The Voice 2013 – Knock Out Round Review – “It’s a Hard Knock Life”

Hey, Voice fans! It’s been a while. I always find the early rounds of these singing shows difficult to blog about, with so many contestants. I watched the battle rounds and enjoyed it a lot – is it just me, or were there more match-ups this season where there was no clear winner? Click through for some quick thoughts on the knock-out rounds, then hit me with your comments.

Amber Carrington (“I’m With You”) vs. Midas Whale (“Higher Ground”)
I liked Amber a lot in the earlier rounds, but this song didn’t do it for me. I felt like Midas Whale, as endearing as they are, are in over their heads at this point in the competition. So I agreed with Adam’s decision to put Amber through.

Garrett Gardner (“Too Close”) vs. Tawnya Reynolds (“Hell on Heels”)
Tawnya’s performance was fine, but I have a soft spot for Garrett and loved his performance. There’s something really unique about that kid, and I’m glad Shakira put him through.

Amy Whitcomb (“House of the Rising Sun”) vs. Caroline Glaser (“Little Talks”)
This was a tough one, because I really liked both of these singers all along. But song choice wise, I loved Caroline’s selection. Amy chose a brave song, and from the beginning she was off. There are aspects of her voice that I love, but it needs polishing. Caroline’s performance wasn’t perfect either, but I really enjoy her vibe. This wasn’t a good night for either girl, but ultimately I was glad that Adam put Caroline through.

Kris Thomas (“What a Wonderful World”) vs. Mary Miranda (“Every Breath You Take”)
Kris’s performance was essentially perfect, but the song felt a little cliched to me – like a wedding singer, not a star. Luckily for him, Mary’s performance was awkward and, well, terrible. What was she thinking with that song? Barf. Not for her. It was an easy decision for Shakira – Kris went through.

Judith Hill (“Always On My Mind”) vs. Orlando Dixon (“All My Life”)
OK, it’s just that “All My Life” closed out every middle school dance I ever attended, so it’s hard to take it seriously. Plus, Judith? She’s amazing. She should have a record out, like, yesterday. So even though Orlando is a lovely singer, there was no contest here.

Karina Iglesias (“Are You Gonna Go My Way”) vs. Monique Abbadie (“Power of Love”)
I liked Karina in her battle round against Judith, but I find her stage presence overly theatrical. She still bugged me in this performance, and she reminds me A LOT of Vicci Martinez from season one – only not as good. But Monique chose a song that was out of her league, and it was painfully cheesy. I wasn’t surprised when Shakira chose Karina.

Warren Stone (“I Just Died In Your Arms”) vs. Sarah Simmons (“Wild Horses”)
I went into this heavily favoring Sarah. Warren just isn’t really my cup of tea. Sarah? Well, I thought that was amazing. A really memorable performance. Of course, Adam put Sarah through.

Sasha Allen (“At Last”) vs. Shawna P (“Maybe I’m Amazed”)
Both of these women have fantastic voices and selected perfect songs. Sasha was impeccable. She looked beautiful and her singing was stellar. There aren’t enough superlatives. But I also love the rasp to Shawna’s voice and she did very well. I think Sasha did better though, and I wasn’t surprised that Shakira selected her.


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