Inside Pulse’s WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Live Coverage Report

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of WWE Extreme Rules! Keep it here for all the match-by-match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS!!

The Pre-Show was not working properly (I checked Facebook, YouTube & the App). It came on just in time to see Cody tap out to the Figure 4.

Show opens with a ‘Rules are made to be broken’ montage.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango (w/ Summer Rae)

Fast paced to start. Fandango leaves to ring to catch is breath. Jericho chases him back in, and gives him a back elbow. Jericho sends Fandango to the floor, and then leaps off the top rope to the floor on Fandango. Back in the ring, Jericho sends Fandango to the corner, Jericho charges, and Fandango gets his boot up. Jericho fights back, and regains control. Jericho hits a top rope splash, but Fandango rolls through it and gets a 2 count. Fandango then lays Jericho out, and goes to the top rope, but Jericho dodges the Leg Drop. Jericho hits a Lionsault, but only gets 2. Jericho sends Fandango to the corner again, and again Fandango gets his boot up. This time Jericho catches it, but Fandango hits an enzaguri to lay out Jericho. Fandango goes to top again, and this time he flies off and Jericho is up, and nails a Codebreaker for the pin!
Winner – Chris Jericho

Sheamus says that he will do what it takes to lug Henry around the ring.

Recap of The Shield taking out Cena on Monday, and Ryback picking up the scraps.

United States Championship Match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose sends Rollins & Reigns to the back. Back and forth to start. Ambrose takes over, and slows the pace down by locking in the Crossface Chicken Wing. Kofi fights out, and hits some high paced offense. Kofi calls for the Trouble In Paradise, but Ambrose backs off. Kofi stays with him, and is able to hit the SOS for 2. Ambrose escapes to the apron. Kofi then hits Ambrose with the Trouble in Paradise, and Ambrose falls the floor. Kofi follows and tosses Ambrose back in the ring, but only gets a 2 count. JBL comments on how Kofi should have just left him on the floor and taken the count out victory. Ambrose fights back, and hits the forward DDT for the pin.
Winner & New Champion – Dean Ambrose

Recap of the Henry/Sheamus feud.

Strap Match
Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

The lights are up in all 4 corners. Not much action to start. Each man takes a few turns at touching all 4 corners. Sheamus attempts to touch all 4 by running around the apron, but Henry pulls him back in the ring. Henry lays Sheamus out, and tries to carry him around the ring on his shoulders, however Sheamus touches the turnbuckles as well. Henry realizes that Sheamus is doing this, and he gives Sheamus a spinebuster. They fight to the floor, and Sheamus wraps Henry around a poll, and he then pulls the strap through the ring, running Henry face first to the post. Sheamus hits the first 3 corners, but Henry goes for a World Strongest Slam, Sheamus blocks it, and hits a Brogue Kick through to the 4th corner, touching for the win.
Winner – Sheamus

Backstage, Kaitlyn calls AJ crazy, and they fight.

Jack Swagger & Zeb Coulter come out. Zeb cuts a promo on the recent IRS scandal. He then calls the St. Louis Cardinals the Caribbean Cardinals since most of the players are from there.

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders I Quit Match
Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Coulter) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)

The fight ringside right away, ADR pulls out a kendo stick. The ref continually checks on both guys, its very annoying. Back in the ring, Swagger beats ADR down with the kendo stick. The crowd is starting the chant for Ziggler. ADR hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and follows it with a superkick. ADR then ties Swagger in the ropes, and kendo sticks away at him. ADR goes for the Cross Armbreaker, but Swagger fights it off, slamming ADR towards the corner. Swagger with a Vader Bomb, and a Gutwrench, but ADR doesn’t quit. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock, but ADR still won’t quit. Ricardo has a towel in hand, and is considering tossing it in, but ADR doesn’t want him to. Zeb goes over to Ricardo, and tosses the towel in while the ref’s back is turned, and the ref calls the match. However, another ref comes out to tell the original what happened, and the match is restarted. ADR says he can compete, so the match is restarted. Swagger charges ADR and starts to beat him down. ADR hits a superkick, and locks on the Cross Armbreaker, and wrenches it in until Swagger quits.
Winner & #1 Contender – Alberto Del Rio

Matthews is with Ryback. Ryback says that he won’t let Cena up, and that Ryback Rules.

Tag Team Tornado Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (c) vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)

Melee to start the match, as all 4 are allowed to compete at once. Hell No starts out strong. Bryan locks in a surfboard on Rollins. Kane grabs both men, and sends them tot he floor. Bryan then hits a suicide dive on both! Kane tosses both back in the ring. Kane to the top, hits a the clothesline on Rollins, and Bryan follows with a top rope headbutt. Reigns is in, goes for a Samoan Drop, but Bryan rolls him up for 2. Bryan then locks on a NO Lock, but Rollins breaks it up. Kane chokeslams Rollins, and Reigns spears Kane. Reigns beats down Bryan, but Kane breaks it, goes for a chokeslam on Reigns, but Rollins breaks it up, and Reigns spears Kane again, this time for 2 and Bryan breaks it up. Reigns lifts Bryan on his shoulders, like a Torture Rack, and Rollins comes off the top rope with a knee to Bryan’s face for the pin.
Winner & New Champions – The Shield

Renee Young, Titus O’Neil, Mick Foley & Wade Barrett, the pre-show crew, recap the show so far. They then pimp the recap show after the PPV.

Extreme Rules Match
Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Mid match, show places a ladder on 2 open chairs. He lays Orton out on it, and goes for a Vader Bomb through the ladder, but Orton moves. Orton hits a RKO for 2. Orton hits a RKO on a chair for 2. Orton then hits a Punt for the pin.
Winner – Randy Orton

Recap of the Cena/Ryback feud.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Ryback

Ryback dominates from the start. Ryback lays out Cena. Cena up at the 6 count. Ryback charges but Cena lowers the top rope, and Ryback falls to the floor. Cena sets a table is set up against the corner, and Ryback hits Cena with a Fallaway Slam though the table! Ryback with a spear, and Cena is up at a 7 count. Ryback is calling for the Shellshocked, but Cena rolls out, and hits a Power Bomb! Ryback up at 7. Ryback charges Cena, and Cena with a Drop Toe Hold, and locks on the STFU. Cena lets go, and gets a table, while the ref counts to 9. Cena sets up the table, but Ryback is up, and he shoves Cena to the mat. Ryback tries another Shellshocked, but Cena slides though, and hits a FU through the table. Ryback is up at 9, and he attacks Cena, who was waiting on the top turnbuckle. Ryback then hits a Shellshocked for a 9 count. Ryback slides out of the ring, and tries to go after Cena’s ankle with a chair, but Cena kicks the chair back at Ryback, and then spears Ryback on the floor though the timekeepers area, both men are up at 8. They now fight though the crowd, and Ryback rips up some of the hockey arena boards (a Pepsi Max logo), and drills Cena with them. Cena up at 9. Cena jumps on Ryback’s back and locks on the Sleeper. Cena lets go, and Ryback is down for a 8 count. Cena pounces on Ryback quickly, and lays him out on a table. Cena then leaps off the seats a few feet higher, and goes though Ryback and the table. Both men are back up, and Cena attacks Ryback with a fire extinguisher, spraying it in Ryback’s face, while on the stage. Cena lays Ryback out by hitting Ryback in the head with the extinguisher. Cena lifts Ryback for the FU off the stage, but Ryback slides off, picks up Cena, and runs him into the set! The ref runs around to the back of the stage, and there are medics there already. Ryback is helped out, but Cena needs to the stretchered out. There is no clear finish to the match.
No Contest

Recap of the Brock/HHH feud.

Steel Cage Match
Brock Lesner (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H

HHH jumps Brock from behind as he makes his entrance. He knocks Brock off the outside of the cage a few times, then rolls Brock in. HHH then decks Heyman. The cage is shut, and HHH goes for a quick Pedigree, but Brock Back Body Drops HHH into the cage. HHH is against the cage, and Brock charges, HHH moves and Brock goes knee first in the cage. Brock is heavily favoring his knee. HHH attacks it, and tries to leave, but Heyman closes the door on HHH’s face. Brock is up, and hits a F5 for a 2 count. Brock asks Heyman for a chair. HHH fights back, and attacks Brock with the chair. HHH backs Brock in the corner, but Brock locks on the Kimura Lock. HHH gets out of it quickly, and locks on the Figure 4. Brock fights out. HHH gets a sledgehammer, that was hidden along the top of the cage. Brock lays HHH out before he can use it. Brock then goes to use the Sledgehammer, but HHH drops Brock, and locks on the Sharpshooter. Heyman makes his way in the ring, and gets a Pedigree. HHH then nails Brock with a Pedigree. HHH is gloating, and Heyman hits a low blow. Brock then nails HHH with the sledgehammer, and HHH is out. Brock then dead lifts HHH, and hits the F5 for the pin.
Winner – Brock Lesner

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