Quick Hits: WWE Raw 9.16.13 (Night Of Champions Fallout)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

{Ed. Note: So I’m back sooner than I thought. I’m still not covering Raw as a “10 Thoughts” column but since I am still doing my old “Quick Hits” column on HTCwrestling.com, the Inside Pulse team wanted me to cross post these onto IP as well. Obviously these are MUCH more informal. -Matt}

<- I like how they featured both CM Punk/Heyman & Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton in the opening video. It helps keep CM Punk as a main-eventer in the fans eyes even though he is not involved in either title picture.

Daniel Bryan/Triple H Segment

<- I know there’s only been 4 total version thus far but I’m liking Daniel Bryan’s sideplates on the WWE Championship the least. Probably should have gone with the “Daniel Bryan Ring” logo that’s on the back of his t-shirts. At least it’s not a beard I guess.

<- Cue “The King of Kings” music a night too late. Really what would even be the storyline reason for Triple H allowing Daniel Bryan to hold on to the title for 24 hours?

<- Triple H just dropped “finish” on WWE TV? He was even in the segment where a PA scripted him to say that same word and the PA was fired for it. Times, they are a-changing.

<- OK segment that I expected at the PPV. I do like the fact that Triple H saying he’s going to “take the belt from you” holds a lot more weight when he says it than whenever Vince McMahon said it.

<- Damn, Stephanie came off looking strong in that segment. She was always a good character but she’s really stepped up her game since returning to TV. I like the more mature authoritative Stephanie McMahon we’re seeing now.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

<- God, I hope this match is better than the one at the PPV.

<- Has anyone else noticed how much The King puts over Ambrose on commentary compared to almost everyone else on the roster?

<- I’m waiting for the day the WWE starts referring to Ziggler’s corner splash as the “Stinger Splash”. Hey, Sting was mentioned at the PPV… (Love fueling rumors).

<- I’ll admit that I am a complete mark for a good DDT and spinebuster (maybe it stems from my love of Arn Anderson) & if Ambrose keeps using that spinebuster, I’ll be very happy. Hell, make it his finisher! Anything is better than what he has now.

<- Definitely a better match than what the put together at NoC but that also could have been because they were following the Punk/Heyman saga. Either way, nice match to start Raw.

<- Brad Maddox is officially Triple H & Stephanie’s executive assistant.

Fandango vs R-Truth

<- Fandango had so much potential and was the hottest star on the roster the night after WrestleMania. Now I’m fast-forwarding his match & not just because he was in the ring with R-Truth.

Dusty Rhodes/Stephanie McMahon Segment

<- I don’t know about some of the other fathers out there but I can’t wait till I can make my son cut the lawn!

<- The Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card was genius.

<- They’re doing a fantastic job with the “Rhodes Dynasty”-story and while the Big Show knocking out Dusty was a bit eye-rolling, everything else has been on point. I really can’t stand the Big Show in this storyline but I can only imagine the pop Cody Rhodes is going to get when he comes back to TV.

Brie Bella & The Funkadactyls vs Layla, Aksana & Alicia Fox

<- Another six Divas tag team match? I’d even take a one-on-one Divas match or even a one-on-one promo between Natalya and AJ Lee instead of ANOTHER 6 person match. I’m actually looking forward to a singles’ match between AJ and Nattie & it’s been a LONG TIME since a WWE Divas match held much interest.

Damien Sandow vs Rob Van Dam

<- Damien Sandow is wrestling! Damien Sandow holds the Money In The Bank briefcase! Damien Sandow is going to lose tonight.

<- At least Sandow showed more of a mean streak tonight than he has lately but too bad he still can’t get a win. A better match with Van Dam tonight though than his recent matches lately.

<- Now Scott Armstrong is fired. Does that mean we’ll see Road Dogg have to referee the rematch between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title? Now that I’ve said that, I can absolutely see the WWE bring in Road Dogg to referee that match with Triple H forcing him to award the match to Orton.

The Miz vs Randy Orton

<- Remember when The Miz and Randy Orton were feuding over the WWE Championship? Don’t worry, not many people do.

<- It’s always a good time when you can have someone beat-down in their hometown! And in front of their parents to boot!

<- Great reaction shots from The Miz’s mom but his dad looked like he graduated from the Clint Eastwood School of “Acting”. Although I think he picked up his haircut from the Spinal Tap fan club.

<- Epic post-match beat-down on The Miz. Is he going off to film another ABC Family movie?

Paul Heyman/Ryback Segment

<- Paul Heyman looking up so lovingly at Ryback was just priceless. And the way Ryback knelt down next to a wheelchaired Heyman, putting his arm around him just made picture all of the video packages we’ve seen over the years of John Cena doing the same thing to the Make-A-Wish kids. I know it’s a pretty sick comparison but I can’t get it out of my head now.

#1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Tons Of Funk vs The Usos vs The Real Americans

<- Triple Threat tag team match for the #1 contendership against The Shield but the team that faced the tag champs at the PPV (the Prime Time Players) aren’t involved? Just weird.

<- Interesting fact: ever notice how the commentators always say that an injured superstar has been transferred to “a nearby medical facility” instead of naming an actual hospital or emergency room? It all stems from when Shawn Michaels faced Owen Hart on Raw “against doctor’s orders”. Michaels was selling a head injury at the time & as the match progressed and after an enziguri from Hart, Shawn grabbed his head, stumbled and collapsed to the mat. The announcers told the television audience that Michaels was rushed to the local hospital (can’t remember the exact hospital’s name) but the hospital was then overwhelmed with phone calls & letters (yes, letters) from fans trying to check on the health of Michaels. Ever since then, the WWE never reveals the name of the hospital a superstar is headed to, whether it be for storyline purposes or for a legitimate injury.

<- Great tag team match – once Tons of Funk were eliminated. I honestly can’t say I’m surprised since these guys have all worked together so often lately.

Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

<- Oh dammit! They just showed Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella hug! I think we all kind of knew it was a matter of time before their relationship was brought onto WWE TV (not just Total Divas) but damn I had hoped they kept Brie & Bryan separate on Raw/SmackDown. Both of them are over enough on their own, why do you need to acknowledge their relationship now?! Sigh…

<- It’s about time we’re getting to see Roman Reigns in a singles match and there’s no one better right now than Bryan.

<- Jeez how many times do we need to see the fast count in a split screen? We all know it was a fast count! We want to see the damn match!

<- Reigns is showing off show great power moves and ring presence for his first singles’ match on the main roster. He’s got some work to do but the talent is definitely there.

<- I’m a bit surprised all the babyfaces made the save tonight when Dusty Rhodes was knocked silly &  Scott Armstrong was “fired”. Still, the visual at the end of the show with the babyfaces & the hot crowd doing the “YES!” chant was fantastic.

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