UFC On FUEL TV 9 (Gegard Mousasi vs. Ilir Latifi)- Facebook Preliminary Card [LIVE Results and Play-by-Play]

Welcome to FOXSports.com/InsideFights.com’s live coverage of UFC On FUEL TV: Mousasi vs. Latifi. The event takes place from the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. We will be here for all 13 fights on the card. Stay tuned for live play-by-play of the night’s Facebook preliminary card. Following the conclusion of the prelims, hop on over to our coverage of the main card on FUEL TV.


Referee: Robert Sundel

ROUND 1-  We are underway today. Quick feeling out process to start. Abedi with a couple of leg kicks. Not much in the first 45 seconds. Abedi attacking the legs with leg kicks towards the calf. Yousef responds with his own leg kick. Still feeling each other out 90 seconds in. Yousef with a nice combination and work in the clinch. Abedi with an inside trip takedown. Abedi on top trying to break guard. Abedi throws an elbow from top trying to posture up. Abedi gets to the feet and passes into half-guard with Yousef’s leg trapped. Yousef able to get Abedi back into full guard. Abedi looking to break guard with some elbows. Abedi with a hard elbow as Yousef covers up. Yousef trying to stall to get it to the feet. They’re up against the cage with Abedi on top throwing elbows. Abedi on the feet and Yousef looks for upkicks. Abedi back down as Yousef tries to scramble. Abedi with a knee to the body and they get back to the feet. A clinch battle against the cage with Abedi’s back against it. Abedi throwing a few knees as Yousef attacks the body. Yousef with his own offensive knees and elbows. They end the round in the clinch with both throwing elbows. Abedi with a quick takedown at the end. 10-9 Abedi.

ROUND 2- Yousef with a swing and a miss to start the round. Abedi with a front kick. Abedi with a hard left hand and then another. Yousef clinches up and hits a couple of knees. Yousef with some body punches. Abedi with his back against the cage and Yousef lands some hard uppercuts. Abedi with a counter knee but having trouble breaking away from the clinch. Abedi scores another takedown and is on top. Abedi controlling with his judo base. Abedi in Yousef’s guard. Abedi remains on top and throws some elbows. Yousef throwing elbows from bottom but Abedi attacks with his own. Abedi with some ground and pound. A standup is ordered by the referee. Abedi with a left kick/punch combo. They clinch up again and Yousef blocks a takedown. Elbow from Yousef. Abedi beginning to tire. Yousef has Abedi against the cage and attacking the body and then lands a big knee. Abedi counters with his own knee. Yousef counters with body shots. The round ends with Yousef landing a knee and elbow. Close round. 10-9 Abedi.

ROUND 3- Final round underway with a leg kick from Yousef. Yousef pushes Abedi against the cage as Abedi is gassing out. Both men beginning to slow. They battle in a tie-up. Abedi with a trip takedown and into Yousef’s guard. Yousef trying to get back to the feet but Abedi pulls him down. Abedi with hard shots to Yousef’s head from the side. Abedi in half-guard and reigning down a few punches. Abedi on his feet with ahold of Yousef’s legs. Abedi lands a body shot but Yousef gets back to his feet. They clinch back up and both land knees. Yousef puts Abedi against the cage and goes to the body. Abedi counters with a knee. Yousef then scores a takedown and is on top. Not much activity with Yousef on top as Abedi is holding on. A minute to go and a standup brings them back to the feet. Abedi slow to get up. Yousef with a hard right and pushes Abedi against the cage. They clinch back up and Yousef lands a couple of elbows. Both are tired against the cage. Yousef lands a flying knee to the body in the closing seconds. 10-9 Yousef.

Official Result: Papy Abedi def. Besam Yousef by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


Referee: Marko Gyllenland

ROUND 1- Lawlor pushes forward quickly looking for the takedown. Lawlor with a body lock. Lawlor goes to the legs looking for a takedown. Lawlor again looks for the takedown with Kuiper’s back against the cage. Good takedown defense from Kuiper. Both looking to establish position. Lawlor looks to change levels looking for the takedown. Lawlor still looking for the takedown and Kuiper gets a judo takedown. Back to the feet and Lawlor looking to score a double leg takedown. Lawlor pressuring Kuiper against the cage. Both land knees and Kuiper lands a takedown and throws some heavy punches. Back to the feet and Kuiper lifts Lawlor up and slams him down. Kuiper in Lawlor’s half-guard. Both looking for submissions. Kuiper takes Lawlor’s back. Lawlor looking for a sweep. Back to the feet and Kuiper blocks another takedown attempt from Lawlor. They’re broken up and back to the center of the octagon. Lawlor misses a takedown and Kuiper lands some hard punches from the top. Kuiper on top as Lawlor works butterfly guard. They end with Kuiper on top. 10-9 Kuiper.

ROUND 2- Lawlor starts with a quick left hand. Kuiper landing a couple of kicks as they trade exchanges. Kuiper puts Lawlor’s back against the wall as Lawlor grabs a guillotine and has it in tight. Lawlor locking it in tighter. Kuiper battling through it but Lawlor trying to get the submission. Kuiper taps out and Lawlor scores the win!

Official Result: Tom Lawlor def. Michael Kuiper by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:05 of Round 2


Referee: Kristian Hacklou

ROUND 1- Alloway misses a left hand to start and they clinch up. LaFlare gets a takedown right into side control. LaFlare looking to throw punches. Both battling for position. LaFlare looking for a crucifix position as both get back to the feet. LaFlare misses with knees and puts Alloway’s back against the cage. More battles for position. LaFlare lands an elbow. LaFlare scores another takedown. LaFlare looking to take Alloway’s back. LaFlare lands some punches to the head from the back. Alloway defending well and gets back to the feet. Alloway looking for a standing kimura but lets go. LaFlare pressuring on Alloway’s back. They break up but LaFlare grabs another takedown. LaFlare in half-guard. LaFlare being the aggressor. LaFlare looking to improve position and lands an elbow. LaFlare postures up and lands a few more elbows. Alloway looking for the triangle but LaFlare passes guard briefly. Back to the feet and LaFlare lands a huge knee. They trade exchanges to end the round. 10-9 LaFlare.

ROUND 2- Feeling out to start. Alloway rushes in and LaFlare grabs him. LaFlare throws a left hand. Alloway with a kick and LaFlare gets a takedown. LaFlare trying to improve position as Alloway tries to set up a triangle. Alloway grabbing LaFlare’s wrists to hold him. LaFlare back up and Alloway on his back looking for upkicks. LaFlare goes back into Alloway’s guard after a huge left hand. LaFlare trying to get into side control. LaFlare gets it and looking to grab an arm. Back to side control and lands a couple of elbows. LaFlare then gets up for a choke but Alloway fights it. Both get back to the feet and break up. Alloway attacks with some punches and a kick. LaFlare on the attack and grabs a quick takedown but it gets back to the feet. Alloway has LaFlare against the cage. LaFlare catches Alloway with a kick and rushes in. LaFlare grabs Alloway’s neck allowing Alloway to get a takedown. Alloway on top trying to get mount. Alloway has LaFlare’s head as the positions have now changed. Back to the feet but Alloway drags it back down. LaFlare ends on top to end the round. 10-9 LaFlare.

ROUND 3- Alloway starts with a head kick. He seems to be the less tired fighter. LaFlare grabs Alloway’s back and gets a takedown and looking for side control. Alloway likely needs to score a finish here. LaFlare trying to advance position on the top. Not much happening otherwise. They battle for position. LaFlare brings down a hard elbow. Three minutes left in the fight. LaFlare moves onto Alloway’s back in the side position. Back to the feet and Alloway grabs for a takedown but ends up on bottom. Alloway threatens with the triangle again but can’t get it. LaFlare in control and lands a knee as they get to the feet. They exchange punches and LaFlare grabs for a takedown. It misses and Alloway grabs LaFlare’s back. LaFlare spins onto top position. LaFlare counters another triangle attempt from Alloway. LaFlare continues to pressure. LaFlare is tired but keeps going. Back to the feet and they exchange punches. Alloway has LaFlare’s back against the cage. They exchange soft blows to end the fight. Should be a solid win for LaFlare. 10-9 LaFlare.

Official Result: Ryan LaFlare def. Ben Alloway by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Referee: Robert Sundel

ROUND 1- They quickly take the center and start firing away. McGregor misses a spin kick. Brimage gets a nice right hook in. McGregor rocks Brimage with an uppercut. Brimage attacks and McGregor counters. They are both firing away and McGregor drops Brimage. McGregor finishes Brimage off with punches on the ground! Very impressive performance from McGregor.

Official Result: Conor McGregor def. Marcus Brimage by TKO (punches) at 1:07 of Round 1


Referee: Leon Roberts

ROUND 1- Amagov tries the oblique kick to start off. Feeling out process to start off the first minute. Amagov misses a spin kick. Amagov knocks Spang down with a kick to the chest but Spang bounces up. Spang misses a leg kick. Amagov lands a thigh kick followed by an inside leg kick. Amagov tries a flashy head kick but misses. Amagov goes to the head with a kick and slips. Spang looking to find his range with a body kick. Amagov attacks with more kicks and mixes in a spin kick to the leg. Spang misses a leg kick. Lots of stuff missing right now by both. Spang with a double jab that misses. Amagov with another leg kick. Spang having trouble landing his punches as he tries to avoid Amagov’s kicking attacks. Crowd begins to boo. Both miss kicks and then both check leg kicks. Amagov misses another oblique kick. Not a lot of action but most of the offense from Amagov. Amagov scores a takedown at the end. 10-9 Amagov.

ROUND 2- Both check kicks to start. Amagov misses a flashy double spin kick that excites the crowd. Spang begins to control the octagon and attacks. Amagov lands a spin kick and a head kick. Amagov grabs Spang and rushes him against the cage and grabs a takedown. Leon Roberts warns Spang about grabbing the cage. Spang lands a few soft punches to Amagov’s head. Back to the feet and Amagov gets an inside trip takedown into half-guard. Spang gets it into closed guard. Both look to improve position. Spang landing from the bottom and keeping busy. Amagov lands some body punches. The ref warns them to work. Amagov lands from the top. Roberts stands them up. Amagov with an oblique kick. Amagov starting to fade. Spang trying to mix it up and throws a kick. Amagov lands a head kick. Amagov tries an upward elbow that misses. Amagov grabs Spang and pushes him against the cage. Amagov with a head kick against the cage. Amagov misses a spinning back fist to end the round. 10-9 Amagov.

ROUND 3- Spang likely needs a big round here. Spang comes out firing. Spang misses his own spin kick. Spang attacks with combinations that backs Amagov up. Amagov lands an uppercut that Spang blocks. Spang applying the most pressure here as Amagov backs up. Amagov lands a push kick as Spang looks to attack the body. Amagov misses a flying knee but uses it to finish a punch combination. Amagov with a spin kick as Spang tries to attack. Both circling trying to get the better of the attacks. Spang misses a spinning elbow. Amagov stops Spang coming forward with a push kick. Amagov knocks Spang down as Spang goes for a spinning back fist. Spang unable to land with consistency. Amagov looks for the takedown and gets it but it gets right back to the feet. Amagov has Spang’s back and lands some knees to the thighs. Amagov has Spang’s back as Spang lands back elbows. Amagov with knees to the legs. Amagov throws a kick to Spang’s head as he has his back. More knees to the thighs by Amagov. Amagov controlling as Spang has no answer. Amagov lands a back suplex but Spang bounces up. Amagov ends the fight with another takedown. Should be a unanimous decision for Amagov. 10-9 Amagov.

Official Result: Adlan Amagov def. Chris Spang by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Referee: Marc Goddard

ROUND 1- A battle between fighters on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. Cella strings together a combination ending with a body kick. They trade exchanges and Cella gets the better of it. Troeng grabs Cella and scores a takedown. Troeng on top looking to improve position. Troeng back to the feet and Cella looks to land an upkick. Troeng lands back in guard throwing a punch on the way down. Troeng moves to side control and lands elbows to the body. Troeng attempts to go into mount but Cella spins it. Troeng grabs Cella’s back and looks to get the hooks in. Troeng gets both hooks in and looks to lock in a rear-naked choke. Has one around around and Troeng is landing from the back. Troeng locks in the rear-naked choke and Cella taps out! The crowd roars in approval for the submission by Troeng.

Official Result: Tor Troeng def. Adam Cella by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:11 of Round 1


Referee: Marko Gyllenland

ROUND 1- Both quickly go to the center of the octagon. Johnson with a kick and Madadi grabs him. Johnson with a leg kick and Madadi lands a big right hand. Madadi misses an overhand right and Johnson misses a counter to the body.  The stream goes out for a moment but as it comes back on Johnson gets a takedown and Johnson on top of Madadi. Madadi goes for submissions but Johnson remains on control. Johnson has Madadi up against the cage and drops him with a huge head kick. Madadi survives the round after Johnson came close to finishing him. 10-9 Johnson.

ROUND 2- They come out trading and Madadi still feeling the effects of the head kick. Johnson attacks the legs. Madadi grabs Johnson and scores the takedown and looks for the hooks. Madadi mounts Johnson and is throwing down punches and elbows. Madadi looking to finish with elbows and looking for the triangle. Madadi reigns down some more punches as Johnson spins out and they get back to the feet. Madadi grabs a leg and scores another takedown and is in Johnson’s guard. Madadi with an elbow looking to land more ground and pound. More elbows from Madadi. Johnson looking for some separation but he is eating shots. Johnson looking for a triangle and Madadi moves to side control. Madadi throws punches from the side as he looks to advance position. Madadi really controlling the action from the top. Madadi in half-guard and relentless with his attack. Johnson is getting worn out. Madadi brings more pressure but Johnson having good defense on the bottom. Madadi attacks the body. Madadi ends with more ground and pound. Strong round for Madadi. 10-9 Madadi.

ROUND 3- This should decide the fight. Madadi grabs a single leg and forces Johnson against the cage. Madadi gets a trip but Johnson counters though Madadi ends on top. Madadi in side control with Johnson pressed against the fence. Madadi trying to set up a choke while Johnson tries to roll out. Madadi with some hammerfists. Madadi keeping Johnson on his back and lands some punches. Madadi setting up a choke, Madadi has an anaconda choke locked in and Johnson taps out! The crowd goes wild and Madadi runs into the crowd in celebration!

Official Result: Reza Madadi def. Michael Johnson by submission (anaconda choke) at 1:33 of Round 3

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