John Cena Says CM Punk Can End THE STREAK, Doesn’t Understand Locker Room Resentment of Part-Timers like The Rock

In an interview with the New York Post promoting WrestleMania 29, John Cena spoke highly of The Rock, said CM Punk could certainly beat The Undertaker and talked about locker room reactions to part-time legends like The Rock and Undertaker. Check out the excerpts below:

John Cena on whether or not facing The Rock at WrestleMania 29 is different from last year’s showdown:

“I think it’s very different.

I think a lot of people thought what I thought last year, that it would be the last time we would see The Rock. I really thought that would be my once in a lifetime chance to face The Rock. It was Wrestlemania, it was his home town, I just thought that it would be the last time we would see him.

The day after in Miami he said that not only did he want to be back, but he wanted to be back to compete and to be champion. Rock wanted to usher in a new era, saying John Cena, your time is over, it’s my time now.”

John Cena on CM Punk vs. The Undertaker:

“Undertaker is a true phenom and he seems to get better every single year. I’ve been in the ring with CM Punk many times and he says he’s the best in the world because he truly believes it.”

John Cena on whether or nt he thinks Punk could end The Streak:

“Yes, I do. Only because of his brash attitude and the fact that he literally swims upstream with everything that he does. He is on Planet CM Punk and the population is one. If there is any wild card in the WWE that can end the streak, it’s CM Punk.”

John Cena on backstage reactions to part-time legends coming back:

“Interestingly, its split. There are some people like me who appreciate their involvement in Wrestlemania because it needs to be the biggest extravaganza that we give to the WWE Universe.

There are also some that feel as if their Wrestlemania spot has been sacrificed for these future Hall of Famers. I don’t understand or agree with it.

This is a very proactive business. We do over 300 events a year, 52 weeks a year, if you want to be in that spot, to be a future legend or Hall of Famer, every week you need to learn. I don’t understand any sort of resentment and I think it’s very short-sighted.”

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Source: New York Post

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