantern

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One of the bigger comic book related stories that broke this week is that DC’s entire Green Lantern line is about to undergo a creative shift with every writer wrapping up their runs on their respective titles.

It’s surprising because the Green Lantern family is arguably one of the strongest and most cohesive groups of titles that DC has. They also happen to be four titles that have maintained the same writers since the New 52 began.

While I may not have enjoyed every aspect of his run, Geoff Johns deserves credit for not only revitalizing the character, but also for making him viable enough to support a family of titles.

Now no one knows exactly how this whole end of an era is going down. Geoff Johns is certainly leaving Green Lantern, but there’s a chance that every other writer is just being promoted to the next title, with Peter Tomasi getting Green Lantern, Tony Bedard getting Green Lantern Corps, Peter Milligan getting Green Lantern: New Guardians and who knows getting Red Lanterns.

On the off chance that everyone leaves, DC could use this as an opportunity to add some much needed creator diversity to their titles. As a longtime GL fan I’ve seen several Black creators work on various incarnations of the character. Keith Pollard was the artist on Green Lantern when I first got hooked on the title. Jim Owsley and M. D. Bright collaborated to give Hal his post Crisis origin revamp. And Darryl Banks co-created Kyle Rayner.

Angela Robinson and Felicia D. Henderson made headlines a few years back for being Black women writing DC titles at the same time. Perhaps they’ll get a chance to work for DC again? And maybe Jamal Igle could get the opportunity to be the writer/artist on a title, which is something DC’s been having success with lately (at least in terms of Batwoman and The Flash.)

But of course it’s times like this, when it seems like the perfect opportunity to me to compose my dream “Green” teams. These are people whose work I’ve enjoyed and who I think would be a good fit for these newly open titles.

Red Lanterns
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Jim Calafiore

DnA have shown they know how to do cosmic with the Marvel work and their work on Legion of Super-Heroes. And they know how to do dark material, because they created Resurrection Man. So tonally I think they’d work quite well with a title focusing on the revenge driven Red Lanterns.

Jim Calafiore would be the perfect artist for this title. He knows how to portray violence, as witnessed by his work on Secret Six. But he’s also capable of creating alien worlds. I know this because I became a fan of his after seeing his work on Aquaman, where he made the ocean a vibrant and alien place.

Green Lantern: New Guardians
Writer: Tom Peyer
Artist: Duncan Rouleau

Given that the New Guardians is about representatives of the various Corps, you’ve got to have an amazing imagination to keep the title humming. Tom Peyer has imagination to spare. His run on Hourman is one for the ages (seriously, find it now.) Plus he’s knowledgeable about the DCU, which helpful considering this book takes place in the DCU, emphasis on U.

Duncan Rouleau is one of the most dynamic artists out. His Metal Men miniseries was one of the most inventive books on the market in 2008. (Just realized both of these guys worked on some of the most famous androids in the DCU.) Again, Rouleau will be able to really flex his muscles coming up with aliens and constructs.

Green Lantern Corps
Writer: Jason Hall
Artist: Cully Hamner

Jason Hall might not be a name everyone fanboy knows, but they should. His Vertigo work (Beware The Creeper & Trigger) are two books I really cherish. He’s great at action and he knows how to create viable threats, as he wrote some issues of Justice League Unlimited.

I’m thinking that this book would be sort of a homecoming for Hamner, who got his start on Green Lantern: Mosaic. Since this book features John Stewart, it makes for a full circle vibe. And obviously, given his work on Blue Beetle and Mosaic, he’s a guy who knows how to do cosmic.

Green Lantern
Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: ChrisCross

Will Pfeifer is known for his grounded and down to earth tales like Catwoman and H*E*R*O, but I think he’s the right guy for Green Lantern. Whether it stars Hal Jordan or Simon Baz, Pfeifer knows character and he’ll make the book shine.

ChrisCross is a veteran artist who has worked on nearly every DC icon, including the recent Green Lantern Corps Annual. He’s no stranger to the character or the concept. And he’s got a style of art that can handle both action and emotion.

And there it is, that’s how the GL books would look like if I had my druthers. Who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised when June solicits are released.

As always comments are appreciated, so feel free to comment away.

Until next week, it’s Wednesday, go and buy some comic books.