WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 9/23/13: Triple H Responds; CM Punk Returns

On tonight’s RAW, Triple H responds to the wrestlers who helped out Daniel Bryan to end RAW last week. We all know what that means: BURIALS AT 8 PM SHARP!


RAW started with all the men who helped Daniel Bryan on the stage then Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walking to the ring. Triple H said he asked everyone to be on the stage and say thank you. Steph thanked them for finally standing up and being men. RVD stepped up to the mic. He said they were fighting for Daniel Bryan. RVD said he screwed him over and was doing what was right. Triple H said he didn’t think people fought for the WWE Champion, but they fought to become WWE Champion. Triple H then asked Dolph Ziggler his opinion. Steph asked why R-Truth and Zack Ryder aren’t the face of the WWE. Triple H said it was because of The Shield. Triple H said last week’s frustration was because The Shield has run rough shot over everyone on the stage. Triple H made an elimination match with all of them and Daniel Bryan against the WWE. Stephanie then said the fans could vote on who gets to face Randy Orton later: R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler or Rob Van Dam.

Poor Kofi Can’t Buy A Win

Alberto del Rio vs Kofi Kingston. ADR kicked Kofi in the gut then hit a shoulder tackle. Kofi came back with a hurricarrana then clotheslined ADR over the top. Kofi then hit a swanton over the top rope to the outside. Kofi hit some corner punches followed by an upper cut, but ADR came right back with a kick to the gut. ADR landed some more kicks, then a kick to the head on the outside. Kofi started a comeback and tossed ADR over the top onto the apron. Kofi dropkicked ADR off and went for a dive, but stopped himself once ADR bailed toward the time keeper area.

Back from break, Del Rio had the upper hand. Del Rio started working over the arm of Kofi with a couple of armbars. Del Rio then went to the top but Kofi connected with a dropkick. Kofi started his comeback but Del Rio caught Kofi with a kick to the arm. Kofi ducked another kick then hit the SOS for two. Kofi connected on the Boom Drop. Del Rio caught Kofi going for Trouble In Paradise and hit a German suplex for two. Del Rio went for the armbreaker but Kofi countered. Del Rio went for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Kofi countered into a DDT for two. Kofi hit his kick in the corner, but Del Rio side-stepped a dive and tossed Kofi into the ringpost. Del Rio hit an armdrop then applied the cross armbreaker. Kofi tapped.

Renee Young interviewed Miz. Before he could say anything, Triple H interrupted. He said he couldn’t let Miz compete in his condition. But he would allow MizTV, with Big Show as his guest.

Prime Time Players vs Erik Rowan and Luke Harper. Harper and Young exchanged blows early until Young caught a Harper boot. Rowan came in and hit a couple elbow drops. Rowan and Harper took turns working over Young. Eventually, Young escaped and made the hot tag to Titus. Young clotheslined Rowan over the top rope, but the distraction allowed Harper to hit a vicious clothesline on Titus to pick up the win. Bray came in after and hit the Sister Abigail on Young.

Big Show Didn’t Seem To Upset To Do That

MizTV. Miz said he was really pissed off after last week. He told Orton that it isn’t over and it is a lot easier to knock him down than keep him down. Miz then welcomed his guest the Big Show. Miz asked Big Show how he could do that to Dusty Rhodes. Miz said that Triple H and Stephanie feel that if they can break Big Show, they can break anybody. But now that the WWE Locker room, it is time for Big Show to stand up. He told Big Show to stand up to that witch. Right on cue, Stephanie came out.

Stephanie said what Miz said was borderline slander. Miz said Steph could take her legal threats and shove them up her ass. Steph said Miz is doing this because of his own problems. Steph said that Miz is a utility player and that he peaked too early in his career. She said Miz is the guy they can get to do early radio appearances and super market promotions. Steph said last week she saw the look of disappointment on his parents face and he couldn’t measure up. Steph asked Big Show to knock out Miz and he did.

No One Wants To Help RVD?

Rob Van Dam was chosen as Randy Orton’s opponent. Orton went to work early with some punches in the corner. Orton ducked a heel kick. Back in the ring, RVD hit the kick and then hit another one in the corner. Orton was frustrated on the outside and RVD hit him with a dropkick. RVD went for a springboard moonsault but Orton pulled RVD off the apron into commercial.

Back from break Orton still had control. But RVD fought out of a headlock and started a comeback with a kick and  a couple of clotheslines. RVD hit Rolling Thunder for two. RVD caught Orton with a kick in the corner, but Orton moved out of the way of the split-leg moonsault. Orton then hit the middle rope DDT for two. Orton went for the RKO but RVD caught him with a kick to the face then a roll up for two. RVD hit a thrust kick off the ropes then a swanton onto a standing Orton. RVD went to the top again but Orton kicked the ropes and crotched RVD. He then kicked RVD off the top rope. Outside the ring, Orton slammed RVD’s head on the announce table then threw him into the barricade. Orton hit a backdrop on the barricade. Both men were counted out. Orton threw RVD into the steps. Orton then threw RVD over the announce table. Back in the ring, Orton hit a DDT off the top rope.

During commercial break, Alberto del Rio attacked RVD.

Randy Orton told Brie Bella that if she wanted an upgrade, he is a real man. Brie told him she already has one. Orton told her that what he did to RVD is half of what he will to do to Bryan at Battleground.

AJ protested her ten Divas tag match backstage to Steph. Steph put AJ in her place and AJ walked off.

Fandango vs Santino. Fandango hit Santino with a couple of high knees then threw Santino hard into the apron. Santino went for a quick roll up but Fandango bounced right back with a clothesline. Santino fought out of an abdominal stretch with a backdrop. Santino hit his hip toss then head butt. He went for the Cobra but Summer Rae distracted him. Fandango hit a clothesline then his top rope leg drop for the win.

Never Come Out On TV In Your Hometown

CM Punk came out sporting a Chicago Blackhawks Duncan Keith jersey. Punk said they completely ruined his bad mood. He hasn’t smiled in eight days but he can’t help himself. Punk said he let everyone down in Detroit. It is going to read in Grey’s Sports Alamanc that he lost to Paul Heyman. Punk said he isn’t sure if he can do this anymore and that he’s let everyone down so bad he doesn’t know if he deserves to say he is from Chicago anymore. But then the Blackhawks were down 3 games to 1 to Detroit, but they came back and won. Punk said he’s proud of this city and the people and he will come back and win.

Paul Heyman interrupted on a hover round. Punk said Heyman was going to get a bigger beating tonight than in Detroit because in Chicago, he has 18,000 people ready to bail him out of jail. Heyman said he suffered a relapse in therapy, hence the reason why he is in the hover round. But he can still walk through life being able to say that he beat CM Punk. Heyman said it was geography. Punk is from Chicago, the second city with second rate citizens. Heyman showed a picture of him pinning CM Punk. Punk asked Heyman that when he gets out of the ring if his two goons can get to him fast enough. Heyman said that not only did he beat Punk, but he beat him with both hands tied behind his back. Heyman said goodbye but his hoveround failed. Punk ran to him but Ryback and Axel attacked him. Punk was able to reverse Axel into the RAW stage, then a dive off the stage onto Ryback. Punk continued to go after Ryback but Axel recovered and Ryback went back to beating up Punk. Ryback dropped Punk onto a case then press slammed him through a table. Ryback said this is what happens to bullies.

The Total Divas beat the Non-Total Divas after Brie Bellas pinned AJ.

The Heels Have To Overcome The Odds?

Daniel Bryan came out. He said last week he was stripped of the WWE Championship because he was accused of conspiring with Scott Armstrong. Bryan said you don’t need to fast count a man when he is already knocked out. Bryan said it seemed strange that Triple H gave Armstrong such a nice severance package. Bryan said the past is the past, and at Battleground he will take back the WWE Championship. Bryan said he is sick of Orton hiding behind his bosses’ skirts. Because Bryan will give him the same beatdown he received at Night of Champions. And the crowd will all be chanting YES. The Shield’s music played and they came to the ring, but as they came over the barricade Cody Rhodes and Goldust came through the crowd and attacked them. Security quickly tried to stop them and then escorted them to the back.

Back from break the 11-on-3 handicap match started. Early on The Shield isolated Ziggler and worked him over. Rollins applied a half crab but escaped from Ambrose and tagged in RVD. RVD went to work on Ambrose. He charged at Ambrose but Ambrose moved and he went into the ringpost. Ambrose pinned RVD to eliminate him.

The Shield was working over the injured arm of Kofi back from commercial. Kofi tried making the tag, but Ambrose stopped him and pulled him in with his bad arm, then hit his finisher to eliminate Kofi. Titus came in but The Shield took turns working him over. Eventually Reigns hit the Spear eliminating O’Neil. Gabriel came in but he quickly ate a spear as well and was eliminated. Ryder came and after connecting on a dropkick went for the Broski Boot, but Reigns hopped right back up and hit another Spear to eliminate Ryder. Bryan came in and went to work on Reigns with some kicks and punches. Bryan knocked Ambrose and Rollins off the apron. The Usos came in and hit their kick and splash combo and scored the pin, eliminating Reigns.

It was Ambrose working over Young back from break. Young started coming back, but Ambrose made a blind tag to Rollins. Rollins hit his flying knee off the top to eliminate Young. Ziggler came in and charged at Rollins in the corner, but Rollins moved and put him into the corner. Ambrose came in and went to work on Ziggler. But Ziggler countered and hit the ZigZag on Ambrose, eliminating him. Ziggler hit the DDT on Rollins then made a tag to R-Truth. Truth went to work quick on Rollins, but Rollins hit a curb-like stomp knee on Truth, eliminating him. The remaining faces came in and beatdown Rollins. Ambrose and Reigns came back in, but Ziggler knocked Ambrose off the apron and The Usos hit a double kick then dive onto Reigns. Bryan came in and hit the headbutt off the top, then the running knee on Rollins for the win. The show ended with the crowd chanting YES.

What I Liked

Alberto del Rio/Kofi Kingston: This was a good match. The crowd may not have been into it but I thought these two put on a TV match worth watching. Kofi eventually needs to pick up some wins before people just write him off completely. Del Rio has been better the last few months and his heel work is getting better.

Cody and Goldust Attack: That was a great way to get those two back in the spotlight. The crowd didn’t see it coming and was into the attack. This brings Cody back into the spotlight which hopefully leads to a strong push for him on the way.

CM Punk/Paul Heyman: I think they are trying too hard to stretch this feud out as long as possible. This just made the list. Punk with the Chicago crowd was good and what made this segment work. I don’t know if another month of this will work though.

Things I Didn’t Like

The Heels Overcome The Odds: What was the ponit of booking The Shield in that kind of match? Is Triple H setting up something bigger? I don’t get it. Why would he throw his own personal watch guards out there to get beat like that. Just weird.

MizTV: I said the WWE was treading water with Heyman/Punk. They are almost a sinking ship with Big Show. How much longer do they expect this to go on and have us care about it? Add to that they killed almost all of Miz’s heat he had last week. Just a horribly booked segment.

Randy Orton/RVD: I’ve said time and time again that RVD just seems a bit off since his return. The same happened here. Hopefully RVD shakes off the cobwebs durng his up coming hiatus.

Damien Sandow?: No sign of him anywhere??? Don’t like that.

I thought the show was a step down from last week. I’m giving it a 3,

Until Next Time,

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