The Bachelor 2013 – “The Women Tell All” Episode Review

sean finale

Sean at next week’s finale.

Yawn. I was expecting more fireworks from The Bachelor‘s “Women Tell All” episode because of the drama Tierra caused this season, but instead it was a whole lot of her same old crap. Oh, and she’s engaged. To someone she was dating before the show. That’s fishy. I hope he knows what he’s in for.

Sarah and Des were both auditioning for the role of Bachelorette, and I’m not sure who won. I liked when Sarah said “I think I’m funny, and I think I’m smart, and great.” She has confidence, and that’s appealing. I like her too much for her to be the bachelorette, honestly.

Sean’s reunion with AshLee was awkward. She resented that he didn’t come check on her after the break up – the words “You knew how much I gave you” were key. It sounds like someone wasn’t happy with the fantasy suite. They really disagreed over whether Sean said that he didn’t have anything with the other women. Did Sean get drunk, say too much and forget about it? Was AshLee misinterpreting more innocent words? Who knows. AshLee did come across as rather, er, intense on this special, but I haven’t loved how Sean has acted during this whole thing either.

The bloopers, as always, were the best part of the show. I keep saying that they should include those moments in the actual episodes, but I guess no one from ABC reads this blog.

Well, next week is the finale. Watching Sean’s “journey” with each woman reinforced my feelings that Catherine is fun and cool, and Lindsay is vapid and childish. I won’t pretend like this has a chance of working out either way, but I think Catherine is a more realistic match for Sean.

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