Villains Month Spoilers: Three New’ish Characters Teased Across Green Lantern #23.3 Black Hand #1, Teen Titans #23.2 Deathstroke #1 & Wonder Woman #23.1 Cheetah #1 (DC Comics New 52’s Forever Evil)

In addition to advancing the Forever Evil narrative in Week 3 of Villains Month, spoilers for that are here, we also have the teasing of three new’ish characters in the DC New 52: a new villain, a new anti-hero and a new super-hero.

Spoilers follow.

Green Lantern #23.3: Black Hand #1’s New Villain

Green Lantern #23.3 brings us Black Hand #1. The title villain recruits probably the most impactful ever ally in his fight against Hal Jordan the Green Lantern. WOW!

Teen Titans #23.2: Deathstroke #1’s New Anti-Hero

Teen Titans #23.2: Deathstroke #1 further explores the DC Comics New 52 origin of Deathstroke. We learn how he lost his eye in this new world which is different from the pre-Flashpoint version where his wife shot his eye out.

Teen Titans #23.2: Deathstroke #1 ends, seemingly, teasing the return of Slade Wilson’s daughter Rose as the Ravager. We’ve seen her in the DC New 52 already chasing the Ravagers and being teamed with Warblade. Time will tell what the plan for Rose Wilson, anti-hero, is. Below starting on the left are pages from this week’s Villains’ Month Deathstroke #1 with the last two images on the right being classic Rose Wilson / Ravager costumes.

Wonder Woman #23.2: Cheetah #1’s New Super-Hero

Wonder Woman #23.2: Cheetah #1 not only explores the origin of Cheetah, but it also introduces Mark Shaw into the modern day DC New 52. In previous continuity he was the third individual to don the Manhunter mantle in the DCU. And, if the word balloons at the end are any indication, DC plans to have him be DC’s Manhunter again. The issue also portrays him with uncanny tracking / manhunting skills. Sorry Kate Spencer Manhunter fans, it looks like DC is going with my fave Manhunter, Mark Shaw, instead. From the left you can view some images from this Villains Month Cheetah #1 issue. The last two images on the right are classic Manhunter images related to an interesting 1980’s mask contest DC Comics ran. And, yes, I have that mask. šŸ˜‰ Also, the 1980s writer who helmed the Mark Shaw ongoing Manhunter series, John Ostrander, is the writer for Wonder Woman #23.1 Cheetah #1. Cool!

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