10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 2.28.13 – X Division Championship, Ray/Hardy vs Daniels/Kaz, Aces and Eights

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Well… my show didn’t record last week due to someone stopping my recording. Anyways I read the results and it didn’t seem like I missed a whole bunch. This week I’m early! Just to make up for it.

1. Show starts off with Bully Ray chatting it up with the World Champion Jeff Hardy about their history until Daniels and Kaz came out to state the obvious. That truth being that Bully was chosen strictly because he’s the son-in-law of Hulk Hogan. Bully replies by mouthwashing with Daniels Apple Martini and shoving it back in his face. Nice interaction to show how Bully just doesn’t care what Daniels thinks, but it doesn’t make anything satisfactory about the way in which Bully Ray was just handed the #1 Contendership without actually fighting for it like the eight contenders.

2. So one of the things I missed last week was the fatal-4-way match for the Knockout Championship. I wonder if it was any good. But anyways, Velvet Sky tonight defeats Tara after Tara’s boyfriend is thrown out of the arena for interfering. Not much to say about this. Gail Kim gets Velvet at Lockdown.

3. Austin Aries takes on Hernandez in a solid match with a nice cheating way by using a chain to win by Aries. Aries has been great since he debuted in TNA and this new team with Roode is highly entertaining. I’ll be interested to see the three-way tag team match against Chavo/Hernandez and Kaz/Daniels at Lockdown.

4. Kenny King FINALLY wins the X-Division Championship in a mediocre match using an ugly move called the Royal Flush. It looked like a weak F-5. Anyways, Kenny wins the belt. Huzzah. Not a great match though.

5. I may not like the members incorporated into the Aces and Eights, but at least they look the part. Knox, DOC, Anderson, and Wes all look like some scary bikers. Devon… not so much, but he still doesn’t work well as the leader of this group. Hopefully whoever this masked guy is has a better presence as a leader of the Aces and Eights.

6. Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm, and Eric Young are not a bad team to set up against Aces and Eights, but Aces and Eights desperately need a win. Hopefully the Aces and Eights will go over because they need some credibility to even be a threat.

7. Oh jeez… can we keep the sob stories and the bad reality tv segments out of the Gutcheck challenge? It seems like everyone that comes into this competition has some sob story. Can’t we just have some ladies that are dedicated and aren’t going to cry at the drop of a pin? Because that’s what these segments made me think of both of them.

8. Iveliese, the young redhead (funny it was blonde on Tough Enough), looked impressive with the guillotine choke, but her opponent looked very different and impressive in a monster diva sort of way.

9. Weird segment involving AJ Styles. I’m not quite sure where they are going with this, but they show him with a full beard at his house. Apparently he hasn’t been a good dad and friend. Still really strange and not sure where it’s going. Very reminiscent of the angle that James Storm was having where his daughter ended up talking him into returning.

10. How long have they been having the two Robbies breaking up? It feels like as long as they have been together they have been hinting at them breaking up. It’s time to have the obligatory break-up and match that follows. And as soon as I write that Robbie E smashes Robbie T over the head with a picture frame of Robbie E. I think this will work well for Rob Terry in the end.

Bonus Thought: Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy take on Daniels and Kaz. Why does Jeff Hardy carry both his custom world title and the actual TNA World Championship? Why not just keep the original belt and just carry his personal belt to the ring? Anyways the match was pretty good and it showed a lot of chemistry between Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy despite them being enemies at the next PPV.

Bonus, Bonus Thought: Angle goes backstage and attacks the Aces and Eights. He takes down Anderson and Devon before coming up to the big masked member. He takes him and unmasks him without us being able to see him. Angle screams how could he before the rest show up and jump him. Based off of his size and shape, it looks it will be Joseph Parks. Plus it makes sense considering he instigated conversations with both Hogan and Sting these last few weeks.

Anyways, I’m finally done and this wasn’t too bad of a show. I enjoyed the end and it made me want to see what happens next week and that’s the way it should be. Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

Rhett Davis is a college student striving to become an engineer one day. He enjoys watching men fight over a pigskin, partying it up, and watching oiled up men move each other in unique positions on a mat. He started writing on 1/19/11.