“The One” Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez – Live Round-by-Round Updates & Results

Welcome to the Inside Fights live coverage of Mayweather vs. Alvarez. We’ll be here, round by round, until the conclusion of the main event.

We’re currently in the pre-fight video packages … time to wait it out, I think. The crowd is substantially pro-Canelo at this point, singing along with his entrance music and booing Floyd out of the building. Even better is that we have Mauro Ranallo on the call.

Introductions are over … there are few times I get genuine chills about a fight. This is one of them.

Round 1: Mayweather comes out more aggressive with his movement but he’s staying away from Canelo’s power. It’s odd because Floyd is usually feeling guys out early. Lots of feints but not a lot of punches in the first minute. Floyd looks really crisp right now; he’s much smaller than Canelo, who came in nearly 20 lbs heavier after rehydration. Floyd is looking to work the body early as Canelo is very tentative. Floyd’s speed advantage is pronounced. The crowd is chanting for Canelo but Mayweather is establishing himself early. Canelo starts to fire more in the final minute. Mayweather 10-9

Round 2: Alvarez is calm and not shrinking from the moment. He looks like he belongs as both guys aren’t throwing anything more than a punch or two at a time. This is tactical as Floyd’s movement is good. Alvarez is landing to the body but he’s not landing clean. Floyd is being conservative but what he is throwing is landing. He’s looking for big counters and is using his jab to bait Alvarez coming in. Mayweather is using distance well and Alvarez is landing … but not flush. Mayweather’s defense is making him land mainly on his arms and hip. Mayweather 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Alvarez is not adjusting to Floyd’s use of distance so far. Alvarez is using that hook but Floyd is using that jab so effectively so far. Alvarez is going to the body clinch when Floyd gets to the inside; he’s trying to keep him from burying him on the inside. Canelo throws a nice combination but Floyd’s shoulder roll is protecting him. So far Floyd looks incredibly masterful; Alvarez is keeping up with him but Floyd is in control. Floyd is using his jab and gets him into the ropes, landing a nice combination. Alvarez is starting to pump the jab more as he’s playing Floyd’s game so far. He’s not winning at it but he looks like he belongs in the same ring. Alvarez just keeps missing big shots by tiny amounts because Floyd is moving so well right now. 10-9 Mayweather, 30-27

Round 4: Alvarez is starting to get on the inside more on Floyd. He’s not landing anything massive but he’s starting to get through a little more. Floyd is using that jab really effectively though. Floyd isn’t dancing but Alvarez nut shots him, prompting a break. Alvarez rejects Floyd’s glove-touching, as well. Intriguing gamesmanship from Canelo, for sure. Alvarez looks just a half step too slow to touch Floyd; he’s landing but he’s eating a bunch to get there. Bunch of nice lefts from Canelo with 20 seconds left, Floyd peppers the body immediately thereafter. Mayweather 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Alvarez’s face looks worse for wear while Floyd looks really good so far. Alvarez is eating a lot of punishment but he’s getting close with the big shots. Floyd is using that jab and is working his counter game. Both guys are comfortable at distance but Mayweather is snapping off jabs. Some nice body work from Alvarez, and some follow up jabs as well. Floyd wants to wear him down and is landing some nice shots. Mayweather with some nice body shots at 30 seconds left. His hand speed is terrific right now. 10-9 Mayweather, 50-45

Round 6: Alvarez is eating some punishment as he keeps trying to cut the ring off from him. Nice exchange as Alvarez is starting to land more. He’s pushing the pace more as Floyd is is starting to get tagged more this fight. Alvarez nearly goes for a wrestling double leg takedown into the corner as we get a break. Alvarez really looks good this round. Alvarez with a shoulder bump during a break as he’s getting a little dirty here. Very interesting from him. He’s trying to goad Floyd out of his game plan but Mayweather isn’t buying it. Alvarez throws a big combination that hits air as the round ends, Floyd moving out of the way. 10-9 Alvarez, 59-55 Mayweather

Round 7: Canelo is starting to let his hands go a little more and Floyd is matching him, landing more. Alvarez is trying to outbox him and it isn’t working; he is starting to throw more power and get him into the ropes. Floyd is landing some nice counters on this. Canelo is being more physical but Floyd’s athleticism is counteracting this beautifully. Mayweather goes hey diddle diddle, right down the middle with an uppercut and gets him against the ropes. Floyd is landing some nice shots as Alvarez is looking for him to over commit. Floyd doesn’t and lets him out. Round ends with Alvarez trying to get him against the ropes and failing to capitalize. 10-9 Mayweather, 69-64 Mayweather

Round 8: Mayweather is more cautious as Alvarez is far more aggressive this round. Floyd is working his counter game as Alvarez is looking to work the body this round. Mayweather is sticking and moving; he gets Floyd against the ropes and lands some nice body shots off it. He’s landing some nice combinations but he’s not hitting clean. Floyd is … but he’s just not landing as often as Canelo is. Alvarez 10-9, 78-74 Mayweather

Round 9: Alvarez is landing but he’s not hitting anything of note; he’s landing on Floyd’s arms and shoulder, not his body or head. Floyd is landing cleaner, though. Mayweather is countering him masterfully right now. MASSIVE right from Floyd and I’m shocked Canelo didn’t go down. Alvarez is one tough kid. Floyd is landing some hard shots, including a nice double jab, but Alvarez is still coming at him. 10-9 Mayweather, 88-83

Round 10: Alvarez is coming out trying to throw big shots but Floyd is making him miss, or eat shoulder, and is firing back clean. Alvarez is still coming, though, and does land a couple of clean shots. Floyd’s speed and movement is too much for him at this point; Floyd gets him against the ropes and Canelo is trying to get him in again. Floyd is just pot shotting him and doesn’t want to get inside. Canelo gets him against the ropes and lands some nice body shots but nothing of note; Floyd just casually circles away. Mayweather keeps up his countering style; he’s beating Canelo to the punch consistently. 10-9 Mayweather, 98-92 Mayweather

Round 11: Alvarez comes out more aggressive this round but Mayweather is using movement masterfully. Alvarez is whiffing pretty noticeably on anything big. Nice right from Floyd a minute in as he’s using that jab masterfully right now. Alvarez just can’t catch up to his movement right now. Canelo with some nice hooks to the body but he’s not able to land anything more than a couple shots at most. Floyd knows he’s up right now and is just staying away or the final moments of the round. Mayweather 10-9, 108-101

Round 12: It’s the 12th, Floyd is up substantially and it’s time for his time-honored tradition: staying away and keeping away for 3 minutes. Floyd gets on his bicycle as Canelo spends the 12th chasing him around, looking for a knockout that never comes. Floyd lands just enough but Canelo wins the round by default. 10-9 Canelo, 117-111

Official decision: Mayweather by majority decision – 114-114 Draw, 116-112, 117-113

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