Batman / Superman Spoilers: Which Forever Evil / Villains Month 3D Leads Have Counterparts On Earth 2? What About Doomsday?

I am slowly getting caught up with my comic book reads. I just finished getting caught up with All-Star Western and Jonah Hex’s time travel to the modern-day universe (an EXCELLENT arc so far BTW). I’ve also just read Batman / Superman #2 and #3 that has pre-Justice League and at-odds versions of Prime Earth’s Superman and Batman meeting Earth 2’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman all the while being manipulated by a new New God from Apokolips named the Trickster. In Batman/Superman #2 we get an interesting perspective on Earth 2’s Gotham City from “our” Batman and Earth 2’s older Dark Knight.

Spoilers follow.

Well, it looks like DC New 52 Villains Month leads Joker, Creeper and Sinestro are not only Forever Evil foes, but also have doppelgangers on Earth 2. Since they are cryogenically frozen in a cryo-prison, they are presumably still “alive” today. Also, it seems Aquaman’s Mera a.k.a. Aquawoman was/is a villain on Earth 2. Interesting.

Below are the covers to Batman #23.1 Joker #1, Justice League Dark #23.1 Creeper #1, Green Lantern #23.4 Sinestro #1 (out this upcoming Wednesday), and Mera’s spotlight issue from the DC New 52’s Aquaman #6. I’d look forward to actually seeing their Earth 2 villainous counterparts at some point soon.

In addition to Sinestro #1 shipping this week, we also have Batman / Superman #3.1 Doomsday #1 shipping this upcoming Wednesday from the new creative team for Batman / Superman. Despite writer Greg Pak and artist Brett Booth working on Doomsday #1, it doesn’t appear that he/it has a counterpart on Earth 2 (that we know of yet).

I wonder what plans the Batman / Superman creative team have for Doomsday post Villains Month.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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