UFC 165 (Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson)- Main Card Pay Per View Live Play by Play, Live Results, New

Welcome fight fans to the pay per view portion of tonight’s card. You can backtrack and check out the prelims by clicking here.

155 lbs.: Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Round 1: Neither comes out firing at first. KN is looking for a counter or a moment; he’s looking to fire something big and wants the better opportunity. Healy with the first takedown attempt that doesn’t finish. Healy with some nice body shots and we’re against the cage. KN backs out and Healy is starting to open up more. He’s throwing some nice straights that are connecting. He’s starting to charge forward and trhwo some big shots. Flying knee from KN, some nice body shots and another flying knee. These guys are starting to really unload. Nice uppercut from KN and he’s bleeding early. KN is looking for the counter and leading with an uppercut when he gets offensive; Healy’s hands aren’t fast enough to make him payt. Quick break as KN loses his mouth piece. Healy with some nice rights and KN responds with some nice high kicks. These guys are really starting to slug it out now. Another flying knee from KN that connects; he’s really starting to get wild now. Healy is using those straights well and KN level changes to get the takedown. He takes back quickly but Healy is up and out. KN gets another takedown and moves to back, Healy against the cage. KN lands some big rights as the round ends. 10-9 KN

Round 2: Both guys coming out and they’re swinging again. Healy is coming right at him and throwing down. KN is looking to counter and explode into Healy; he gets a takedown and grabs back quickly. KN lands some nice lefts as he gets up. KN lets him go and we’re back to the middle of the cage. Nice exchange between the two and this is turning into a fun fight. Healy is pushing a hard pace and KN is keeping up; can he keep it up for all three might become the question. KN is starting to slow a bit and Healy is looking really good right now. Healy is really tagging him now; KN is starting to look a bit gassed now. KN with a late takedown and Healy pulls guard. 10-9 Healy, 19-19

Round 3: The key at this point will be how much in the tank KN has left. Healy is pushing him hard and KN looks to be slowing down considerably. Depending on how you scored a close 2nd round this could be even going in. KN works for a takedown early and can’t finish it. Healy is starting to work the body with strikes and KN goes in for the takedown but can’t finish. KN gets the takedown and Healy’s in full guard now. KN is grinding him right right now as Healy is trying to get up and KN is keeping him down. Healy up and KN picks him up, runs across the cage and slams him to the ground. He’s exerting himself in spurts; he postures up and lands some big shots on Healy, who’s trying to roll for an armbar but KN is using his position to keep him on his back. Healy trying to work his way back up but KN is grinding him like a boss right now. KN is working him hard and Healy looks spent. KN grind him for the rest of the fight. 10-9 KN, 29-28 KN

Official decision: Khabib Nurmagomedov wins via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

185 lbs.: Francis Carmont vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1: Carmont is staying away to use his kicks and Costa is looking to get in close to use his boxing. Carmont’s kicks are powerful and he goes for a level change early. He gets it and gets Costa to the ground. Costa gets back to the cage and tries to wall walk his way up. Carmont puts a hook in and is looking to transition to back mount. He’s hitting him with some nice lefts to open up that RNC but can’t finish. Costa rolls to his back and is trying to shrimp his way out. Carmont’s top control is stiffling at this point. Costa tries to roll for an armbar but can’t complete it, Carmont moves to side control. Costa rolls into half guard, then into full, but he’s not doing much off his back. He rolls for an omaplata but can’t finish it as Carmont moves to side control, almost into north/south. He’s back into full guard anCarmont is really working his bottom game at this point. Omaplata attempt comes up empty but an armbar from the bottom nearly is completed. Carmont fights it off as the round ends. 10-9 Carmont

Round 2: Carmont comes out staying at range again, trying to lure Costa in close again. Carmont ducks under a jab beautifully and powers through for a double leg takedown. He’s in full guard, too, and is using some ground and pound. Costa is trying to wall walk but Carmont is using top position excellently. Carmont is grinding on him right now; he’s doing just enough to not be lay and pray but not much beyond it. Costa is just playing defense at his point to force a stand up; he gets it at the two minute mark. Costa goes back on the attack as Carmont looks to be setting up another double leg. He does and he’s in deep again. Costa is on his back again and Carmont is looking to work a kimura. He lets it go and resumes his grinding top position game on Costa. He postures up and lands some big shots on Costa, then dives back into side control. He transitions to full mount and is landing some nice ground and pound. 10-9 Carmont, 20-18 Carmont

Round 3: Carmont comes out and he’s standing with Philippou this round. Costa is really coming after him … until Carmont double legs him to the ground again. Carmont is grinding him up on the ground and he stands up to land a big shot. Costa is just overwhelmed right now; I think he might’ve given up at this point, just trying to last to a decision. He grabs a guillotine but he doesn’t have much on it. He lets it go and back to some grinding from Carmont. He rolls for an armbar and can’t finish it; Carmont’s top position is superb right now. He tries to grab back mount and Costa rolls to his back again. He moves to mount and is just content to land some big shots as the round ends. 10-9 Carmont, 30-27 Carmont.

Official decision: Francis Carmont wins via unanimous decision 30-27×2, 30-26

265 lbs.: Matt Mitrione vs. Brendan Schaub

Round 1: Schaub is looking to counter early on. He’s looking to set up some strikes to set up a level change; Mitrione knows this and is looking to sprawl and brawl. Mitrione lands a kick that Schaub was trying to catch. Both guys aren’t throwing en masse; this is about one or two strikes, landing something big. Schaub labs a nice big right on Mitrione as “Meathead” is moving forward. Schaub keeps going for the takedown and Mitrione really prepped well. Schaub with a great combination that knocks Mitrione back across the cage and then gets in deep on a double. Mitrione gets slammed and Schaub is in half guard. Mitrione is looking to stall his way to a standup and Schaub has a D’arce choke in deep. Mitrione is OUT at 4:05 of the first round.

Brendan Schaub wins via technical submission at 4:05 of the first round.

Apparently it’s the first finish at heavyweight in UFC history via this manner. Impressive for Schaub. Wish he would’ve tried that at Metamoris.

135 lbs.: UFC Interim Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1: Wineland comes out more aggressive as Barao is looking to counter early. Wineland is coming out in more of a three round pace and Barao in a five; very interesting. Wineland lands a big right that looked like it hurt; Barao walks through it though. Barao goes for a double and can’t get it, Wineland presses him against the cage and we’re doing that. Barao gets pushed back and thrown on his back by Wineland. Wineland looks really good so far. Barao is starting to find his rhythm but Wineland is the aggressor and landing the strikes of note. Wineland is starting to settle down towards the end of the round with a more deliberate pace. He’s using his movement well and Barao is trying to figure it out. Lunge for a double from Barao goes nowhere; he was just reaching instead of level changing driving through. Barao with a nice combination at the 30 second mark. Barao is starting to find his timing now; nice combination at the end of the round. Wineland 10-9

Round 2: Wineland aggressive this round as he’s throwing but Barao lands a beautiful turning side kick to the head. Wineland GOES DOWN HARD and a couple of strikes later he’s done. Renan Barao wins via TKO at :33 of the second round.

205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round 1: Both guys tentative early; Gustafsson is coming after him and Jones is managing distance really well. Jones goes for the clinch and a takedown attempt goes nowhere. Jones is so relaxed right now it’s kind of scary; pair of kicks to the thigh from him. Gustafsson is using movement and looking to stick and move. Jones is working on the legs and Alex lands a big jab. Jones is getting hit a lot more than normal; the reach of Gustafsson is making a difference. Big right from Gustafsson lands but not clean. Jones has got a good chin so far but he’s cut; first time I can recall him being cut. Nice spinning back kick from Jones lands. Jones’s kick boxing game looks really nice so far. Gustafsson is matching him. Jones is starting to get a bit more aggressive with what he’s throwing. Gustafsson makes history as the first guy to take Jon Jones down. He’s back up but that’s fairly impressive. He certainly looks like he belongs in the cage with Jones. Eye poke and Gustafsson gets time to recover. Spinning elbow from JOnes misses and now he’s going for a takedown. Gustafsson fights him off but he eats an elbow for his efforts. 10-9 Gustafsson

Round 2: Gustafsson catches a kick from Jones and gets him to the ground, Jones fights it off and Gustafsson moves away. Jones chases him down and Alex runs away from him. Gustafsson looks really good so far. He’s using his movement to neutralize Jones’s reach. Jones is starting to figure it out but Gustafsson is really light on his feet. As soon as Jones gets close he’s moving away but he’s eating a lot of kicks to the thigh. That has to wear on him at some point. Nice head kick from Jones, who’s starting to figure it out. Head kick caught and Jones gets thrown to his back. He goes for the clinch and Jones can’t get him down. This is something else right now. Another head kick from Jones but Gustafsson gets close and lands a nice uppercut. 10-9 Gustafsson, 20-18 Gustafsson

Round 3: Nice combination from Gustafsson early on as Jones is working on kicking him in the leg again. Nice body kick from Jones and another takedown attempt goes empty. Nice double jab from Gustafsson to follow. High kick from Jones as Jones looks out of his element. Some nice hands from Gustafsson as he’s really putting it on Jones at this point. Jones with a nice head kick at the midway point as Jones is being more aggressive. Axe kick from Jones and a nice body shot. Some nice body work from Jones as he’s starting to find his groove. Gustafsson looks to be slowing down. This is Jones’ advantage: his cardio. Another takedown attempt from Jones winds up empty. This is incredible in that regard. Takedown attempts are traded, and not working. Some light exchanges as Gustafsson eats a spinning back elbow and goes for a takedown against the cage that winds up empty. 10-9 Jones, 29-28 Gustafsson

Round 4: Jones looks to be in better shape as Gustafsson’s knee doesn’t look as bad as it could. Jones has been lighting it up and he’s still moving well. Gustafsson in close and their landing on each other. Jones is starting to work a bit more but he’s abandoned his wrestling game right now. A double leg from Jones doesn’t connect but that was just a reach; didn’t level change or charge into it. Gustafsson is starting to put some combinations together and drops for a double. He can’t connect with it, though. Jones is bleeding profusely right now, for what it’s worth. Jones goes in again and it gets stuffed again. Jones lands a nice head kick. Jones wants a big spinning elbow and Gustafsson is hurt Jones pounces and lands a big elbow. Alex stuffs the takedown but lands the clinch. Jones is tagging him and Gustafsson is hurt. Gustafsson survives and we got a fight. 10-9 Jones, 38-38

Round 5: What a fight so far. Jones might need a finish to win it.

Jones comes out ready to fight and Gustafsson is willing to match him. Jones is throwing more but Gustafsson is throwing at that bleeding eye of Jones. Gustafsson in close for the takedown but lands some nice uppercuts. Jones lands a nice right and what a fight so far. Nice elbow from Jones as he seems to have adjusted his strategy; he’s looking for elbows. Gustafsson has landed some big shots and on the 10th try Jones got the takedown. Gustafsson wall walks his way back up but Jones is still deep on the double. Gustafsson gets away and we’re midway through the round. Big head kick and Gustafsson eats it. Gustafsson is exhausted and Jones has something left in the tank. His hands are low and Jones goes for a takedown that he can’t complete. Jones is starting to pour on some striking. These guys are swinging as Gustafsson has nothing left but is still swinging. Nice head kick from Jones and some nice elbows from Gustafsson. Flying knee from Jones and the fight ends. Jones 10-9, 48-47

Official decision: 48-47×2, 49-46 for Jones via unanimous decision

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