10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 6.14.13 (Chris Jericho, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro)

Just three days from Payback, did the WWE do anything more to help sell this filler Pay Per View?

1. Daniel Bryan deserved to be pushed to the moon more than anyone on the roster other then The Shield. The benefit with Bryan is he is one of the few guys the WWE has that can work well as a heel or babyface.

2. Even though Antonio Cesaro is 1-2 in his return to being used on television fans of his, myself included, have to be excited to see the Swiss Superstar back against main event caliber guys. I still will never understand why he isn’t good enough for Vince McMahon? He has one of the best looks, works amazingly in the ring, and can talk with the best of them. There has to be some underlining heat somewhere, right?

3. Why am I not surprised, Dolph Ziggler has been gone for 30 days and in that time did the WWE think about how they could improve Ziggler? No in fact, the night he returns to help sell this pay per view and he loses clean on a roll up, a ROLL UP? Wow, no one can match how the WWE buries their own talent.

4. What’s more entertaining than watching a Heath Slater and Great Khali match? Being a fly on the wall when they finally get released, because that time has come a long, long time ago.

5. I can’t believe the WWE is actually advancing another Diva’s character. Kaitlyn may not be as good as AJ, she isn’t that far behind. I just hope after she drops the Divas Championship to AJ at Payback she doesn’t become another diva sitting in catering, not eating. JK

6. I do love Curtis Axel, and I think he has a lot of potential but this character could of been Wade Barrett, Fandango and other countless mid card guys who were pushed and then nothing. Giving the Intercontinental Championship to Axel is a step in the right direction. Maybe he can rejuvenate a division that used to be the stepping stone to the WWE Title. Now a days, it just another pointless feud mixed into between John Cena and WWE App promos.

7. I was already excited to watch the Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Title but after the match between Barrett and Axel I am completely sold. The Miz seems to be the weak link, if you will, in this feud. I would make rather see a post Barrett-Axel feud than Miz-Axel. I was a fan of The Miz, but it just doesn’t seem like his heart is into wrestling anymore.

8. Another solid Six Man Tag Team Match from the WWE. To think one of the few things TNA did better than the WWE, and bam, the last few months has had a lot of great matches involving The Shield and fill in the blank with babyfaces. God would I POP for a Shield v. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode & Chris Saban match. Oh well, back to reality.

9. If anyone has a problem with The Shield losing clean and or losing clean on Smackdown is just over thinking wrestling. Some suspense was needed to be built for the Tag Team Titles Match, with a win over The Shield the suspense of the titles could change hands has now been built. The Shield doesn’t look weak at all, they are still the number one force in the WWE.

10. Other than the Divas stuff on Raw, Smackdown did a match better job of selling the under card of Payback; because I know if you are reading this there is no way in hell you are buying to see the 3 Stages of Hell Match. I will be live tweeting this Sunday so come say hi @CamDougharty

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