The Stomping Ground: Yes! Yes! Yes! (Daniel Bryan, duh)

You know, I am pleasantly surprised that my contemporaries here at the Pulse were remiss in discussing the antics of Daniel Bryan on Monday night’s show. Perhaps they expected someone else to pick up the ball and decided against being redundant? Whatever the reason, I’m glad because that means I get to discuss it ad nauseam without having to worry about points already covered.

Where do I begin? We all know that Team Hell No eventually has to break up in order to change up The Shield’s opposition and allow Bryan to go off on another singles run. The route the WWE has chosen is the “weak link” angle, where one of the teammates is seen as the reason they should split up due to his inability to do his job properly. In a bit of a twist, this time the perceived weak link is not only the accused but the accuser as well. Bryan feels that Kane is looking down on him when in fact it is Bryan projecting his own inferiority complex upon himself.

At first I rolled my eyes at the prospect of such an angle, because I assumed the company would bury Bryan as a jobber who makes careless mistakes that cost him and his team every match. However, last Friday that wasn’t the case at all; Kane cost Bryan his match and Daniel unloaded a shit-ton of offense on The Shield by himself at the close of the show:

Despite that, Bryan still believed he needed to prove himself to Kane and Randy Orton and challenged Ryback to a match Monday night (perhaps the best match of Ryback’s career) that ended with a DQ in favor of Bryan. Yet again he came out of the match looking stronger for it. Yes, while also flat on his back through a table.

This begs the question: will the WWE do the right thing here?

One possibility is that they’ll turn Bryan into the plucky babyface who fights against all odds and falls just short of his goal for a while, building up to a huge victory to permanently propel him into main event status.

Another possibility is that they simply turn him into a self-loathing heel who goes on to a stupid losing streak.

I’d prefer the former, personally.

But knowing the way this company has been making decisions lately…….

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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