Beware The Batman: Season 1, Episode 8 Allies to Episode 1 Hunted & The Build To Batman & The Outsiders? SPOILERS (DC Nation / Cartoon Network)

I just got caught up Cartoon Network’s new DC Nation block cartoon Beware The Batman. From its Season 1, Episode 1 Hunted (S01, E01) to this past weekend’s Episode 8 Allies (S01, E08), it sure looks like DC Entertainment is building to the formation of Batman and the Outsiders? Will that be how Season 1 ends or how Season 2 begins?

Spoilers follow.

Season 1, Episode 1 Hunted, introduced viewers to Simon Stagg. He was not the star of the episode, but serve as purpose by being hunted by Professor Pyg. Eagle eyed viewers remember Simon Stagg as the main foil for Rex Mason a.k.a. Metamorpho The Element Man. Metamorpho was a founding member of Batman and the Outsiders in the 1980s.

This episode also introduces viewers to Tatsu Yamashiro. The comics, her nom du guerre is Katana and she too was a founding member of Batman and the Outsiders. In Beware the Batman she is Alfred Pennyworth’s god-daughter and a former CIA operative who we later learn later, Season Episode 4 Safe (S01, E04) and in Episode 7 Family (S01, E07), infiltrated the League of Assassins and stole the fame soultaker sword.

Season 1, Episode 5 Broken (S01, E05), introduces us to mobster Tobias Whale. Well, Whale wasn’t a member of Batman’s Outsider in the comics, but is main foil Black Lightning was. Is Black Lightning next to debut in this season of Beware The Batman? Whale returns later in the season in Episode 7 Family.

Season 1, Episode 6 Toxic (S01, E06), we see the return of Simon Stagg. This episode chronicles his machinations to rid his daughter Sapphire of her lower class boyfriend Rex Mason. Stagg traps Mason in the Matamorpho Project chamber where Mason is exposed to a combination of gases and turns into the man-monster Metamorpho. In the comics Metamorpho is more humanoid, than monster, but equally a tragic figure. As noted Metamorpho was a founding member of Batman and the Outsiders in the 1980s.

Lastly, in Season 1, Episode 8 Allis, Tatsu Yamashiro finally earns her place at Batman’s side as the heroine Katana. She is reclaiming her League of Assassin nom de guerre so that when they return to Gotham City and she defeats them and steals back the soultaker sword, which they scooped back in an earlier episode, they will know who defeated them.

So, what do you think? Any other Outsiders nods in Beware The Batman so far?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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